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One-room apartment interior design

Find out how to design your 1-room apartment! TOP-50 of the best photos of the design of a one-room apartment. How to equip the interior of a small apartment.

There is never much space! A large area is usually spent irrationally. And those of us who live in one-room small-sized apartments, willingly or unwillingly, get used to the fact that you need to use every inch of your home most thoughtfully. Let’s consider the best ideas for designing a studio apartment.


  1. Interior design of a small apartment
  2. Design Tips
  3. About the design of an apartment in a small apartment
  4. Design of one-room apartments of various sizes
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  • Interior design of a small apartment

    Most of us will not always be able to independently think through the interior of a one-room apartment correctly, often we have to resort to the help of professional interior studios. This is especially true for project development, since it is very difficult to combine all the functions in a small space. A small apartment should have a recreation area, a working corner, a place for meals, a children’s area, and at the same time everyone should have free space in a small space !!! It’s not an easy task … But you don’t need to worry, I will give you a lot of tips and rules for arranging and repairing a small apartment, which will be the subject of admiration for others.

    design studio apartment 2
    One-room apartment design - photo 4

    More about the interior of the kitchen-living room read here.

    Design Tips

    This section contains the most interesting tips from designers that will greatly alleviate your headache about the interior in a small size. So, let’s begin:

    1. Minimalism can be considered the best style for interior decoration of a small apartment.. And this does not mean at all that from the furniture in the house there will be only a table and a sofa, and even worse a mattress on the floor. No, this does not apply at all to the direction of minimalism. Furniture really does not need much, but each item must combine several purposes at the same time. When choosing furniture, pay attention to transforming objects. It can be a table, which turns into a bed in the evening. Or a sofa with a built-in worktop instead of a coffee table. And of course, the manufacture of custom-made furniture is an ideal option for small apartments. This will significantly increase the free space, as the furniture will occupy only the part of the room that is necessary.
      One-room apartment - photo 1
    2. The interior should be “airy” – mirror surfaces, partitions made of thin translucent fabric or frosted tempered glass will definitely come in handy. The small size needs to be zoned competently !!! If there is no need for partitions, we can delimit the room during decoration. Only combine decoration materials also need to be correct. The floor can also be covered with different materials – for example, in the kitchen and in the hallway tile, and the guest area is separated by a laminate. At the same time, it would also be nice to lay a small rug in the “sleeping patch”. This is one of the possible options for zoning in a small size. We still need to emphasize different areas in the apartment with light, then the overall picture in the house will become accurate.
      One-Room Apartment - photo 2
    3. Dark shades or vice versa, too bright in a small apartment can not be used everywhere. Even if you really want to – you can and even need to make a couple of accents. The interior looks very unusual, in which the ceiling is made in a saturated dark color, and the walls and floor are made white. Or a more traditional option, when the opposite is true. The ceiling and walls are light or white, and the floor is made in dark colors. Well, of course, it is better to give preference to light shades..
      One-Room Apartment - photo 3
    4. If the apartment has non-load-bearing walls that can be dismantled without permission, then this is best done. They cut space, and make small – even smaller. Studio apartments may not be suitable for everyone, but on an area of ​​36 squares a bunch of useful items are placed that, when correctly placed, will turn the apartment into 56 squares … Only, unfortunately, visually.
      One-Room Apartment - photo 4
    5. In the Khrushchevs there is a tiny room – a magic pantry, in which many still have different trash. Here you can remodel it yourself in a closet. And this can be not just a sliding wardrobe, but also a full-fledged storage system, if you approach the issue wisely. Then in the room we no longer have to install a bulky drawer called a wardrobe! And here we have a couple more meters and free.
      One-Room Apartment - photo 5
    6. In apartments with high ceilings you can arrange sleeping place above the ground!!! And it’s not a joke. An attic bed for adults and a respectable uncle and aunt is quite appropriate. And for greater strength, the base of our nest can be made as an open or closed cabinet. But the frame must be durable, it is best to order such a miracle nest from experienced furniture makers who will calculate the load according to ours, I’m not afraid of this word, dimensions.
      One-Room Apartment - photo 6
    7. To our odnushki visually become more spacious, it is necessary to avoid overloading of one single room – it’s enough to already buy figurines on trips! Windows also should not be overloaded with fabric, it is better to use thin veils or Roman curtains, than lambrequins. From neighboring eyes you can hide if you install roller blinds on glass made of thick fabric. And by the way, I forgot to say about household appliances. Small apartments should have mobile equipment, or rather the owners, that is, you and I should have it. It is better to install the TV on a swivel bracket, and immediately install the acoustics on the ceiling of the room.
      One-Room Apartment - photo 7

    A small one-room apartment should be functional and modern, grandmother’s cabinets need to be cleaned, replacing it with transforming pieces of furniture.

    About the design of an apartment in a small apartment

    A room, a kitchen, an entrance, a combined bathroom, a small pantry and a balcony, if the floor is not the first – that’s the whole space of a one-room Khrushchev in Moscow and other cities in the post-Soviet space. In total, about 28 square meters of the area in which we must place everything we need. Already I see readers rounded eyes, and a dumb question – how?!? The organization of space in such apartments is on a par with functionality. Nothing is impossible – and it really is.

    One-room apartment in Khrushchev 1
    One-room apartment in Khrushchev 2
    One-room apartment in Khrushchev 3
    One-room apartment in Khrushchevka 4
    One-room apartment in Khrushchev 5
    One-room apartment in Khrushchev 6
    One-room apartment in Khrushchev 7

    I’ll start from the entrance. First room – hallway. Usually this is a narrow corridor in which everything is full, but there is nowhere to step. To make the entrance hall in Khrushchev spacious and at the same time retain the functions assigned to it, you can do this:

    1. If there is an adjacent storage room, we remodel it into a spacious cabinet, and on the wall of the hallway you can hang a couple of hooks for everyday clothes. The mirror will visually expand the space, and before leaving the house it is convenient to use. You can install a narrow shoe rack with a seat on top or put poufs with voids inside.
    2. The geometry of the entrance hall in Khrushchev may be different. For elongated rooms, you can use a compact wardrobe or corner cabinet. But a mirror, preferably high, should be in any home. But unnecessary details (vases, shelves for small things, etc.) must be discarded. It is better to make the room light, and this applies not only to the color of the hallway, but also to the lighting. It is most beneficial to install a light source close to the mirror.

    The second room that needs to be rationalized is the Khrushchev kitchen. Usually six squares, we do not have the possibility of transferring communications (gas, sewage). Therefore, usually they select a set of furniture with built-in appliances. The dining area is best placed near the window, and the table can be attached to the wall and cleaned if necessary. The window sill in the kitchen must be involved. Moreover, from it, if you install a wide windowsill, you can make a table or additional workspace. The set is placed either on 2 walls, or along one. The last option I personally got bored a long time ago.

    design of a studio apartment in Khrushchev 1
    design of a studio apartment in Khrushchev 2
    design of a studio apartment in Khrushchev 3
    design of a studio apartment in Khrushchevka 4

    Finally, the most interesting thing is the living room in a one-room Khrushchev. The task can stand in several directions:

    1. Equip the living room and the bedroom.
    2. Combine the work area with a recreation area, a living room and a nursery. This option is more complicated and relevant for family people..

    For the room and the whole apartment it is preferable to choose a single style solution, but you can’t refuse zoning. For small rooms and apartments it is better to choose minimalism, hi-tech or Japanese style of interior decoration. Even a classic is suitable, but only in a compact version – small furniture, a minimal amount of classic decor.

    The color in the room should not be much, decorative coatings with frequent small patterns will have to be abandoned. You can focus on one wall, it can be a bright color, pattern or a material of a different texture that matches the color. But always look more organically rooms with the same coverage, in which the zones are separated by light or air partitions. Many people like shelves to the ceiling of the open type, including me. The lower part can be closed by doors, but it is better to choose a level of no more than 50 cm, and leave the rest of it as it is.

    Design of one-room apartments of various sizes

    Here, for you, all the most interesting things are collected regarding the design of a one-room apartment, plus photos of finished projects.

    design studio apartment 5
    design studio apartment 6
    design studio apartment 7
    design studio apartment 8
    design studio apartment 9

    Apartment design 30 square meters

    An apartment with such an area can be in the new (studio) and in the old house. If you purchased a new studio apartment, then it is very easy to equip it. Here we have selected many options that will become the basis for your idea. The basic requirement for a small space of 30 squares is all the same functionality. We may not need much, but nevertheless there is that furniture, which is indispensable..

    Essentials Where can I install in a studio apartment?
    Dinner Zone She can become a bar, visually delimiting the room into 2 parts. You can use a transforming table as a dining table, with a small number of people it can just be a coffee table, and when necessary, it can be easily and quickly expanded.
    Bedroom A full bed on 30 squares can be separated by a partition or a screen, it is best to use the space rationally and stay on the sofa-transformer.
    Guest area As chairs, you can use soft poufs, which do not take up much space. If the structure is rigid, then you need to choose those that have an additional compartment for storing small items. It is best to lay a small carpet on the floor in the guest area to make it more comfortable. TV should be placed on brackets, preferably circular, so that you can watch it calmly from the kitchen and from other places. Or buy regular swivel brackets.
    Work zone I insist that the window sills be used in a new quality – you just need to install a new and wide window sill, and under it you can place narrow pull-out drawers. Nearby you will definitely need sockets, so when repairing this.

    In new buildings, the loggia must be used wisely, for a start you will have to carry out insulation work, install heating (underfloor heating or a battery) and glaze if necessary, then it can be used year-round. And this is at least 6 squares on which you can safely make a study or move the dining area there. The kitchen will become more functional and spacious, as well as the remaining square meters.

    Instead of one or several bulky closets with things, it is better to make one multifunctional storage system for all things. And shelves for books and other little things can be hinged or narrow and high. In the second case, it is better to choose angular options, they are much more spacious. The main rule for all furniture in an apartment of 30 squares is its multifunctionality. And for this, transformer furniture is the best fit.

    In old houses, there are slightly less opportunities, since balcony not suitable for use as a dining room or cabinet. It can be put in order, insulated a little, and organize a storage system there. But there’s no way to store clothes there – in the winter it’s damp. But different boxes, glass and plastic jars can be stored all year round. But in the old houses there is a pantry, which can reach 4 square meters in area. And it’s easy to create a convenient and spacious closet on them, which will fit both shoes and clothes, and pickles can be removed there too.

    The color scheme of apartments of 30 squares is light warm shades, it is allowed to use cold ones, but in such a house it will not be so comfortable and cozy. Of course, we still need to organize ourselves in such a way as to get rid of everything unnecessary. An apartment, even if only 30 squares, should not be littered. Therefore, minimalism – becomes a style not only of the interior itself, but also our own life credo.

    design studio apartment 10

    Design 1 room apartment 36 square meters

    Planning of small rooms should be done thoughtfully to the smallest detail, all the above tips should be used on 36 squares. The main direction of the idea of ​​a one-room apartment of this size is the integrity of the whole space. Since there are not many doors in it, and this is to the great happiness of each of us, we must pay all attention to the combination of colors in space and the proper arrangement of furniture.

    design studio apartment 11
    design studio apartment 12
    design studio apartment 13

    We must immediately determine the place in which a capacious dressing room will be installed. It can be an artificially built niche or a former pantry. Be sure to install compartment doors, swing doors for small rooms are like death. Visually expand the space allows the installation of glass partitions, mirrors on the cabinet doors or simply on the wall opposite the illuminated areas. You can use lightweight fabric curtains, which also cope with zoning perfectly! Drywall constructions should be as airy as possible, different slots, open shelves, additionally built-in lighting for niches, etc..

    The kitchen is 36 square meters in area, slightly more than Khrushchev’s 6 square meters, so it can already be placed perpendicular to 2 walls, and the windowsill can be made of the same material as the countertop. Artificial stone is perfect for this task – it can be installed without joints and give it any shape. The oven can be built in at eye level, and a microwave built-in oven is placed above it. Then the dishwasher and washing machine will fit in the headset on the bottom row.

    More on the design of a small kitchen read here.

    Studio apartment design 1
    Studio apartment design 2
    Studio apartment design 3

    Bathroom and the bathroom better to connect, if the layout allows. The bearing walls of apartment buildings must not be touched. There is no need to increase the area, it is better to install shower stall, toilet bowl and washbasin. And put the washing machine in the kitchen in the suite with built-in appliances. Or leave in the same place.

    Our room will combine several appointments at once – a guest room, a recreation area and a working space. We choose compact furniture, a sofa or a bed with drawers for linen, poufs or armchairs is also better to take with storage compartments, the table is compact and transformable. At all furniture mobility and the ability to use it in several areas – this is a very important point when buying.

    Studio apartment design 4
    Studio apartment design 5
    Studio apartment design 6
    Studio apartment design 7
    Studio apartment design 8

    The interior should become cozy, functional and comfortable, so I would recommend that you buy only what you can really imagine in your apartment. And before buying, it is better to have some kind of a clear arrangement of objects in the apartment in order to determine the desired size in advance. Internet to help you!

    The interior of the apartment with an area of ​​40 square meters

    An area of ​​40 square meters is enough to accommodate not only basic necessities and furniture. 3-4 people can calmly live on it (for example, a family with a child) and not interfere with each other under their feet. Only now all this will become possible if you correctly arrange the furniture and wisely use every centimeter of the area.

    Studio apartment design 9
    Studio apartment design 10
    Studio apartment design 11
    Studio apartment design 12
    Studio apartment design 13
    Studio apartment design 14
    Studio apartment design 15
    Studio apartment design 16

    The first thing I want to dwell on is storage systems. Corner wardrobes or a full-height tall wardrobe with sliding doors are the most suitable options for small-sized apartments. The storage system can be located in the hallway, if its width is more than 300 cm, then there will be enough space for the passage, and a lot of space will fit in such a cabinet, of course, provided that it is made to order and its height corresponds to the height of the room. By the way, the level of the floor and ceiling throughout the apartment should be the same. Then the idea of ​​the apartment will be unified, different zones are distinguished by materials that combine in color. Although you can completely make the floor from one coating. Unless in the bathroom to lay tiles. Although it is much more practical if the tile will lie in the kitchen, and part of the hallway near the front door can be paved with floor tiles. If you decide to do so, then you need to monitor the floor level after finishing.

    design studio apartment 3

    Doors should open compactly, so I would recommend using sliding or folding doors. Refuse swing doors, they eat up a lot of area, which is better to use more rationally.

    Compact and functional furniture is the best friend of small apartments.

    You can use folding or sliding (sliding) furniture. If you make a podium on the floor, you can hide a bed or drawers in it, or you can buy a wardrobe bed or a transformer table, which can easily be turned into a full bed if you turn it over. In general, any transformer furniture will be a great option for one-room apartments. A crib is not an exception – immediately buy one that has at least a lower drawer for storing linen or toys, and even better sliding beds that grow with a child.

    Balcony or loggia you can at least turn it into another “closet”, shelves on the sides, a podium or similar solutions will allow you to remove all unnecessary from the house, and make more room for a small sofa for guests. Nearby you can put a stylish table, which will be the working area. And on the walls hang open shelves for small items.

    Studio apartment 46-50 square meters

    How to equip several zones from a one-room apartment up to 50 square meters, and at the same time leave a maximum of free space? Of course, the ideal option would not be the erection of walls, but their demolition. But most often, they are not there anymore, because apartments with an area of ​​46 to 5 squares often go as studios right away. But zoning is still needed, without it anywhere. You can’t just put furniture in a room and consider this room comfortable. The area seems to be not small, for comparison, two-room apartments in Khrushchev’s five-story buildings have an area of ​​about 42 squares. But we have 50 of them, which cannot but rejoice.

    design of a studio apartment 1

    Receptions that are used for the design of small apartments are similar to each other – light colors, multi-level lighting, proper arrangement of furniture, functionality of the room, and then everything depends on the desire of the owner. This also applies to the choice of a stylistic direction, the designer must take into account the number of permanent residents and other nuances, so that as a result the project becomes comfortable for everyone.

    Mirror and glass surfaces, air niches and partitions, a well-equipped storage system, a well-thought-out arrangement of household appliances in the kitchen and so on – all this is very important. Decor in a small apartment does not have to be everywhere, just put interesting objects in several places, and put all the little things in closed shelves. If you need a sleeping and resting area, you can install a not very wide bed and fence it off from the rest of the area with a screen, a partition, a structure of drywall sheets, plexiglass and other materials. If you need to install a baby bed, you can install it in the sleeping area of ​​the parents, while it is better not to hang a TV there. And install it in the guest area on the bracket in front of a small cozy sofa, which, if necessary, can be laid out and used as a second berth.

    Finishing materials can be used any, but it is better to focus on combining collections. In order to support the idea of ​​zoning on the one hand and not to spoil the overall impression on the other. Still, the interior should remain stylish and original, but no frills.

    Interior apartment for a family with a child

    An unequivocal answer to how to properly equip a one-room apartment for a family with a child cannot be given. Here a lot depends on the area of ​​the room, and on the needs of each member of the family, and on the age of the child.

    It is important to focus on the functionality of the entire space of the apartment, not a single corner should be wasted in vain, but it is also not rational to force everything with furniture in one line along the wall. Therefore, for starters, we need to think about additional storage systems – you can make the opening podiums, and on top of the bed, desk or something else. The attic beds for a child in a one-room apartment are perfect, especially if it has a mechanism with a roll-out table and a built-in wardrobe. So the child will have his own corner, but he will not take up much space.

    Speech about the installation of a bed for adults in a studio apartment can not even go. Adults will have to sleep on the sofa. But they are also comfortable, and some models have an orthopedic mattress and modest sizes..

    design of a studio apartment for a family with a child 1
    design of a studio apartment for a family with a child 2
    design of a studio apartment for a family with a child 3

    In the hallway or pantry, we again install shelves and make lighting so that you can easily navigate there. In general, the light in a small apartment should be installed in several levels, this will further delimit the space of the living room and highlight areas. Doors in a small one-room apartment are better to use sliding, and if you want to install swinging, it should open to the wall. It’s only better to choose a canvas that will be as close as possible to the wall decor in color, then it will not rush into the eyes and the room will not be visually reduced.

    We combine the bath with the toilet, and on the kitchen We put a headset with built-in appliances. It’s better to hide the refrigerator behind the cabinet door, and make the dining area more compact – you can use poufs with openable seats, and instead of a back hang a few soft decorative pillows.

    Photo projects of one-room apartments

    Designers have prepared for you a lot of ready-made options, on the projects you can see the location of furniture and all the zones.

    design project of a studio apartment 1
    design project of a studio apartment 2
    design project of a studio apartment 3
    design project of a studio apartment 4
    design project of a studio apartment 5
    design project of one-room apartment 6

    How to make repairs in the apartment

    To make a one-room apartment comfortable, cozy and functional, you need to do a lot of work to prepare the room. Proper repair should be planned. And the repair steps are as follows:

    1. Replacing old communications taking into account zoning – sockets should be in those places where it is needed, and not 3 meters before the devices, the same with other communications.
    2. Floor leveling taking into account the height of the finish (tile adhesive plus tile thickness, the substrate for the laminate and the panel itself, etc.). The final level must match the entire area of ​​the apartment.
    3. In parallel can install new windows and glaze the balcony, insulate the loggia.
    4. Wall alignment and the construction of niches, partitions, if they are provided by our project. Then all this needs to be putty, wiped. Bottom line – perfect walls.
    5. We can proceed to align the ceiling or installing a stretch web. Or specially trained people will do it for you, resorting to the help of builders and finishers is especially beneficial if they do complex repairs of the entire apartment.
    6. Further you can start finishing.
    7. spring-cleaning.
    8. And the most exciting stage, furniture arrangement and connection of all devices.

    On this work can be considered completed, then we will only have to put everything in its place and enjoy the updated one-room apartment! And lastly, a couple of videos with interesting solutions for one-bedroom apartments.

    One-room apartment - interior 1
    One-room apartment - interior 2
    One-room apartment - interior 3
    One-room apartment - interior 4
    One-room apartment - interior 5
    One-room apartment - interior 6
    One-room apartment - interior 7
    One-room apartment - interior 8
    One-room apartment - interior 9
    One-room apartment - interior 10
    Making a studio apartment 1
    Making a one-room apartment 2
    Making a studio apartment 3
    Making a studio apartment 4
    Making a one-room apartment 5
    Making a one-room apartment 6
    Making a one-room apartment 7
    Making a one-room apartment 8
    Making a one-room apartment 9
    Making a one-room apartment 10
    Repair of a studio apartment 1
    Repair of a one-room apartment 2
    Repair of a one-room apartment 3
    Repair of a one-room apartment 4
    Repair of a one-room apartment 5
    Kitchen in a studio apartment 1
    Kitchen in a studio apartment 2
    Kitchen in a studio apartment 3
    Kitchen in a studio apartment 4
    Kitchen in the studio apartment 5
    Kitchen in one-room apartment 6
    Kitchen in one-room apartment 7

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