Kitchen Design 2020: Best New Year


  1. Fashionable shades for the kitchen in 2020
  1. Main palette
  2. Colors of nature itself
  3. We place accents
  • Finishing Trends
    1. Walls
    2. Ceiling
    3. Floors
    4. We select furniture
      1. Materials
      2. Facade design
      3. Tables
      4. Storage
      5. Actual styles of 2020
        1. Fusion
        2. Classic
        3. Loft
        4. Modern
        5. Scandinavian style
        6. Provence
        7. The nuances of special cuisines
          1. Small kitchen
          2. Kitchen combined with living room
          3. On the eve of our beloved holiday, in the cycle of New Year’s bustle, we all indulge in abstract dreams and very specific plans, among which the thought of repair may quite reasonably flash. For example, about the repair of the kitchen. And if in the coming year you thought about how to completely transform your kitchen, we will be happy to tell you which trends in kitchen design are now at the peak of popularity!

            Fashionable shades for the kitchen in 2020

            Let’s start with the basics – choose a color scheme. The trend towards simplicity, a craving for natural shades and neutral colors, which began its development in 2020, will fully manifest itself in 2020. Let us consider the main groups of colors that are preferred for modern kitchen design, in more detail.

            Main palette

            So, as the main color, designers are advised to choose neutral tones such as white, gray and black. Even a universal beige, able to adapt to both warm and cold interiors, gives way to the basic shades of primacy.

            The most universal in this context, of course, are kitchens made in white. Naturally, no one forces you to take sterile white paint as a basis, pay attention to slightly more interesting shades – ivory, eggshell and others.

            The universality of white lies in the fact that it is perfect for both classic and Provence-style kitchens, and futuristic minimalist or high-tech kitchens.

            The kitchen will look gorgeous in black. The stereotype of the gloominess of this color in the matter of creating a stylish interior has long sunk into oblivion, and black color these days is an ultramodern version of the design of the kitchen. Proper layout and interesting color accents will help black reveal itself even wider.

            The black color in the design is a great choice for the kitchen, since the dark surface hides much better dirt, which inevitably appears in the kitchen during cooking.

            Gray color, contrary to the once prevailing opinion about its lack of interest, is not the first season that proves that the interior, executed in gray, is not a bit boring, but on the contrary, it can look very presentable and non-trivial. The gray palette is quite wide and includes both cold and warm shades..

            The gray color, like the white and black ones mentioned above, is universal and can harmoniously reveal almost any style that you choose in the preparation of the design project for your new kitchen!

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 01

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 02

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 03

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 04

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 05

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 06

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 07

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 08

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 09

            Kitchen 2016: primary colors - 10

            Colors of nature itself

            Proximity to the roots, connection with nature, harmony with the environment … Similar reasoning, shared by an increasing number of people and cultivating a certain philosophy of a modern person who wants to break out of the stone jungle or at least create the illusion of this, is quite logically reflected in issues of interior design.

            This can be manifested both in the choice of the general style of the room (for example, the appeal to the Art Nouveau style, whose motto is “Back to nature!”), And in the selection of colors. Soft or juicy – the choice is yours, the main thing is that the selected shades evoke persistent associations with natural landscapes. Yellow – like a wheat field or ripe lemon, green – like soft grass under bare feet or a sour apple on a tree, blue – like the sky on a clear summer day or a deep lake with a majestically calm surface of the water.

            An excellent option for creating a kitchen in natural tones will be the use of wooden (or wood-like) surfaces performed by the facades of kitchen cabinets or countertops.

            Other interesting natural shades include:

            • Marsal and its shades (a color partly reminiscent of plum, partly burgundy);
            • chestnut;
            • eggplant;
            • burgundy;
            • turquoise.

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 01

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 02

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 03

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 04

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 05

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 06

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 07

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 08

            Kitchen 2016: Natural Colors - 09

            Kitchen 2016: natural colors - 10?

            We place accents

            The choice of basic tones, despite their relevance, may still seem a little boring, and therefore designers are not tired of talking about the benefits of creating accents and contrasts in the interior. The most important thing in this delicate process is the measure! And without a good taste for winning color combinations – nowhere.

            One of the most advantageous and relatively simple combinations for independent organization is black and white. Both colors are more trendy than ever, and union is even more so.!

            Tip. Create a snow-white kitchen and shade it with a contrasting black countertop or laconic black fittings. Use textiles with black and white prints..

            Trendy natural tones and less fashionable tones that you like will be perfectly combined with basic shades..

            Most importantly, do not turn your kitchen into a lurid space, overloaded with contrasts and accents..

            Kitchen 2016: Color Accents - 01

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 02

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 03

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 04

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 05

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 06

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 07

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 08

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 09

            Kitchen 2016: color accents - 10

            Finishing Trends


            There are a lot of options for wall decoration in the kitchen. You can choose the appropriate wallpaper for the walls, lay them with tiles, trim panels or just paint. The main rule: the wall covering in the kitchen must meet the requirements of this not the easiest room – be resistant to moisture, heat and pollution.

            The most popular solution for the coming year is simple wall painting. The main condition is that the walls are even and smooth. Color, as mentioned above, is preferably neutral, and white is an absolute favorite in this matter..

            Simple wall decoration does not attract attention in the final design, but allows you to create a more interesting and thoughtful interior against your background.

            Another trend, fixed in 2020 and moving to the same confident positions in the year 2020, is wall decoration for brick and masonry or concrete. Imitation of concrete coating is possible due to the use of decorative plaster or liquid wallpaper, but do not forget about painting.

            Brickwork on the walls – requires space and is unlikely to look good in a small kitchen. But in a spacious kitchen an accent wall imitating a brick will look very advantageous!

            And, finally, another significant trend in wall decoration in the coming year can be recognized as wall decoration with panels made of MDF or fiberboard with PVC coating. Modern manufacturers make such panels resistant to water and heat, and their surface easily copes with the effects of chemicals during cleaning.

            When choosing finishing panels, you will have to decide what is your priority – the naturalness of the materials, leading to thorough surface care, or the practicality of artificial materials.


            Ceiling decoration is not so variable, and in priority, as in previous years – tension or dropped ceilings. Preferred color? Right, our universal white!

            In the matter of lighting, preference is given to built-in lamps, depending on the design project, the lamps can be rotary, which positively affects the overall functionality of the space.

            Spot lighting is generally an unconditional trend of recent years, and ceilings are often even designed in 2 levels, thus emphasizing the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir incorporation. But two-level ceilings also serve another purpose – zoning the kitchen to the work and dining areas with separate lighting for each.


            In the first place next year is the finish of the floors with tiles, primarily made of stone or porcelain. This option is largely universal – you can easily choose the color or texture that suits the overall design. Well, the strength of ceramic plates is not satisfactory and such a coating will last you a long time..

            Tile for the floor, among other advantages, can imitate wood and stone, which is very diverse design variability.

            Another clear trend in flooring is the use of parquet. Of course, not everyone can afford parquet, but if you are not inclined to frequent changes of the interior, parquet is an excellent choice that will not only look luxurious, but also retain its original appearance for many years. And the variety of existing protective equipment for parquet coatings will help you with this.!

            If parquet is too expensive option for you, and tile decoration is not to your liking, we advise you to turn your eyes to the good old laminate. It will perfectly cope with the imitation of finishing with natural wood boards, and the simplicity of installation will allow even a novice to repair this task!

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            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 01

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 02

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 03

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 04

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 05

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 06

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 07

            Kitchen 2016: finish - 08

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 09

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 10

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 11

            Kitchen 2016: decoration - 12

            We select furniture

            Having decided on the finishing techniques, we must begin to choose kitchen furniture. Consider the modern ideas that designers offer us..


            Naturalness and natural materials – this is the main direction in which you should move next year. As in decoration, in furniture it is worth giving preference to natural wood, stone, bamboo or their high-quality imitation.

            Replace the natural wood of the facades of kitchen cabinets with MDF, and the natural stone of the countertops with artificial. Thus, you will remain in a trend and be able to save.

            Facade design

            In the design of the facades of kitchen cabinets, we are urged to abandon cumbersome fittings in favor of cabinets with opening systems by pressing. The conciseness of the surfaces, the absence of unnecessary details, stealing the feeling of lightness at the room – this is the guideline that should be followed.

            If you don’t want to completely abandon accessories, then pay attention to models with minimalistic handles.

            As for surfaces, as already mentioned, natural materials are in fashion, and therefore wood facades are the best choice. If you use artificial materials, then choose facades with a smooth glossy surface, preferably contrasting to the color of the walls.

            Kitchen 2016: facades - 01

            Kitchen 2016: facades - 02

            Kitchen 2016: facades - 03

            Kitchen 2016: facades - 04

            Kitchen 2016: facades - 05

            Kitchen 2016: facades - 06?


            Depending on the general style you have chosen for the design of the kitchen, dinner table it may look rough with an imitation of an unprocessed surface (for example, in the loft style) or have smooth eye shapes that are pleasant to the eye (modern). The main thing is the naturalness of the material.

            Design projects that include an island table are becoming more and more popular. This option, however, is relevant only for a decent area kitchen and is hardly capable of realizing itself in a tiny kitchen in Khrushchev.

            For small kitchens, transformer tables and wall tables remain popular, making every meter of a small kitchen even more functional.

            Kitchen equipment bar counter – Another trend of the new season, which is especially relevant for kitchens combined with the living room.

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 01

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 02

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 03

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 04

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 05

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 06

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 07

            Kitchen 2016: tables - 08


            Numerous modules are responsible for organizing storage in a modern kitchen kitchen sets, which internal filling you can choose at own discretion.

            Functionality, practicality and simplicity – these are the three pillars on which the organization of the kitchen space should be based. Think in advance what options for filling kitchen modules you need, which is most useful to equip a working area in the kitchen.

            In addition to closed modules, in 2020 it is important to use numerous open racks and shelves for storing dishes and decorative elements. Open structures create a weightless effect, greatly facilitating the kitchen interior.

            Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 01

            Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 02

            Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 03

            Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 04

            Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 05

            Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 06

            ?Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 07

            Kitchen 2016: storage systems - 08

            Actual styles of 2020

            The most popular among designers in the coming year are such styles as:

            • fusion;
            • classic;
            • loft;
            • Art Nouveau;
            • Scandinavian;
            • provence.

            Let’s consider each of them in more detail..


            What is the style of “fusion” and what does it eat with? Translated from English, “fusion” means the fusion of different styles into a single common. Approaching maximalism, fusion follows the fine line of combining different style elements on the same territory and the need for their harmonization.

            The combination of luxury and modesty in one interior was recently considered a bad manners, but now fusion-style interiors are a real trend, allowing you to fully express yourself and your personality.

            Item Features

            Colour The most commonly used colors are green, golden, turquoise, raspberry. It is allowed to use warm colors, basic shades, interesting combinations and bright contrasts.
            Materials In decoration, preference is given to textured materials that give volume: natural stone, leather, linen yarn, canvas.
            Lighting In addition to trendy spot lighting, it is acceptable to use a variety of sconces, table lamps, floor lamps (for example, in the dining area).

            A few more tips for arranging fusion cuisine:

            1. The furniture in the classical style in the kitchen with country decoration will look great.
            2. Elements in gold and silver will add a twist to the interior..
            3. Using draperies – interesting curtains, pillows, rugs – will help to set interesting accents.
            4. Combine plastic, ceramic and glassware.
            5. Do not forget about indoor plants – these can be both decorative flowers and practical seedlings.
            6. If the kitchen area allows, equip the bar counter with custom lighting.
            7. Do not clutter up the space! All elements of fusion style are designed to complement each other, and not to cross out..

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 01

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 02

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 03

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 04

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 05

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 06

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 07

            Cuisine 2016: fusion style - 08?


            As we have said more than once: the classics are timeless! And designers are not tired of confirming this simple fact.

            Prefer natural materials and neutral shades, add a twist to interesting fittings (which, however, should not be too bulky!).

            If you can’t afford natural materials, but still want to create a classic kitchen – choose the most suitable materials with imitation of natural!

            Do not forget that a true classic interior should include forged elements, stucco molding, gilding and bronze.

            Kitchen 2016: classic style - 01

            Kitchen 2016: classic style - 02

            Kitchen 2016: classic style - 03

            Kitchen 2016: classic style - 04

            Kitchen 2016: classic style - 05

            Kitchen 2016: classic style - 06


            Loft – stylish free and creative people who can not stand the framework.

            The decoration uses trendy techniques and techniques this season – rough stucco, masonry or its imitation on the walls, bright even ceilings, tiles imitating stone on the floor.

            Loft style loves space and light. Therefore, it is better to leave the windows without curtains in order to let maximum light into the kitchen. If you can’t do without curtains, try to dissolve them in the interior as much as possible.

            The main thing in the loft style is decoration. Filling can be almost anything and not constrained by the framework – you can choose furniture in modern style or even in classic!

            Kitchen 2016: Loft Style - 01

            Kitchen 2016: Loft Style - 02

            Kitchen 2016: Loft Style - 03

            Kitchen 2016: Loft Style - 04

            Kitchen 2016: Loft Style - 05

            Kitchen 2016: Loft Style - 06


            Given the general trend of unity with nature and the use of natural materials in decoration, the Art Nouveau style is not just a trend, but the direct embodiment of all fashion trends 2020.

            Art Nouveau style is:

            • combination of geometric shapes with natural smoothness of lines;
            • smooth glossy surfaces;
            • interesting color combinations, game on contrasts;
            • functionality and manufacturability;
            • minimum textiles and decor.

            Art Nouveau is a godsend for a small kitchen, because due to the glossy surfaces the space is visually expanded.

            Among other things, Art Nouveau embodies such a trend as the rejection of excess hardware and the choice in favor of opening mechanisms by pressing.

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau Style - 01

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau Style - 02

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau style - 03

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau style - 04

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau Style - 05

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau style - 06

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau style - 07

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau Style - 08

            Kitchen 2016: Art Nouveau Style - 09

            Scandinavian style

            This is not the first season the Scandinavian style has been trending, embodying the ideas of minimalism, functionality, freedom and spaciousness.

            He, like modern, is the personification of all fashion trends of the current season:

            • the use of natural materials in decoration and kitchen facades;
            • light tones with bright accents;
            • a lot of light – both natural and artificial;
            • minimum decor and conciseness of forms;
            • functionality and practicality.

            Tip: the contrast of the color of the walls and furniture is a great and stylish solution when decorating a kitchen in a Scandinavian style.

            Cuisine 2016: Scandinavian style - 01

            Cuisine 2016: Scandinavian style - 02

            Cuisine 2016: Scandinavian style - 03

            Cuisine 2016: Scandinavian style - 04

            Cuisine 2016: Scandinavian style - 05

            Cuisine 2016: Scandinavian style - 06?


            Provence – the embodiment of tenderness and grace, which will find a place in the coming year..

            As a color scheme, white is ideal with interspersed with natural shades so familiar to Provence, which will fade in the sun – sand, lavender, blue.

            Materials for Provence style kitchens preferably natural, and the finish is a little rough, with the effect of antiquity. Coarse stucco on the walls and imitation of masonry will do, on the floor – stone slabs, ceilings – even and white, as prescribed by the designers.

            The highlight of the interior can be a kitchen apron, highlighting the work area and, in particular, the area around the stove, since the hearth is the center of the Provence style kitchen.

            Attention should be paid to decor and textiles, it will give the interior even more charm and charm.

            Kitchen 2016: Provence style - 01

            Kitchen 2016: Provence style - 02

            Kitchen 2016: Provence style - 03

            Kitchen 2016: Provence style - 04

            Kitchen 2016: Provence style - 05

            Kitchen 2016: Provence style - 06

            The nuances of special cuisines

            If your kitchen is a separate room, and even a decent area, you can be called lucky. But, alas, not everyone can boast spacious kitchens that open up many design possibilities. A huge number of people are faced with the difficulties of designing a kitchen for two main reasons:

            1. their kitchen is too small (oh, these tiny kitchens in the Khrushchev!);
            2. or combined with the living room (after all, studio apartments are very popular due to the economic benefits of their acquisition).

            And in that, and in another case, do not despair. We will tell you how to use the space to the maximum.!

            Small kitchen

            Arrangement small kitchen play into the hands of many fashion trends of the coming season:

            1. First of all, this applies to white, which is not only fashionable, but also able to visually increase the modest dimensions of your kitchen.
            2. Secondly, choose a kitchen set with glossy facades – glare and reflections will also create the illusion of increasing space.
            3. Thirdly, the rejection of acting accessories, for which you will cling to the confined space of the kitchen, is your choice!
            4. Fourth, use the built-in technique. Yes, it can be more expensive. Yes, replacing it in the event of a breakdown can be more difficult. But you definitely save space!
            5. But what should be discarded is the choice of too textured materials, which, on the contrary, can “eat” space.

            Small Kitchen 2016 - 01

            Small Kitchen 2016 - 02

            Small kitchen 2016 - 03

            Small Kitchen 2016 - 04

            Small kitchen 2016 - 05

            Small kitchen 2016 - 06?

            Kitchen combined with living room

            Someone considers such a layout uncomfortable, someone on the contrary is glad to combine the kitchen area with the dining area and the relaxation area. One way or another, we believe that without zoning space can not do. And the bar counter equipment will come to help in this matter – a definite trend of the 2020 season.

            Since the trends in design, in general terms, are the same for all residential premises, you can safely make the kitchen area and living room in the same style. Or zon them with different designs. The main thing is still to choose a single style solution, but reflect it in several different ways.

            Tip: do not skimp on buying a kitchen hood so that the smell of cooking food does not spread throughout the living room!

            Combined kitchen with living room - 01

            Combined kitchen with living room - 02

            Combined kitchen with living room - 03

            Combined kitchen with living room - 04

            Combined kitchen with living room - 05

            Combined kitchen with living room - 06

            Combined kitchen with living room - 07

            Combined kitchen with living room - 08



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