What stretch ceilings are better to choose: compare the canvas, methods of fastening, design

Which stretch ceilings are better to choose

Among the many options for decorating ceilings, I want to find the most suitable one both in appearance and in structural simplicity, and in operational characteristics, and in cost. Despite the fact that stretch ceilings have been used in the arrangement of premises for about fifty years, their popularity is growing, new opportunities for decoration, fastening, and structural design appear. Popularity is associated with the versatility of application in any stylistic direction and the efficiency of installation work. The already existing huge variety of types, textures and colors is constantly being supplemented with new options and compositional solutions. Of course, such a wealth of options for installing stretch ceilings is only at hand for ordinary consumers and experienced designers, but it is diversity that makes it difficult for a person to be inexperienced and ignorant of all the intricacies of this product. So let’s clarify the situation a bit and consider in the most detailed way stretch ceilings – which are better, what to look for when choosing.


  • Classification of suspended ceilings
  • Fabric or film – which is better?
  • Which mounting method is most convenient
  • Features of the ceiling texture
  • Stretch ceiling design: options

You can answer the question about what stretch ceilings are for a very long time. Different in texture, color, all kinds of surface effects (metallic, mother of pearl, satin, imitation leather, etc.), the method of fastening and mounting option, stretch ceilings can form various types of ceiling structures.

Stretch ceiling with photo printing

Stretch ceiling with photo printing creates the illusion of a glass roof

Classification of suspended ceilings

  1. According to the web material: fabric and film (PVC).
  2. By the method of fastening: harpoon, wedge, cam.
  3. On the surface texture: matte, glossy, satin, etc..
  4. By device: in one plane and multi-level.

Fabric or film – which is better?

Depending on the material from which the canvas is made, there are two main types of stretch ceilings – fabric and film. Fabric ceilings are made of polyester fabrics treated with a polyurethane compound, and film ceilings are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film. The fundamental difference between these two types is that the PVC film has the ability to stretch well when heated, while cooling, it stretches, forming a perfectly flat surface without wrinkles.

Fabric stretch ceiling with photo printing

Any pattern can be applied to a fabric or PVC cloth, due to which the ceiling can serve as the main accent of the design or organic addition

Some disadvantage of PVC ceilings is the small width of the film (about 1.5 m), so the sheets need to be welded, because of which barely visible seams are visible on the ceiling. Fabrics have a width of 5 m, it is possible to seamlessly cover the entire room.

Thanks to good consumer qualities, PVC ceilings are the most popular, which do not allow water to pass, withstand a load of about 100 kg per square meter, do not burn (though they melt), and do not electrify. PVC canvases can be of various textures (glossy, matte, satin), while fabric canvases create only a matte non-shiny surface. The disadvantage of PVC film is that it is relatively easily damaged by sharp objects.

PVC glossy ceiling

Glossy PVC ceiling reflects furnishings, visually increases the intensity of lighting

Which mounting method is most convenient

The false ceiling canvas is attached to the walls or ceiling using a special baguette, but the method of attachment may be different. PVC ceilings are usually equipped with a harpoon mounting system. Harpoon is called a special edging of the canvas, provided structurally, it is subsequently inserted into the groove of the baguette and firmly held in it thanks to reliable fixation. The harpoon has a hook-shaped cross section.

There is also a “no-harpoon” fastening system, in this case the canvas is fixed with special expansion wedges, in this way fabric stretch ceilings are mounted. Characteristically, the harpoon system allows you to easily remove the canvas and then install it in place, which can be very useful when flooding, there is the possibility of removing water.

Cloths of stretch ceilings with a harpoon mounting system are cut to size and equipped with a harpoon at the company’s production sites, delivered to the customer ready-made in thermal insulation packaging. Cloths with wedge fastening are cut out in place, after installation, excess fabric is cut off. The fabric fabric is seamless, which opens up almost unlimited possibilities in the use of photo printing, and the fabric formed by the PVC film is welded, consists of several panels, is welded in the production environment to the specified dimensions.

Consider another type of fastener, in which the baguette is equipped with special spacer cams, clamped by the force of the stretched fabric. The use of a stretch ceiling with such a fastening system allows you to set the stretch ceiling as close as possible (8 mm) to the base ceiling, which is important for extremely undesirable significant lowering of the ceiling (for comparison: when arranging a stretch ceiling from a PVC film with built-in spotlights, the room height will decrease by 6- 7 cm).

Backlit stretch ceiling

The options for organizing the lighting of a stretch ceiling are countless

Features of the ceiling texture

The use of various textures of the surface of the stretch ceiling: matte and gloss, satin and pearl, velvet or embossed, you can achieve incredible combinations. The choice of texture and color depends on the personal preferences of the customer. Matte and satin stretch ceilings do not glare, they are similar to perfectly plastered evenly painted ceilings. A similar effect can be achieved by leveling the ceiling using a drywall construction..

The satin ceiling (named for a texture similar to satin) is characterized by the surface’s ability to display light with a barely noticeable mother of pearl effect. In a perfectly smooth surface of the glossy ceiling, you can even see your own image! A light mirror effect is more pronounced in saturated dark-colored ceilings. Glossy texture visually increases the height of the room.

Stretch ceiling design: options

The ceiling can be represented in one plane (both strictly horizontal and inclined), and maybe in several planes (multi-level ceilings). The choice of arranging a multi-level ceiling may be due to the need to hide the protruding elements of the walls or ceiling, while maintaining the overall height of the room, the desire to divide the space of the room into zones with different lighting conditions, or simply the desire to create a unique beauty in the interior. An example of an interesting option for arranging a multilevel ceiling can be a structure containing a special glossy film with built-in LEDs or using fiber optic technologies.

Multi-level stretch ceiling with hidden lighting

A multi-level stretch ceiling with hidden lighting provides the ability to change the surroundings depending on the mood

Imitation of the starry sky is not the only example of a spectacular game of ceiling texture with lighting: The use of a translucent PVC film with a backlight placed above it is another well-known design technique. Rate the result in the photo.

Pick only high-quality materials! Features of the choice of colors, compatibility of textures or design delights do not count when it comes to the health of loved ones. Choose only high-quality materials, for installation questions, contact the masters of the appropriate qualifications. The leaders in production are France and Switzerland, also high-quality paintings are made in Italy, Germany, Holland. There are worthy Russian manufacturers of suspended ceilings, but, as a rule, they work under foreign licenses. In the choice it is better to give preference to serious, well-established companies, because stretch ceilings are a synthetic product, first of all I want to be sure of its environmental friendliness.



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