How to choose a good stretch ceiling, focusing on design and practicality

How to choose a good stretch ceiling

Ceiling decoration is one of the most important and integral segments of the repair work, which must be given due attention. Today’s realities are such that the scope of imagination in this matter reaches a peak, because the choice of materials is huge. This is where the problem arises, which stretch ceiling to choose from the diverse assortment offered by modern manufacturers. Of course, there are subtleties and nuances here, about them, in fact, we will go further.


  • Criteria for choosing a good ceiling
  • Stretch ceilings: types and characteristics
  • Color – a springboard for experiments

Criteria for choosing a good ceiling

Undoubtedly, when the question arises, which is better to choose stretch ceilings in an apartment, you need to pay attention to several aspects:

  • ceiling quality – the reliability and durability of the installed ceiling system depends on the quality of materials, compliance with manufacturing technology, installation;
  • pricing policy – for most manufacturers, prices are fixed, moreover, they depend on the cost of components used;
  • assortment – textures and the original line of colors are characterized by a wide variety, so each buyer can choose the best option.

When deciding which stretch ceiling to choose, you need to consider the reasons why you prefer this particular type of finish. For example, if the reason is the neighbors who arrange frequent floods, it is better to pay attention to the PVC fabric, since it is characterized by increased strength indicators. And if you want to protect your home from extraneous sounds, you should install a ceiling with soundproofing properties..

Stretch ceilings: types and characteristics

Everyone knows that stretch ceilings give the room beauty, bring aesthetic pleasure to residents, but this is not enough, because they must be of high quality. How to choose the right stretch ceiling and not make a mistake, which you will later regret?

To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with this material for decoration, having studied it from “A” to “Z”. If we consider the types of stretch ceilings, first you need to pay attention to the properties of paintings.

Choosing a stretch ceiling is a serious matter

Fabric stretch ceiling – excellent view

Cloth stretch ceilings – an elastic fabric, a bit reminiscent of the material that is used for stockings. A layer of polymer coating is applied to the surface of the fabric, which determines the texture and color of the fabric. A varnish layer is also applied, thanks to which the fabric becomes waterproof and acquires a beautiful appearance. This type of ceiling is characterized by such advantages:

  • high strength;
  • a light weight;
  • simple installation;
  • ceilings do not sag, do not deform;
  • the installed web does not interfere with normal air exchange.
Choice of a stretch ceiling

Multi-level stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling PVC – a film cloth made of polyvinyl chloride. Such ceilings are installed by heating, for this a heat gun is used: the heated film is stretched onto the frame, after cooling it becomes smooth and has an impeccable appearance.

Which stretch ceiling of film material is better? This is no less relevant moment, since this type of ceiling is divided into subspecies:

  • glossy, mirror;
  • made under metallic;
  • imitation suede, marble;
  • matte.

As for the design features, there are also subspecies of suspended ceilings:

  • complex multi-level – a combination of a variety of suspended structures with curved, smooth lines, smooth transitions. This includes the installation of various lamps that ennoble the interior and give it a unique look. For the manufacture of multi-level ceilings, a fabric base and PVC film can be used..

Important: often, designers use a maximum of imagination, combining various materials in quality, texture, and color – spectacular and unexpected results are obtained.

  • with sound insulation – a similar design allows you to completely protect the housing from extraneous sounds, that is, the house creates comfortable conditions for relaxation;
A variety of design solutions

Stretch ceiling “starry sky”

  • stretch ceiling “starry sky” – the most striking and expressive way to design space. This effect is obtained by installing a light generator behind the surface of the canvas.

Of course, today the choice is huge and multifaceted, so you can install any kind of suspended ceilings in your apartment: the photos presented in this publication show that these materials look amazing and unusual.

You should also consider design features that form the appearance of the ceiling:

  • The texture of the canvas is matte, satin, glossy. Satin ceiling is most often mounted in the bedroom and it looks like a painted surface. Matte stretch ceiling is the most popular and inexpensive, with its help creates the effect of perfect plaster. Well, a glossy stretch ceiling visually increases the volume of the room, is perfect for use in the bathroom, in a room with a pool;
Ceiling with photo printing

Photo decoration – an original solution

  • decor with photo printing – a canvas on which large-format image printing is performed. Thanks to this unique technique, the house is filled with colors of wildlife, and the interior can be decorated, for example, with portraits, creations of artists. In short, the possibilities of photo printing are endless;

Important: the quality of such a canvas is completely determined by the source file.

  • canvas color – the room can be transformed by any shades. For example, multicomponent canvases look very original.

Color – a springboard for experiments

A stretch ceiling is part of the interior, so it should harmoniously fit into the overall style. What color of stretch ceiling to choose? This question interests many people who want to create a kind of room..

The color schemes of stretch ceilings are very diverse

Red heart – amazing stretch ceiling

Listening to the advice of professional designers, you can make the right choice:

  • white color is a universal solution and a win-win option if the room is already saturated with bright details. It should also be noted that the white glossy ceiling will “absorb” the surrounding colors – the shade of walls, floors, curtains, so this moment must be taken into account;
  • cold colors visually expand the space, for example, light green and blue visually raise the ceiling;
  • warm colors narrow the room, so it is undesirable to install such stretch ceilings in small rooms. Plus, the warm color brings comfort, for example, coral, peach ceilings look amazing in the bedroom;
  • blue color – pacifies, calms, reminds the sea.

Important: the blue ceiling is ideal for bedrooms, lounges.

  • yellow color – associations with intelligence and enlightenment, in addition, it stimulates the brain, promotes digestion;
  • pink ceiling – purity of thoughts, happiness and romance;
  • brown color – stability and respectability: best suited for offices.

In interiors built on the harmony of nuances, light, desaturated colors look excellent. But the dark shades are ideally combined with a contrasting interior, complementing it with unusualness: in modern apartments ceilings look burgundy and blue.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if you need to solve the question of how to choose a stretch ceiling, all aspects should be taken into account: the type of material, cost, quality and, of course, color. Then you can guarantee that you will enjoy the end result..


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