We evaluate the disadvantages and advantages of suspended ceilings, we compare, wisely choose

Disadvantages and advantages of suspended ceilings

The times when the most innovative among the options for decorating the ceiling were wallpaper gluing on the ceiling, are irrevocably gone. Today, any experiments are welcomed both with the form (curved and multi-stage ceiling structures, stucco molding), and with the content (wood, plastic, polystyrene foam, mirror cloth are used for decoration), and with design options. Stretch ceilings stand out among others, attracting a flawlessly smooth surface and a variety of color shades. The aesthetic benefits of suspended ceilings are obvious, but what about environmental friendliness? Is this kind of ceiling arrangement materially accessible? Is it durable? – Let us consider in detail what stretch ceilings are – the pros and cons of appearance, performance, installation.


  • Criteria for a thorough assessment
  • Varieties of stretch ceilings
  • Performance Assessment
  • The main advantages of suspended ceilings
  • Disadvantages of Stretch Ceilings

First, let’s determine the criteria for evaluating the option of arranging the ceiling.

Criteria for a thorough assessment

  1. Appearance.
  2. Cost.
  3. Performance characteristics.
  4. Environmental friendliness.
  5. Easy installation.
An example of a glossy stretch ceiling

Dark glossy stretch ceiling attracts with its ability to reflect objects

The device of a stretch ceiling is extremely simple – it is a very stretched thin PVC film or polyester fabric. The material is fastened using special strips (baguettes) firmly attached to the wall or ceiling (depending on the shape of the future design).

Due to the wide variety of textures and colors of the material, it is possible to create incredible combinations in the interior. Consider a simplified classification of stretch ceilings according to the external characteristics of a PVC film.

Varieties of stretch ceilings

  1. Varnish – forms a smooth surface with a small reflectivity, in more than 100 color options. The darker the color of the ceiling, the more intense the reflectivity.
  2. Matte – as similar as possible to the traditional version of the finish externally, but the performance is radically different. No glare or mirror effect.
  3. With the effect of “metallic” – such a ceiling is similar to varnish, but the resulting surface does not reflect like a mirror, but reflects light with a flicker inherent in the metal. The cost of this kind of film is slightly higher than usual.
  4. The satin ceiling has a smooth relief, it is similar to a matte one, it does not glare. Light is only slightly reflected from the surface, forming a light shade of nacre.
  5. Pearlescent – surface shimmers in various shades.
  6. With photo printing.
  7. With optical fibers.
  8. Different textured (imitation of the texture of suede, wood, leather).
Satin stretch ceiling

The satin fabric has a smooth matte surface with a slight pearlescent shine, which manifests itself only in direct sunlight

In terms of beauty and color saturation, neither a painted plasterboard structure nor a putty and plaster surface of a concrete slab can be compared with a stretch ceiling. The film creates a perfectly smooth surface, hides any defects of the base ceiling: cracks at the joints of plates, crumbling whitewash, or wallpaper lagging around the edges. As a result, labor-intensive preparatory work (careful surface leveling, etc.) and finishing are excluded from the mandatory list.

Plasterboard structures, for comparison, after installation, it is necessary to putty, grind, paint, and the stretch ceiling is quickly mounted (within a few hours). Thus, taking into account the cost of all materials produced by the preparatory and finishing works, stretch ceilings, even with a higher initial cost, are less expensive in the end.

Stretch ceiling with photo printing

The stretch ceiling with photo printing allows you to create countless unique decor options

Performance Assessment

Ceilings made of PVC film are perfectly washed, not afraid of moisture, do not burn. Serious manufacturing companies guarantee a ten-year service life of their products, but the real term of operation is more than twice.

In addition, the high-quality film is so strong that it can withstand the weight of about 100 liters of water per m2, which is especially valuable in case of flooding by neighbors from above. Although this is rare, it does happen. Plasterboard construction (even in the case of moisture resistant cardboard) is not designed for direct contact with water.

Stretch ceiling waterproof, durable, aesthetic

The stretch ceiling is water-resistant, durable, aesthetic, applicable for arranging rooms with difficult operating conditions

The stretch ceiling is environmentally friendly, has dust-repellent properties. Based on the above information, you can list the main advantages of arranging a ceiling with

The main advantages of suspended ceilings

  • aesthetics;
  • moisture resistance;
  • fire safety;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • quick installation, low cost;
  • masking effect.

Among the many advantages there is a place for disadvantages, we will be objective in the assessment.

Disadvantages of Stretch Ceilings

  • Stretch ceilings need careful handling, they can be easily damaged with sharp objects and cannot be repaired on their own;
  • installation is carried out only using expensive highly specialized equipment;
  • on glossy PVC ceilings, welds are slightly noticeable;
  • the film loses strength at low temperatures (below 0 ° C);
  • the power of the spotlights used is limited.

Summarize the information received. The fastest and easiest way to get a smooth smooth surface of the ceiling is to equip the structure with a panel mounted on a metal or plastic profile (stretch ceiling). From a practical point of view, the stretch ceiling is one of the most versatile: it is suitable for performance in any room. An important point is the sensitivity to increase and decrease in temperature. Installation of a stretch ceiling requires appropriate qualifications and some caution in work.


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