How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

How to install a chandelier on a stretch ceiling

The stretch ceiling is interesting, first of all, with the unusual texture of a flat surface. So even that even the eyes can not believe it. Most of us already imagine how such a miracle can be done (the educational activities of various thematic television programs on repair in this sense can hardly be overestimated). On the TV screen, a team of specialists in bright overalls smartly mounts the stretch ceiling, the next frame – and now the finished surface of the ceiling is decorated with a chandelier … But to see how the chandelier is installed on the stretch ceiling, hearing at the same time detailed explanations are usually not possible. Most likely, the matter is in the divergence of interests of companies sponsoring a telecast with the interests of viewers who want to learn how to hang a chandelier. It cannot be said that explanations in the manner of “how to properly hang a chandelier on a suspended ceiling” are outside the competence of the creators of such programs, simply the main goal remains the promotion of advertised products. Let us consider in more detail how the installation of a chandelier on a stretch ceiling differs from the traditionally used method of fixing the chandelier to the ceiling of concrete floors.


  • Attaching the chandelier to a hook
  • How to hang a chandelier on a bar
  •  Phillips Mount

Choosing a chandelier is a crucial moment. A stretch ceiling is, in fact, a film or fabric stretched and fixed on a special profile (it is also called a “baguette”). From heating, the film becomes more elastic and stretches. When choosing a chandelier, you should pay attention to the models with the most safe arrangement of bulbs, in order to avoid heating the PVC canvas. Also pay attention to the base of the chandelier: it should not have sharp edges.

How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

An example of a hook mounted chandelier

For installation, it is necessary to mount the fasteners on the main ceiling before installing the tensioner. The type of fixture depends on the chosen model of the chandelier and the method of its mounting. The chandelier can be mounted on a ceiling hook, on a mounting plate or on a cross-shaped plate.

Attaching the chandelier to a hook

Installing a chandelier on a hook is the easiest and most reliable way of fastening, with it the least trouble. The chandelier is installed with removed shades, without bulbs. If you are a happy owner of an apartment, then the hook hole for installing the chandelier and the electrical wiring in the stove channel are already prudently made by builders. The hook is fastened to the concrete ceiling, using a special anchor or dowels.

How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

Ceiling hook for chandelier mounting

The hook should be installed at the required height (so that after installing the chandelier the decorative bowl fits snugly on the ceiling). To remove the hook and lead wires, it is necessary to cut a hole in the already installed stretch ceiling (after strengthening the area adjacent to the hole by gluing a plastic thermo ring). Careful sizing around the circumference is important..

After the glue has dried, cut a hole inside the ring. Then you should hang the chandelier on a hook, connect the power wires, and lift up the structurally decorative cap provided that hides the unaesthetic hook and places of electrical connection. Next, the cap is locked in position..

How to hang a chandelier on a bar

Most modern chandeliers are installed on the mounting plate (metal profile with studs on which the base of the chandelier is worn) – the strip is included. To properly mount this type of chandelier on a stretch ceiling, you must first make a special base – a wooden block.

How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

Preparing the base for mounting the mounting plate

The height of the wooden bar must be selected so that its lower plane is level with the plane of the stretch ceiling. The bar must be securely attached to the main ceiling with dowels and screws. Holes for dowels in concrete slabs are made with a perforator. After mounting the stretch ceiling, a hole is cut through for stretching the wiring (reinforcing the hole with a thermal ring is a prerequisite), then carefully attach the mounting strip over the stretched ceiling (check the strip for burrs). We fasten the bar to the bar with self-tapping screws, within the hole bounded by the thermal ring. It is important to choose the size of the screws so that they support the weight of the chandelier. We connect the connecting wires. We install the base of the chandelier on the mounting strip, combining the studs of the strip with the holes of the base, and fasten with decorative nuts (also included in the package of the chandelier).

We will consider how to correctly hang a chandelier from the ceiling if it is structurally provided for its installation using a cross-shaped bar. Usually, massive chandeliers with a wide base of a rounded or rectangular shape are mounted this way. The installation of a cross-shaped chandelier also requires appropriate preparation and pre-installation of a special supporting platform.

How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

Cross mounting plate, reinforcing rings and adhesive

A wooden platform is cut out of plywood, 10-12 mm thick, according to the size of the cross, in the center of it you need to drill a hole for the wires.

In the corners of the platform, metal legs of galvanized sheet should be attached, with their help the resulting structure is attached to the main ceiling with dowels and screws. The height of the platform is determined by the length of the legs, measure it with the level of the stretch ceiling.

How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

Wooden platform for cruciform plank

After installing the stretch ceiling, the cross-shaped plate is attached to the platform, the fastening is carried out by self-tapping screws. Any puncture site of a PVC film needs to be reinforced with plastic or a thermal ring. You can make several holes in the film (as you remember, reinforced) – for attaching the strip and for wiring, or you can make one hole – much larger, reinforced with plastic to prevent the ceiling from spreading.

How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

Thermo-ring-reinforced holes for mounting the cross-bar and wiring

Next, connect the wires. A chandelier is attached to the installed cross-shaped plank, similar to the method described above. With the only difference that there will be more decorative nuts. The chandelier should fit snugly to the ceiling plane, without distortions or indentation.

How to install a chandelier on a suspended ceiling: detailed instruction

Installed cross-shaped lath for fixture of a chandelier

Working with PVC ceilings requires special care in the selection of fasteners. Remember, before you hang the chandelier on drywall, a reinforced structure of profiles around the place of the proposed fixture was necessarily built. In fact, the fastening was carried out through sheets of drywall to a metal profile. A film ceiling representing a stretched canvas cannot be the basis of reliable fasteners, by definition, so appropriate preparation is required before hanging the chandelier. Fixtures are fastened to the main ceiling through the use of load-bearing structural elements. In addition, the PVC film is sensitive to heat, which causes limitations on the power of the lamps used. The most convenient is the use of energy-saving lamps (LED or fluorescent), because when they work, less heat is generated. It is advisable to choose chandeliers with the direction of the shades down or to the sides.

We examined how to hang a chandelier to the ceiling made of PVC film without consciously dwelling on the power connection in detail, because it’s best to trust an electrician with all the wiring work. The connection principle will be the same in all cases. The most important thing is to carefully observe safety measures, you should turn off the power to the shield. The ends of the wires must be cleaned from insulation, then the wires should be connected with special contacts. If it is necessary to observe the polarity (if a chandelier with LED lamps), you need to determine the phase wire using the indicator. The wires are connected in accordance with the attached diagram. Then carefully hide the wires in the decorative cup of the chandelier, screw in the lights, turn on the shield and check the performance.


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