Grilyato raster ceilings – a practical decoration of the interior

Raster ceilings – a new innovative solution for decorating the interior. The appearance of these decorative panels is very futuristic and unusual, which is probably why they have not yet taken root in apartments and private houses. But in offices, shops, shopping centers and other public places they feel pretty good. The thing is that raster ceilings, or as they are also called grilyato ceilings, fit perfectly into the interior of spacious rooms and, in addition, perform a lot of functions. But more on that later.


  • What is a raster ceiling?
  • Benefits of Raster False Ceilings
  • Scope of grilyato ceilings


  • Features of the assembly and installation of raster ceilings
    • Grilyato ceiling mounting technology

      What is a raster ceiling?

      A raster ceiling is a cellular surface that is created from a certain number of aluminum gratings and rails. All these elements are quite voluminous and require reliable fixing to the ceiling using special suspensions..

      The aluminum profile used for the manufacture of gratings is available in several versions: its height can range from 30 to 50 mm. It is through the use of profiles of different heights that a special effect of the falling shadow is created, thanks to which all engineering communications passing in the ceiling space are practically not visible. In addition, other factors, such as, for example:

      • distance from the ceiling to the profiles;
      • cell size
      • the right choice of lighting.
      Raster ceiling

      Ready-made raster ceiling unit facilitates installation, provides high installation speed

      The smaller the ceiling lights and the lower the ceiling height, the smaller the cells should be and the greater the height of the profiles. Using this little secret, you can achieve the “well effect”, which will reliably hide all communications and irregularities behind the ceiling.

      If the ceilings in the room are high, then you can experiment a bit with lighting, saving at the same time on the ceiling itself, because the larger the cell size, the cheaper it will cost to buy and install the structure.

      Benefits of Raster False Ceilings

      1. excellent indicators of light fastness;
      2. frost resistance;
      3. the durability of the decorative coating;
      4. water resistance;
      5. not subject to corrosion;
      6. they allow you to quickly and easily replace failed utilities, since it takes no more than 1 minute to dismantle individual units. Rod suspensions are quite easy to disassemble, and in order to assemble everything back, you do not need a master;
      7. the ability to combine diverse decorative ceiling elements in any order on one suspended structure.

      Thus, the grilyato suspended ceiling is not only a technically perfect design, it is not a bored and unbeaten fashionable solution. A variety of colors and shapes provides fertile ground for designers, and the ability to quickly install allows you to almost instantly bring all ideas to life.

      Grilyato Ceilings

      Grilyato ceiling – a modern interior decoration

        Scope of grilyato ceilings

      The main field of application of grillato false ceilings is various public institutions. You can meet them in cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, shops, boutiques, theaters, airports, train stations, etc. In general, wherever there is a need for a high-quality, reliable and most importantly – practical ceiling.

      A suspended raster ceiling is an excellent solution for rooms in which a ventilation system acting through the ceiling surface will be used.

      In addition, this type of design is ideal for those people who do not accept anything extra in their interior. Take the same spray elements of the fire extinguishing system that are always fixed to the ceiling. They are not aesthetic and spoil the appearance of not only the ceiling, but the entire room as a whole. Raster ceiling structures will ideally hide these indispensable attributes of any public place out of sight. And if a fire suddenly occurs and the automatic fire extinguishing system works, then the aluminum profiles will easily transfer the water flows, because they are treated with a special anti-corrosion compound.

      Raster False Ceilings

      The combination of colors – an interesting design move to create a stylish interior

        Features of the assembly and installation of raster ceilings

      The design of raster ceilings consists of guides and blocks of aluminum profile. The guides are fixed on the ceiling, and then connected to each other by transverse elements. As a result of this work, a lattice with large cells is obtained. It is in them that later blocks from profiles will be installed.

      The main details of the raster ceiling:

      • long guides;
      • short transverse guides;
      • suspensions;
      • corner moldings;
      • aluminum profile of different sizes and heights.

      With the help of all these elements, it is possible to assemble ceiling structures of various shapes that can combine panels of various sizes with different cells.

      Grilyato ceiling mounting technology

      The grilyato raster ceiling begins to be assembled only after all the necessary communications have already been completed and nothing interferes with the assembly process.

      Stage 1

      First mark the plane of the surface of the ceiling. To do this, make a mark with a pencil on one of the walls, which will become the starting point for subsequent installation work. This point should be chosen in such a way that the mounted structure can completely cover the various protrusions, floors and all upper utilities.

      Having made a mark, it is necessary to project it onto the remaining walls, and then connect the obtained coordinates to each other. As a result, a horizontal line should appear on the walls of the room, enveloping the entire perimeter of the room.

      Stage 2

      Guides are mounted along the line. It is necessary to fasten out so that the profile forms a shelf facing the floor to the front. Self-tapping screws must be selected in accordance with the material from which the walls are made. The maximum possible distance between the screws – 45 cm.

      Scheme raster ceiling

      Schematic representation of the phased installation of raster ceilings

      Stage 3

      After the main guides were fixed around the perimeter of the room, you can proceed to fastening the guide profiles of the structure, which will subsequently become the basis for installing blocks of aluminum profiles in them.

      For effective and proper placement of the guides, marking is again required. And for reliable fastening of profiles, suspensions will be required, which need to be fixed on the ceiling no more than 1200 mm apart.

      Installation of a grilyato ceiling

      Fixing a suspended raster ceiling to suspensions

      Thus, a grating of guides is assembled, into which cassettes will later be installed. By the way, the Armstrong ceiling system is assembled in exactly the same way..

      Stage 4

      The last step will be the installation of cassettes with aluminum profiles, lamps and other decorative elements.

      The variety of design properties of grilled raster ceilings is small. This is due primarily to a small number of shapes and colors. Aluminum profiles are mainly available in white, black and metallic. But there is an opportunity to buy a custom design in the color desired by the customer or paint it yourself in the shade that most suits the interior style.

      Against the backdrop of a huge number of advantages, the only drawback of grillato ceilings looks somehow miserable, but nevertheless it is. The high price of such constructions does not allow designers and architects to turn around freely, but most likely, such a “whim” of manufacturers is a temporary phenomenon. In the near future, every office, every boutique, every store will welcome visitors with cheerful “perforated” ceilings.


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