Varieties of suspended ceilings in the bathroom and their advantages

Varieties of suspended ceilings in the bathroom

False ceiling in the bathroom is one of the best solutions of our time, because due to its attractive appearance and remarkable characteristics, it is considered very popular. Moreover, its style and design performance is not limited to established canons and traditions, that is, with the help of such a ceiling you can create an original room.


  • The undeniable benefits of suspended ceilings
  • Varieties of suspended ceilings for the bathroom
  • Slatted ceiling – practical beauty
  • Mirror ceiling … what is it like?
  • Drywall Ceiling – Unique Space Modeling
  • Frosted glass ceilings: chic and extraordinary

The undeniable benefits of suspended ceilings

In this regard, everything is obvious and understandable, in particular, we have in mind the following fundamental points:

  • behind the beautiful surface are the imperfections of the ceiling: irregularities, defects;
  • masking of communications: electrical wiring, ventilation systems;
  • ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • if desired, it is possible to arrange heat and sound insulation;
  • the ability to design a variety of lighting;
  • simple dismantling – if you need to lay utilities or repair ventilation, the coating is removed and collected back without being deformed.

In addition, after finishing the ceiling with moisture-resistant materials, you can forget about the repair for a long time, because mold, fungi and bacteria will not develop in the bathroom.

Important: the only drawback, which, by the way, fades against the background of the above advantages, is a decrease in the height of the room.

Varieties of suspended ceilings for the bathroom

Considering the structural features of suspended ceilings, it must be said that they are different:

  • rack and pinion – the bathroom room changes dramatically, it becomes comfortable, rich, cozy;
  • mirrored – all their unusualness cannot be expressed in ordinary words, because this is both the original form and the stunning reflections of the light;
  • from moisture-proof drywall – the creation of a variety of forms, interesting objects;
  • frosted glass – a softening atmosphere reigns in the bathroom, conducive to relaxation.

False ceilings in the bathroom can be modular, perforated, combined, it all depends on the personal preferences of the owner.

Important: the combined ceiling is considered the most interesting by right, because it harmoniously combines various materials, ideas.

Slatted ceiling – practical beauty

This type of ceiling is a design with a set of suspended panels, which are made of steel or aluminum. The system is attached to the ceiling surface using angles, knitting needles and clips. As a result, after carrying out the whole complex of works, a peculiar layer is formed between the rack and the actual ceiling. There, often, electrical wiring, water communication, climate system are located. At the joints of the walls and ceiling, specific profiles are installed that hold the structure and at the same time decorate the corner.

Suspended ceiling

The rack ceiling gives even an ordinary bathroom a beautiful look

As for rails, they are classified into three types and differ in fastening. Consider this point in more detail:

  • open slats – a gap of 1.5 cm is closed by a decorative profile. This view is most uncomfortable in rooms with small sizes, because in the open rack ceiling, gaps are visible and it will not look too impressive;
  • closed rails – tight fastening to each other. The bottom line is that the slats seem to go one after another, thereby providing a beautiful view;
  • slats with inserts – the surface design resembles an open ceiling, but there are significant differences: aluminum strips are inserted between the slats. This principle fully justifies itself, since the ceiling is perfectly flat, without the slightest depression.

Important: the rack ceiling is preferred when the homeowner wants to create an elegant interior, not forgetting the good performance.

Mirror ceiling … what is it like?

First of all, it must be said that it is made of glass, which has high moisture repellent performance. For this reason, such a suspended ceiling is installed in the bathroom. But this is far from all the advantages, so we list the most important ones:

  • visual increase in space;
  • a significant increase in the aesthetic level of the room;
  • a huge variety of models: many shades, colors (bronze, malachite, turquoise), sizes, textures;
  • high characteristics of functionality and the possibility of combining with metal and glass;
  • thanks to excellent light reflection, the bathroom is properly lit;
  • quick installation;
  • dusty work on cleaning the ceiling surface is excluded;
  • easy care: wet or dry cleaning using household chemicals.

You have to admit, there are many advantages, so the mirror suspended ceiling in the bathroom is used more and more.

Mirror suspended ceiling

Oh, those mirrors! A sight for sore eyes, and only …

By the way, in addition to various shades, it is possible to install several other ceilings: mirrors with fatset and with a picture. If you consider the first option, you must indicate that the faceted mirrors can be color and curved, and the most relevant are mirrors in the form of brand names, logos. But the mirrors with a pattern are extremely interesting in that they are performed with a slight bevel. This means that the rays of light refract, form the original rainbow and softly illuminate the room with shades and highlights..

Important: a rainbow pattern can be custom made and its execution depends on the wishes of the client.

Drywall Ceiling – Unique Space Modeling

It should be noted right away that conventional drywall is not suitable for a bathroom, because the moisture-resistant green material is the best option.

Important: such drywall has a hard surface through which moisture does not pass.

False plasterboard ceiling fits well into the bathroom, because with its help at a high technological level you can create building elements of various shapes.

Effective plasterboard ceiling

Drywall ceiling looks impeccable

Caring for such a ceiling is not difficult: you do not need to spend a lot of time on this process, and the use of cleaning substances does not take place. To maintain the surface in normal condition, it is enough to wipe the ceiling with a sponge with the addition of detergent.

A few words must also be said about installation:

  • before starting work, the sheets are treated with a solution that improves water-repellent properties;
  • the remaining holes are sealed with silicone sealant;
  • seams are glued with a sealing tape, and then are putty;
  • the surface is primed, paint is applied at the final stage.

Frosted glass ceilings: chic and extraordinary

False matte ceiling is a metal frame with glass tiles. It is perfect for installation in the bathroom, but is also often used to create attractive interiors in a nightclub, in a concert hall.

Frosted glass suspended ceiling

Frosted glass cannot be called a traditional material, because it is true modernity.

Naturally, one can not fail to name the main advantages of this type of ceiling:

  • environmental friendliness – acrylic glass does not emit toxic substances, that is, it is safe;
  • lighting – frosted glass perfectly diffuses light;
  • aesthetics – excellent reflective abilities bring harmony of color and light into the room;
  • operational installation – the installation time directly depends on the configuration of a particular room: the more protrusions, recesses and complex decorative elements, the longer the work.

In general, suspended ceilings, created by professional craftsmen, amaze the mind, so they deserve the attention of connoisseurs of true beauty!


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