Rules for the stylish design of stretch ceilings in the apartment: we will correctly arrange each room

At the word “repair” many, but many there, throws everyone into a shiver. Wallpaper, paint, tile, cement, drywall and a hundred more finishing and building materials, without which not a single transformation of an old apartment into a new one can do. But if you have to tinker with the walls and the floor, then everything can be solved with the ceiling in one day. To do this, you only need a couple of experienced craftsmen and a stretch ceiling. Thanks to this invention of mankind, you can almost instantly transform your home, make it more comfortable and a little brighter. About what design of stretch ceilings – photos of the most original options you can see a little lower – now in fashion and will be discussed in this article.


  • Stretch ceilings in the interior of the living room
  • An example of the design of the ceiling in the hall
  • Stretch ceilings in the interior of the kitchen
  • Ceiling solutions for bedrooms
  • Nursery and decor of stretch ceilings


Stretch ceilings in the interior of the living room

Living room is the center of the house. This room, firstly, should be spacious, secondly, bright, and thirdly, comfortable. Of course, wall and floor decoration, as well as decorative elements and furniture play a huge role in creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. But the ceiling at this “celebration of life” is assigned an equally important place.

The design of suspended ceilings in the living room should to some extent be a continuation of the interior, and not be positioned to its separate element. You can choose both glossy and matte material, as a traditional white color, or any other, the main thing is that it harmonizes with the surroundings.

Complex multi-level constructions look elegant, but provided that your living room has a sufficient wall height and area. Otherwise, the room will turn into a kind of village hut. As the saying goes: “In cramped conditions, but not in insult”.

Here are a few options for decorating the living room ceiling with stretch ceilings.

Option of a two-level stretch ceiling

Variant of a two-level stretch ceiling made of vinyl


Two-level stretch ceiling

Unusual two-level ceiling


Stretch ceiling oval

Oval glossy vinyl insert. Fresh and stylish.


Print stretch ceiling

Bright print stretch ceiling for living room

     An example of the design of the ceiling in the hall

In the hall it is pleasant to spend time with family. Quiet evenings sit near the TV and enjoy the coziness and comfort. This room should be conducive to rest and relaxation, so the ceilings here must correspond to this task..

Blue stretch ceilings with snow-white clouds will look great. A good option is to use a traditional white matte material or satin material in a soft green shade. These colors relax and have a beneficial effect on a person’s mental state..

In addition, the design of suspended ceilings in the hall may not be quite ordinary. Arrange the starry sky above your head and at night, even in the most cloudy weather in your apartment it will be light and warm.

Stretch ceiling starry sky

Starry sky above your head – the best relaxation after a hard day


Stretch ceiling with a

Stretch ceiling with a “heavenly” print – the perfect solution for nature lovers

Stretch ceiling in green vinyl

Green glossy vinyl is a source of good mood

  Stretch ceilings in the interior of the kitchen

But in the kitchen for the ceiling, the main thing is practicality. Although color also matters. Fabric stretch ceilings are unlikely to be appropriate here, but vinyl perfectly complement the interior..

Hi-tech lovers can create a chic dining area consisting of a glass or metal table, chairs on straight legs and a ceiling structure made of drywall and a stretch ceiling in metallic color.

And if you want the design of the ceilings in the kitchen to awaken your appetite, then set the ceiling with a picture in the form of fruits, vegetables, pies and other goodies.

Art Nouveau stretch ceiling for the kitchen

Art Nouveau stretch ceiling for the kitchen


Classic stretch ceiling for the kitchen

Classic stretch ceiling for the kitchen


Stretch ceiling for the kitchen

Orange – Arousing Appetite

   Ceiling solutions for bedrooms

In the bedroom, the brain should rest, therefore: no aggressive colors, gloss and other elements distracting from sleep.

White, cream, blue, light green shades are ideal for the bedroom, but some people prefer to relax in a bright environment. For such individuals, you can recommend the use of black and red colors in the decoration of the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. This style perfectly emphasizes the individuality of the owner of the apartment and allows you to give the room a unique atmosphere of passion and fire..

But in general design of suspended ceilings in the bedroom can be anything, because everyone is used to resting in his own way.

Stretch ceiling in the bedroom

Red glossy ceiling in the bedroom is suitable only for very bright people


Stretch ceilings for a bedroom

Cool white and calm burgundy – complement each other perfectly


Black stretch ceiling for a bedroom

Black stretch ceiling for the bedroom – stylish and strict


Design of suspended ceilings in the bedroom

The cream-colored stretch ceiling with an unobtrusive print fits perfectly into the bright bedroom

        Nursery and decor of stretch ceilings

The nursery is a room in which you can put even the most daring experiments. Children will only be happy to see a starry sky above their heads with planets and comets, clouds and a rainbow, funny characters from their favorite cartoon and even their own faces.

Feel free to design the stretch ceilings in the nursery and do not be afraid to make a mistake, the brighter the canvas, the more impressions your child will have and the happier his childhood will be.

Stretch ceilings for a nursery

Bright characters on the ceiling and walls – a great decoration for a child’s room


Stretch ceilings in the nursery

The starry sky with galaxies and comets is a luxurious addition to the children’s interior


Stretch ceiling in a children's room

Cute clouds – the most suitable option for a newborn

Thanks to the stretch ceilings, you can easily and quickly change the interior in your apartment, because the installation procedure for the entire structure will take a couple of days on the strength. Now, remember how long it took to level the ceiling with putty and whitewash it. A week, or even two! Not less! But it’s not even the timing, but the fact that the design of stretch ceilings allows you to create your own style, unique and individual. Exactly what you want.


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