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Dog handler tips on how to build a do-it-yourself aviary for a dog

Any dog ​​breeder who has elementary construction skills can build an aviary for a dog with his own hands. But even if you are a beginner – it does not matter. In this review, we will give you some useful tips that will help you easily build a convenient aviary for your dog – with photos and videos in addition. Want to know more? Read on.


  • How to build a dog aviary
  • The size
  • Floor material
  • Walls
  • a door
  • Roof
  • Booth
  • How to choose the right place for an aviary
  • Home Aviaries for Small Dogs or Puppies
  • How to build a dog aviary

    A home aviary is undoubtedly useful. It is simply necessary in cases where:

    • the dog is uncomfortable to keep in the house because of its large size or breed specifics;
    • free-range pet in the area is undesirable;
    • your guard dog needs protection from adverse weather conditions, and in the booth it is crowded.

    Based on this, the following question arises: how to make an aviary for a dog as comfortable as possible? The answer is simple. Before you make an aviary for a dog with your own hands, you must consider the following key points.

    dog enclosure

    Perfect dog house

    The size

    An important factor that is calculated individually for each dog.

    There are no maximum boundaries, as you know, it all depends on your capabilities and imagination. But at the minimum size, there are strict standards:

    • for dogs with a height at the withers of 45-50 cm, the area of ​​the enclosure should be at least 6 square meters. meters;
    • if the dog has a height of 50-60 cm, then it must be available at least 8 square meters. meters;
    • your pet – from 65 cm, then he and over 10 square meters. meters required.

    Floor material

    There is something to think about! The fact is that many forget one simple, but obvious truth: even the most beautifully raised dog regularly “goes to the toilet.” Accordingly, you decide where she will do it, and what you will do with it.

    Aviaries with full wooden floors are not the best solution. For hygiene, it should be regularly sprinkled with fresh sand or hay. Please note that for ease of cleaning the floor should have a slight slope – front or side.

    Ideally, the following areas should be in the aviary:

    • a platform (for example, wooden) + a canopy from the sun over part of the platform;
    • a place for food, laid out, say, with tiles;
    • paddock (soil or grass for natural needs).
    good aviary

    Here’s how to build!


    Dogs are curious animals. Therefore, do not deprive them of the opportunity to see everything that happens around their personal “residence”. Do not get carried away by blank walls. In a good enclosure, at least two walls are replaced by a grill or a reliable metal mesh. And from the draft a smart dog will hide in a booth.

    Lattice walls can be done:

    • forged;
    • welded (from fittings);
    • mesh netting.

    Attention: the netting is different! If this is a simple honeycomb, then there is a risk that the dog will catch on the claw teeth and get injured.

    material for the aviary

    Welded mesh netting

    Blank walls should be made of natural breathable materials: wood, brick, etc..

    a door

    Must stand in the lattice front wall and open strictly inward! A lock is required both from the outside and from the inside. Extra bolt also does not hurt.


    Here the most important thing is the reliability of the rafter system. It is better to cover the roof with soft material, because, the noise of rain, for example, can disturb the dog. Again, for safety reasons, the roof should not be nailed so that the animal is not injured. Use staples, screws, etc..


    Must be by all means! After all, this is the immediate refuge of the dog from weather troubles, the scorching sun, and indeed, a personal space that no one encroaches on. By the way: if you decide not to bother with the construction site and purchase a ready-made enclosure for a collapsible dog, remember that they are usually sold with booths. If you are trying to get a booth separately, then honesty is not the strongest side of the character of the trader in front of you.

    Important: deviation from the above norms can be fraught with very annoying troubles. Your dog may get sick due to a too cold floor or frighten guests due to a loose fitting valve. Therefore, regardless of whether you are building an aviary yourself or ordering a finished one, be careful that it is comfortable for the dog and as reliable as possible.

    How to choose the right place for an aviary

    The location of the aviary on the site is very important. Below are some undesirable placement options and their consequences..

    • Far from the front door of the house – the dog will be nervous and worried.
    • Close to the fence – passers-by will distract the dog, and she can easily jump outside (for example, climbing in the snowdrift in winter).
    • Near noise sources – the animal will feel bad.
    • Close to compost pits and other sources of “amber” – the dog may lose its sense of smell – in whole or in part.
    • In the lowland – the aviary will flood with rain. And the dogs love the view from above, therefore, provide them with this by placing the structure on a small hill.
    • The entrance is on the south side – the dog will be hot in the summer. The south side is allowed in places with a cold climate. In any case, there should be, for example, a tree giving a shadow, so that your four-legged friend can hide in it in the heat.
    • The entrance is on the north side – if there is frequent snowfall in your area, the entrance will constantly sweep. And you have to clean!
    open aviary

    It is nice here! (There is no canopy, but it is replaced by a shadow from the house)

    Marginal notes. A temporary open-air cage for a dog with his own hands – this can be seen in the photo remarkably – can be done in a few hours. A stationary aviary is done in a few days. But if you treat the matter with the soul – your faithful friend will always be in excellent shape. British veterinarians have proven that enclosure dogs are sick three times less often than their apartment counterparts.

    Home Aviaries for Small Dogs or Puppies

    Home (apartment) enclosures – a topic that requires a separate discussion. Today, opinions are divided – these enclosures for small dogs have armies of supporters and opponents. But in one they converge. During the period of milk feeding puppies, the minivolier is practically irreplaceable..

    Note: soberly evaluate the area of ​​your apartment. If you have a one-room, you will need to choose between an aviary for dogs or your favorite sofa.

    indoor aviary

    My personal territory!

    If the enclosure is set up to keep a mother dog with puppies, then we strongly recommend:

    • increase its area by one and a half times in comparison with typical “store” samples;
    • fence off a separate corner for a happy mother in the aviary;
    • constantly monitor the cleanliness of the floor.

    If a room aviary is needed just for raising a puppy, then there must be:

    • dog toys;
    • sleeping area;
    • toilet tray.

    Important: we must remember that the enclosure for a puppy is not a territory for punishment! The kid should be happy to know his place and go there at the request of the owners.

    puppy aviary

    For small, but distant

    That’s probably all for today. Now, knowing the main parameters of the enclosures, the requirements for their installation and operation, you yourself can decide which house your pet needs and who will be engaged in its manufacture. We sincerely hope that this article helped you solve your problems, and your four-legged friend find a new spacious home!


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