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Examples of effective design of a veranda in photos

Almost every citizen dreams of silence and tranquility of suburban life. It is so nice to sit in a wicker chair on the veranda, contemplating the picturesque surroundings. But how to turn the usual extension to the house into the veranda of your dreams? A well-planned veranda design will help you with this..

Veranda is a glazed, unheated room, which adjoins the house (unlike the terrace, which is separate from the house). First you need to decide what role your porch will play. Perhaps you want to make a mini-living room or a room for al fresco dining here? Maybe you dream of a winter garden? All your ideas can be realized if you carefully consider the design of the veranda.


  • Video Veranda Design Ideas
  • Style options for verandas
  • Ideas for decorating the veranda

Video Veranda Design Ideas

Style options for verandas

The interior of the veranda can be any, depending on the style you choose. But no matter what you choose, the main thing is functionality, right?

Sliding walls are very convenient. Judge for yourself: in the cool season, the room will be closed from the wind and cold, with the onset of warm days you will only need to push the walls, and – an open veranda is at your service! The abundance of glass makes the room more free and light. And doors in the form of “accordion” save the useful area.

covered veranda

The veranda with sliding walls allows you to quickly turn a “closed” veranda into an “open”

arrangement of the veranda

A hanging bench is an excellent option for those who in childhood did not ride on a swing. White and light curtains let in maximum air and light, and also perfectly harmonize with the rest of the interior

  1. Provence style: a sense of freedom and lightness. When designing such a veranda, use as much natural materials as possible. The preference is given to light tones (beige, olive, pale yellow). And textile accessories, by contrast, can be bright. Parquet flooring, wooden beams on the ceiling and wood panels, rattan wicker furniture – all this will help to more fully recreate the picture of the village house. Walls with bare brickwork are also allowed. The Provence table is massive, it can be rectangular or round, but always wooden. If you want to add romantic notes to your interior, a floral pattern on a tablecloth and chair coverings will look very handy. Antiquities, as well as new, artificially aged things, will create exactly the design of a country house veranda that you need. For curtains, light, transparent fabrics are suitable. Lamps in the form of wrought-iron lamps will only enhance the feeling that you are in a house of the nineteenth century. You can hang fragrant bunches of mint, thyme and wormwood on the walls. A spacious and bright extension to the house should protect the owners from wind and rain – large glass windows successfully solve this problem. Furniture in it is most often placed against a blank wall. Useful area is saved by folding table and chairs. Petunias, marigolds, flowers of geraniums and begonias, planted in hanging pots, can noticeably “revive” the space.
  2. Japanese style of the veranda – “eastern corner” Low furniture, mats on the floor, screens painted with dragons and sakura branches, original Japanese accessories will help you mentally travel to this unusual country.
  3. Cottage style – Russian mansions. Carved balusters and decorative plinths are welcome here. The use of such wood species as cedar and mahogany will help to maximize the feeling of comfort.
  4. Greek style – harmony of forms Drapery – a characteristic element of the Greek style. Using one or more layers of fabric, you can decorate not only windows, but also walls. The spiral and wavy line are the most popular geometric patterns of the ancient Greeks. If you correctly use ornaments in the design of the room, you can achieve the effect of peace and elevation.

    flowers on the veranda

    Winter garden on the veranda full of lush greenery – for those who are in love with flowers

Making the veranda is a creative process. The end result depends not only on your financial capabilities, but also on your flight of imagination. Do you want to arrange a blooming garden or a gallery of your own masterpieces on the veranda? Nothing is impossible!

Ideas for decorating the veranda

  • Finishing the veranda will be quite spring, if you place on it boxes with tulips, daffodils and crocuses (you can buy them in flower shops). Blooming hydrangeas will create an atmosphere of a real holiday in your home, in addition, they do not require complicated care.
  • Pillows with a bright print, bedspreads on wicker chairs will make the design of the veranda in the country house more comfortable, homely and cheerful.
  • Chairs can be decorated using the decoupage technique, renew their upholstery, decorate with satin ribbons or just dye. Do you value unusual items made in a single copy? Look at old objects with a fresh look, perhaps they can give them a new life.
  • For windows, it is best to use curtains made of cotton or linen. You can purchase blinds made of bamboo or matting. From dust, rain and prying eyes protect curtains, hung around the perimeter of the veranda.
  • Hang a canopy over a sofa or hammock. Embroidered picture, openwork tablecloth, patchwork plaid, decorative pillow – refresh the veranda to your liking.
  • Illumination from garden lamps will allow you to linger longer on the veranda in the evening.
  • Use “vertical gardening” to protect from the scorching sun and create a favorable microclimate. For climbing plants, you need a support, for example, a wooden lattice. Grapes for girls, honeysuckle, hedera creeper, Schisandra chinensis, hops, rooting campsis, clematis – choose which of the creepers or climbing plants suits you best.
landscaping the veranda

The Green Curtain is excellent sun protection. Do not forget about her regular watering

The design of the veranda for the house can be ordered in the studio. In this case, the repair of the premises, the installation of lighting, the choice of textiles and landscaping the veranda will be done by experienced professionals. You do not have to look for accessories that fit perfectly together. The modern design of the premises allows you to design a veranda on any floor of the house (including on the roof).

covered veranda

Transparent curtains do not interfere with admiring the beautiful view from the window. The abundance of colors and the use of natural materials in the decoration helps to create a relaxed atmosphere.

color spectrum

Do not overload the room with an abundance of various color schemes. Choose 2-3 primary colors, this will be enough

decor on the veranda

If the wall seems empty and dull to you, you can decorate it with homemade compositions


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