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How to organize a children’s playground on a personal plot

Departure with children to the country in the summer is a traditional event for most Russian families. Adults are engaged in beds and flower beds, and the child is wandering around the territory, missing on TV. However, many parents, to save themselves from the need to entertain a bored child, take gadgets with them, thereby negating his full summer vacation. Caring parents know that playgrounds for summer cottages are equipped as a matter of priority if the family plans to spend out of town at least a few days a year.


  • Playground – the personal world of the child.
  • Summer activities for kids.
  • Playground for preschooler.
  • Option for younger students.
  • Playground for teenagers.
  • Playground safety for summer house.


Playground – the personal world of the child

Starting the construction of a children’s world, it is worth asking the child what he wants to see. The idea of ​​what the playground should look like and what should be located on it, each has its own. Often it is based on the memories of one’s childhood. If dad is visited by nostalgia and advises building a “watch post” on a tree branch, it is important to remember if his son has a fear of heights. What exactly to place on the site, the child should prompt. Sometimes it’s enough just to remember what attracts him the most in games.

The second clue will be the age, not only of their own children, but also of the neighboring children, who will undoubtedly run into the house. If the children are about the same age, then the playground can be adjusted to this category, but if the children are of different ages, they should be comfortable for everyone. It’s unlikely that anyone would think of building a sandbox for a teenager, would it?

Summer activities for kids

Least of all work will require a platform for the smallest. Up to six months, a baby needs only a few meters of space for an arena and a path for walks by the handle with his mother. But as soon as the peanut has gone, and it will grow faster than it seems to young parents, the requirements will be much more serious. Moreover, kids are rarely able to do the same thing for a long time, even the most beloved.

do it yourself

The multifunctionality of the playground is a guarantee that the child will find something to his liking

Ready-made factory children’s playgrounds for summer cottages, as a rule, consist of the same modules:

  • sandbox;
  • slide;
  • ladder;
  • balcony or platform “upper floor”.

Ready-made playgrounds for giving are interesting, elegant, but not cheap

The bright playground in the country in the photo looks very elegant. Such a kit is perfect for a child 1-3 years old, and parents are attracted by the prospect of “brought, assembled, fixed – ready.” But similar constructions stand in any city courtyard, and the charm of a summer residence is, as a rule, in “wild relaxation”. The same entertainment can be built independently. In addition to the above gaming zones, kids adore “houses” of all kinds and ponds. For a baby up to 5 years old, this can be a fabric tent from a shabby bedspread and an old bathtub. Moreover, the latter should not be dug in the ground, since the discharge of flowered water and its replacement in this case is difficult.


House – a required module of the playground

  Playground for preschooler

Conditions for active games – the main requirements for a playground for a child 3-6 years old. Plastic slides are no longer carried away, as are static simulations of cars. The following should be added to the playground set:

  • swing;
  • manholes;
  • stairs and horizontal bar;
  • trampoline;
  • a well-kept lawn on which children can just run and mess around.

A lover of radio-controlled cars will also need a flat track surface to conduct a rally for Mom’s Cup. You also need a table with benches where you can draw, play dolls, and have a bite..

outdoor recreation

Part of the playground should be shaded, this is the best place for a hammock and playpen, where the child can take a nap

  Option for younger students

The age of travelers and visionaries, whose imagination turns a tree branch into a captain’s bridge, and a non-resting neighbor’s cat into a pirate ship on the horizon. The children’s summer playground has fulfilled its functions. It’s time to rebuild it, and from all that “it was planned to throw it away, but my hands didn’t reach”. Be sure to involve the child himself in the process, this will strengthen relationships in the family. Yes, the son has not yet submitted a log for construction, but it may well help to colorize it..

swing in the country

Interesting and original swings can be created from waste material – the old tire

Playgrounds for summer cottages for this age already contain shells that are interesting not only for children. In addition to the horizontal bar, ropes and a house that can already move 3-4 meters from the ground, you can put a basketball hoop on the playing area or stretch a volleyball net. Table for table tennis is also useful for adults, it can also be used for table games. At the same time, it is better to place the table under an awning or canopy, so that on a rainy day the child does not get bored.

Playground for teenagers

It seems that a 12-14 year old child does not need a playground. It is possible that this is exactly so, but the zone for privacy and communication with friends, preferably in a distance from adults, an adult who already has “adult” secrets, is clearly needed. If there is no way to give the attic to the teenager, you can get by with a secluded gazebo, he will also say “thank you” for the electricity spent there to charge your cell phone and laptop.

When choosing a place for a playground, there are several points to keep in mind:

  • access to the sunshine and the presence of shaded corners on it are mandatory;
  • the site should be isolated, this will protect from unpleasant surprises, for example, from the sudden appearance of strange dogs;
  • the site should be closed from strong gusts of wind;
  • the entire area should be viewed from the point where adults are planned to stay, especially when it comes to a site for not yet independent children;
  • the territory should not contain valuable plantations that may be trampled, and shrubs with thorns that may be dangerous for the child.

Playground safety for summer house

Whatever the parents do for the child, it must be carefully checked before commissioning. Reinsurance has not hurt anyone in this matter yet.


  • Swings, horizontal bars and any other suspension structures must support the weight of 2-3 children at a time.
  • All frames and buildings should be dug deep, concreted, but concrete after installation, touch soft ground.
  • Trampoline must be fenced.
  • Tables, arbors, manholes should not have sharp corners and protruding elements.
  • Swinging swing elements must be at least 2 meters away from walls and tracks.
  • Both sand and lawn should be cleaned of foreign objects.

Fantasy and sincere love for your child are the best assistants in the arrangement of the playground.


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