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House for a well – photo, design, do-it-yourself arrangement

Well house

To have a supply of clean and cool water, people have been building wells since ancient times. This is relevant today, especially for summer residents and owners of country houses. And so that various debris, insects and fallen leaves do not fall into the well, and the water does not become contaminated, a roof should be installed, in other words, a house for the well.


  • Need or whim?
  • Preparation for work
  • Wood frame device
  • Well Roofing
  • Wall covering of a house for a well and installation of a door
  • Well house decoration

Of course, such structures are commercially available. But if you go to the market, you will see that this pleasure is not cheap. So, maybe it’s easier to build a house with your own hands? In addition, there is nothing complicated in this.

Need or whim?

It is necessary to take care of arranging the roof for the well if it is planned to use water from the well not only for irrigation of the site, but also for cooking and drinking. And this is not a whim, but a necessity!

The house will protect the well from pollution and freezing

The house will protect the well from pollution and freezing

The house will prevent dust and dirt from entering the well. This building is able to protect water from sunlight. And, as you know, when heated, the healing properties of water are lost!

It is necessary to cover the well in order to prevent chemicals from entering it when treating plants and rainwater. In addition, the house will help you forget about freezing water in the most severe frosts.

Preparation for work

Most summer residents chose this option, as we do. They build a house on their own. But before you directly begin construction, you should decide what the roof will be..

The house fits perfectly into the design of the site

The house fits perfectly into the design of the site

In the search engine, it is recommended to type “house for the well of the photo” and view the proposed options. At the same time, one should not forget that the well house must necessarily fit into the existing design of the land plot. It is necessary to apply building materials that are compatible with other buildings of the infield.

The house is most often made of wood, for example, planks, timber or logs, which the owners remain at the end of the construction of a wooden residential building. The roof can have 2 or 4 slopes, be pointed or gently sloping. The coating is made of roofing material, metal, tile or tez.

Important! The tool needs to be prepared in advance! When constructing a shelter for a well, you will need: an electric jigsaw, a hand saw or a woodworking machine, a building level, a wood hacksaw, a plane, a Phillips screwdriver, a hammer, a bayonet shovel, a nail puller, a pencil and a tape measure.

So you need to round logs

So you need to round logs

Getting to the construction of the house, it is worth considering once again how to make a house for the well. First of all, it is recommended to compact the earth around the well and level it by adding crushed stone. It is recommended to use a level to control alignment. When choosing crushed stone, it is better to give preference to a material that has a cross section of close to 50 millimeters. A platform of crushed stone is needed to install the frame on it. At the preparatory stage, you should also plan the boards and trim the material to the desired size..

Wood frame device

When building an object such as a house for a well, drawing is of great importance, because it allows you to pre-calculate the exact amount of material and its dimensions. For racks, it is better to use an 80 mm bar. The edging board is needed for the lower and upper trim, which was previously cut to the desired length.

The frame of the house for the well - correctly calculate the amount of material

The frame of the house for the well – correctly calculate the amount of material

The frame is strapped in this way: two racks are placed on a flat surface and the boards of the lower and upper trim are fixed with nails to them. After that, everything is repeated with a second pair of racks. To achieve high reliability of fixation, you need to use four nails for one attachment point. Then the structure is placed near the ring of the well. By tying the side walls, the back and front walls of the house are connected to each other.

Well Roofing

The roof base is made by truss trusses, which are built from boards that have a length of 180 millimeters and a thickness of 30 millimeters, as well as a beam for jibs and a crossbar with a longitudinal section (25 millimeters). It will take a whole: 8 jibs of 40 centimeters, 3 crossbars of 30 centimeters each, 8 rafters of 180 centimeters.

The roof of the house is made of boards

The roof of the house is usually made from boards, but any roofing material can replace them

In the upper part, the rafter elements are fixed with screws. Previously, for the convenience of joints, they should be cut to bevel. For fastening construction trusses and the upper strapping, it is recommended to make a technological cut out, fixing the structure with nails 120 mm long.

It is customary to strengthen the roof of the house house with jibs, and on top building trusses need to be connected with boards that perform the function of a ridge. Then a crate is made from top to bottom with an interval of 10 – 15 centimeters and a protrusion above the rear and front walls of 10 centimeters.

It remains to cover the roof with roofing material for waterproofing and make the lining. Sheathing of the frame is carried out by slate sheets. The slate sheets that go to the casing should be divided into two parts and attached with slate nails to the frame. Corner joints of the cladding should be closed by stuffing wind boards on them..

Wall covering of a house for a well and installation of a door

For the door of the house, which has dimensions of 85 by 55 centimeters, edged boards and 3 bars with dimensions of 25 by 30 millimeters are required. Boards need to be cut in height to the desired size. In this case, this figure is 85 centimeters. The boards should be laid on a flat surface in the form of a shield, on the top and bottom of the boards we place the bars, connecting the boards together with their help.

Important! For fastening, self-tapping screws are used, 4 on one board from the bottom and top of the door shield. So that when closing-opening the doors there is no skew, between the connecting bars on the diagonal of the door we attach a stiffness bar. The walls of the house should be trimmed with edged boards.

Door fastener

The functional accessories of the door of the house are installed according to the standard rules for installing any door

For door awnings, you should take the piano hinges, which are attached to the door on one side and on the gable trim on the other. In order for the house to serve for many years, all the wood must be treated with aseptic agents, and decorative finishing should be done with “wood-like” topazur. Do-it-yourself house for the well is ready and remains to admire its functionality and grace!

Well house decoration

Having built a well house, special attention should be paid to its decoration. Wooden log cabins fit perfectly into any design option and look good in combination with a green lawn laid around the well. To enhance the effect, the base of the well can be covered with gravel, you can lay large stones nearby or arrange a cobblestone.

Installation with concrete tiles

Installation with concrete tiles

If a crane is used to lift water from a well, then the top of the log-support can be decorated with a decorative lamp that will illuminate the space at the well at night and simply serve as an unusual decoration. If you like the rustic style, then a colorful building can be created in folk motifs by decorating it with tiles. “Fairy-tale” house will resemble a dwarf’s home.

You already know how to build a house for a well! Another thing is important. It should fulfill the main function – to keep the water as cold and clean, tastier of which there is nothing in the world!


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