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How to make a garden swing yourself: 4 options for children and adults

How to make a garden swing yourself

Garden swings are now a fashion trend in design. Where does this popularity come from? First of all, from the childhood of each of us, because we all remember those happy and carefree moments when you could climb a swing, push yourself off the ground and get your feet in the sky – it seemed to us then. Now this building, in addition to its direct function – entertainment, is also a creative component of the landscape. A garden swing, made independently – to top it off and a source of pride. Want to be known as creative, creative owners and caring parents? Then, come on – do it yourself garden swing.


  • Acquaintance with a swing: types and types
  • What material to choose
  • How to make the easiest swing
  • Balancer manufacture
  • How to make a swing for the whole family

Acquaintance with a swing: types and types

Swing – a multifunctional structure. This attraction is for crumbs, and fun for their parents, and a romantic place for dates, and a stylish element of the landscape. It is up to you to decide which function will be prioritized..
So, the whole extravaganza of models is divided into two types:

  1. Floor – the best solution for the smallest, since such a structure is reliable and safe. Surely you saw a similar model in your yard or kindergarten. Meanwhile, today, outdoor wooden garden swings are still an original addition to landscape design..
  2. Hanging – simple but refined. The lineup of this type of swing is so wide that the eyes run up from the extravaganza of options. If you have not seen what hanging garden swings exist, photos generously posted by designers and “jack of all trades” on the Web will make you gasp, you will see!

    do it yourself

    Build an original swing in your garden, and this place will become the most popular on the site, you’ll see!

It is interesting! The birthplace of the swing is Ancient Greece. Then such fun was available only to the elite – the rich, the “cream of society.” Meanwhile, almost every nation left its mark in the multi-volume history of the development of such fun, so the miracle building “occupied” the entire planet, and this is great!

Swing and gazebo

Swing and gazebo – “two in one.” True, cozy?!

The abundance and constant updating of swing models makes it difficult to classify them in a timely manner. Therefore, experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the common types of designs, but not limited to the material you saw, but to give free rein to imagination, which may lead to the birth of a new model.
So, what types of swings are known to the world?

  • children’s;
  • family;
  • swing hammocks;
  • balancer (floor construction, often in the form of a log or board);
  • swing-gazebo;
  • rope
  • standard;
  • swing-bench;
  • “Boats”;
  • swing sofas;
  • homemade (copyright).
for baby

If your child is completely tiny, then it is better to buy a small swing made of plastic and install them near the house so that the little one is always in sight

The proposed list is just a guideline, and you can create your own model by combining several options or by inventing your own. You are also free to decorate your site with several types of swings by arranging your home “amusement park”. In addition, now you can purchase all kinds of accessories that will change the functionality and purpose of the structure for recreation. If during the day swing-benches is a place for children to play, in the evening beautiful and soft pillows for garden swings will transform the design, turning it into a romantic corner for dates.

color swing

Children love everything colorful, so be sure to choose bright shades for work

What material to choose

From which now just do not make a swing. How not to make a mistake in choosing a material? It all depends on your preferences and finances and time. If you are busy, but wealthy gardeners, then get a wrought-iron wonderful model that will serve you for decades. Your summer cottage with a garden is rented, does it make sense to invest? Then pay attention to the finished designs. For crumbs – small, plastic; for romantic parents – metal, collapsible, in the form of a sofa. However, when you learn how to make a garden swing, you will understand that there are such homemade options that you will not cost a “penny”, for example, a swing from old tires.

do it yourself

See which masterpiece can be made from the tire found in the garage

Of course, if you decide to make a miracle construction with your own hands and want it to last for many years, then it is better to choose a combination of wood and metal. The fabric is also useful to sew pillows and covers on a garden swing, which will be admired by both neighbors and guests.

This is important to know! Plastic and fabric are short-lived, they do not tolerate moisture well and are unlikely to “survive” wintering in the garden. But metal and wood are reliable materials that can withstand the “vagaries” of nature. However, nothing prevents you from storing constructions of “delicate” materials in the house or garage in the winter or during rain, which is heated during frosts. So do not restrain yourself in desires, get the model that you “like” and properly care for it.

just assembled and quickly disassembled

If there is no extra time and desire, the garden is at your disposal only for a while, get a ready-made model that is simply assembled and quickly disassembled

How to make the easiest swing

Most adults answer this question from childhood. We all remember the wonderful buildings in the form of a tire removed from my father’s garage or a plank found in a barn. However, for the basis of a simple swing, many options are suitable, the main thing is that the material is durable and securely suspended from a thick branch of a tree or a crossbeam. A board, a tire, or even a pair of miniature logs is tied with a cable, rope or chain. Mounting points or assemblies must be firm. You are free to suspend such a swing anywhere, and also to change the place of their “residence permit”. Some landowners make such a simple swing in the garden for each member of the family. There is a similar fun “penny”, and brings a lot of pleasure.

garden swing

Simple swings, familiar to us from childhood, with minimal “equipment”: a plank and a rope

This is important to know! If the crumbs will be used by the hanging swings, then parents should worry about the fence (the crossbar and the back) to protect the child from falling.

Balancer manufacture

As a rule, such models are made of logs. Actually, a log and 2 bars are taken to fix it on the ground. A pin (metal or wooden) is driven into this base, and a board is inserted on it, the length of which varies within 2.5-3 meters. If you make handles on the sides, then riding on such a balance will be more convenient and safer. That’s how it is relatively simple. However, to make a reliable structure, you need to know a few secrets:

  • as a material for the balancer, the following species have proven themselves excellently: oak, cedar, spruce, birch, larch;
  • blanks should be carefully inspected so that there are no cracks or knots on them, otherwise users may suffer;
  • consider the load. If adults will also have fun on the balance, then you need to choose the most durable materials;
  • wooden structural elements (especially in places of contact with the ground) must be treated with an antiseptic to avoid rotting of the material;
  • the board requires grinding and painting, then the balancer will be safe and beautiful.

The balancer is a tiny attraction for children, a matter of pride for their parents (you did everything yourself) and a stylish addition to the garden landscape.

swing swing

An example of a swing in the form of a balancer, which could be simpler?!

How to make a swing for the whole family

You must have seen similar models, which can be called a swing “the language does not turn”, because the structures are more like a work of art, a combination of a sofa, bench and attraction, or even a gazebo. Several people can be accommodated on the seat of a family model, so you can spend evenings with your family here, have fun with the kids, discuss the news with guests, or even make dates. How to build such a wonderful design with your own hands?

To get started, stock up on materials. You will need:

  • plywood;
  • 9 bars (5 by 10 cm or 10 by 10 cm);
  • cable;
  • materials for the frame, backrest, armrests;
  • clamps;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • staples or hooks;
  • metal corners;
  • screwdriver;
  • paint or varnish and brush.
Simplified version

A simplified version of the manufacture of family swings: buy a bench, saw off the legs and fasten the seat to a support – a thick tree branch – with a rope or chain

If the location of the structure is determined, you can get down to business..

Begin the production of family swings with support. To do this, assemble the bottom frame. Keep in mind that it should be half a meter wider than the seat itself, because the stability of the structure is important. The bars for the lower frame are attached using metal corners. Next, you should install vertical beams, and on the tops – the crossbar.

Found everything you need? Roll up your sleeves, and to the point. Focus on this order of work:

  1. Production of the support (how it is done, you already know from the previous material).
  2. Installation of the seat – “boats”. Here you can give free rein to fantasy, the main thing is that the right side repeats the left, they were the same in weight, length and other parameters. Use glue and screws to connect the boards..
  3. The back, handles, crossbars – at your discretion (focus on the age of the children).
  4. First walk along the “boats” with sandpaper, then cover the surface with paint.

The basic “equipment” of the swing type “boat” is ready! Further actions are at your discretion. You can cover the seats with foam and cloth, decorate the design based on your favorite fairy tales, set up an awning so that the kids can have fun even in the rain.


A boat is a great idea for organizing leisure activities for two children. However, adults can also sometimes “ride”

Garden swings – a great opportunity to create a cozy place to relax or play and be recognized as a creative host.


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