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How to build a squirrel house with your own hands

Good summer to live in the country! It’s warm, beautiful, birds sing, nests make … It’s great to make birdhouses with children and watch how birds live in your houses!

Have you heard about the squirrel house? If there is a small forest near your site, then it is likely that these charming fluffy animals will come to visit you.


  • Squirrel House – From Idea to Implementation
  • Little tricks
  • How to build a squirrel house from boards
  • Whole log squirrel apartments
  • We make a squirrel from a log
  • Squirrel house care

    Make a house for the squirrel with your own hands, and forest guests will be happy to settle there. Imagine how much joy will bring you and the children watching them!

    Note: squirrel, of course, can be bought and finished – for example, from plastic. But, the animals will be much more comfortable in a house made of natural materials.

    Squirrel House – From Idea to Implementation

    For starters, it’s important to decide a few general rules..

    • To make a design only from a natural tree.
    • Do not use paints, varnishes and other chemicals when processing, because, their smell will scare away animals.
    • For quick addiction of squirrels to the house, you can put a simple feeder nearby (in the form of a table or plywood board).
    • The optimal size of the structure: height is 50-55 cm, width is about 40 cm, depth is about 45 cm. It is better to place the climbing hole in the upper part of the house and make it round (about 7 cm in diameter).
    • The height of the belatnik should be at least five meters.
    • The squirrel dwelling should be oriented by the location of the hollow strictly to the east side (but, if winds constantly blow to this place, then arrange the entrance to the south).
    • It is more convenient for the animals themselves to build a two-story house for them so that several squirrels can be placed there at once.

    A little imagination, and the squirrels with your help heal in a pretty “chalet” with a veranda

    Important note: in winter, several squirrels can live in one squirrel, but with the arrival of spring each of them will need a separate housing, because babies will be born, and the living space must be increased.

    Little tricks

    • You can use everything: any old boards, boards from packing boxes, a croaker – if only it were a natural tree.
    • All material for manufacturing must be dry..
    • The optimum thickness of the board is 2-2.5 cm. In this case, the house will last a long time.
    • For the inner walls of the squirrel.
    • The width of the side panel should be 30 cm, and the front and back – 25 cm. We have already indicated all other parameters above. This is done for the convenience of squirrels, because, in too large dwellings, they will not live.
    • It’s better not to nail the bottom of the squirrel from the outside, but to put it inside – so it will not fall out and will last a long time.
    how to build a squirrel

    The simplest squirrel from planks may be liked by animals more than a pretentious purchased house

    Shedding can be done in two ways:

    • put together from boards, like a birdhouse;
    • hollow out a whole log.

    How to build a squirrel house from boards

    In fact, this lesson will be simple and exciting, especially if you make a house with children.

    Three meters of edged board should be purchased (parameters: width 30 cm, thickness 18 mm.)

    Also necessary for work are:

    • square for drawing lines;
    • a simple pencil;
    • hacksaw for cutting boards;
    • drill;
    • drill with a diameter of 30 mm;
    • screwdriver;
    • self-tapping screws (30-35 mm);
    • good quality waterproof glue.

    This chic squirrel cottage flaunts in one of the parks near Moscow

    The first stage – we prepare all the details:

    1. measure along the board 55 cm and cut it off – we get the back wall of the house;
    2. on this wall we measure 5 cm above and below and draw lines – we get free parts, with the participation of which the squirrel will be attached to the tree;
    3. take the main long board, cut off two identical parts measuring 45×25 cm and get two side walls;
    4. now we cut out the internal partition 25×20 cm in size;
    5. the remaining two small planks will be the porches in the house.

    The second stage – open wider the door:

    • on the front and back walls we cut round holes with a jigsaw (remember that you need to place them closer to the top – so squirrels will be more familiar and more convenient);
    • these holes must be properly sanded, otherwise, the animals can get hurt on the uncouth walls. You can grind with sandpaper.

    The third stage – we assemble the entire structure:

    • we will carefully check and adjust all the details of the house – everything should fit well together;
    • gently glue the walls of the gingerbread – in this case, the appearance will be better and the life of the house is much longer;
    • finally fasten the house with screws. It is better not to use nails here, because they can injure squirrels.

    Whole log squirrel apartments

    Log cabins are closest to the natural environment, and, of course, tailed guests will live there with great pleasure. In such houses there are thick walls, and the squirrels will be very warm and comfortable there.

    from an old log

    The original squirrel made from an old log looks great on a pine tree

    Moreover, such squirrels will harmoniously fit into any garden surroundings. Well, if you have a log house, then, having placed a similar construction nearby, you will constantly enjoy a harmonious picture pleasing to the eye, made in a single style solution.

    Note: squirrels do not live on all trees!

    Hit parade of squirrel preferences:

    • 1st place – conifers;
    • 2nd place – oak;
    • 3rd place – birch;
    • 4th place – aspen.

    Moreover, squirrels as born leaders, climbers no longer favor the third and fourth places, therefore, they will settle in an aspen or birch house in case of emergency. But in the poplar tree hollow, these little animals will not live at all!

    We make a squirrel from a log

    1. We take a piece of log and saw off the top from it (4-5 cm thick) – this will be the roof of the house afterwards;
    2. Now cut a piece of about 40 cm from the log – this will be the house itself;
    3. After that, you need to make a cavity inside (hollow out from the inside). The main thing is not to forget about the thickness of the walls and the bottom! It should be 3-5 cm;
    4. On the side we cut a hole – a round hole of small diameter, 6-7 cm;
    5. Now we put our lid on top and fasten it with screws;
    6. To complete the picture, you can make the finishing touch – pin a strong thick branch at the entrance to the hole. It will turn out a wonderful porch!

    Squirrel house care

    As with any home, you need to take care of the squirrel. Fortunately, this care can be easy!


    The side wall of the squirrel can be made openable – this will greatly facilitate cleaning.

    It is enough to put on rubber gloves at the end of summer and shake all its contents out of the house. After that, wipe with a damp cloth from the inside and put a fresh litter (dry leaves, soft paper, dried moss).

    All! Charming squirrel house is ready! You have lovely neighbors: you have benefited from them, and they will bring you great joy. Good and long neighborhood!


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