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Examples of summer kitchen with a veranda in the country

The overall picture of a country or private house rarely looks harmonious and holistic without such a logical addition as a summer kitchen with a veranda. This building can be made of stone or monumental brick, complemented by wooden or forged gratings, reeds, floral arrangements, ethnic elements.


  • Decoration of the summer kitchen with a veranda
  • How to combine comfort and functionality
  • Wood or stone – which is better
  • Lighting Choice
  • Decorations for the interior

Decoration of the summer kitchen with a veranda

Consider the possible options for design, distribution of accents in the summer kitchen with an adjacent veranda. The path leading to the kitchen, like the floor of the veranda itself, can be laid out with sandstone, decorative tiles, wooden flooring, small pebbles or other convenient materials. As for the interior decoration of the kitchen, clinker bricks can be used for the lining of cutting tables, ovens, sink stands, and granite for tables.

summer cuisine

The stove in the kitchen should not only be an element of decor, but also fulfill its direct function

A special element of the entire complex adjacent to the house is a stove or barbecue. A garden stove on the veranda can combine an oven, a smokehouse and barbecue. As a rule, it consists of a special red brick, which is able to withstand high temperatures. If desired, a skewer or grill is installed in the furnace. A spacious spacious basement can be arranged under the veranda, which will become a place for storing food, canned goods, and wine containers. Skilfully hidden from the eyes the cellar will make the project multifunctional and unique.

construction material

The material of partitions and walls also depends on climate

The canopy over the veranda can be made of a variety of materials: polycarbonate, wood, tent fabric, glass. Any roof will allow you to fully enjoy the rest, fresh air and reliably protect from rain and bad weather. As a rule, owners of country houses tend to build roofs of the same design over summer kitchens and verandas as above the house itself, so they use the same roofing material for roofing.

glazed porch

Glazing of the veranda prevents possible damage from weather conditions

How to combine comfort and functionality

Often, a summer kitchen with a veranda is equipped as much as possible for a relaxing, comfortable pastime. Therefore, it is equipped not only with multifunctional stoves, fireplaces, but also with hoods, plumbing.

view from the veranda

Amazing view from the veranda

Furniture for such buildings can be completely different: both standard, made according to the widely used criteria of furniture stores, and author’s, made at the discretion of a professional designer or the owner. In addition, the interior elements of the rustic summer kitchen can be made with your own hands. As a rule, the main material in this case is wood or any other natural materials. Tables and chairs can be deliberately rough and even excessively large, reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Sometimes it’s even ordinary hemp or just pre-processed lying logs, subordinated to a single style.

Wood or stone – which is better

Kitchen chairs and a table can be made in the form of beer wooden barrels. As an option: the table is a large barrel, and the chairs are upright barrels. If there is time and ability or means and desire, then all kitchen furniture can be decorated with carvings. Technique and variations, as a rule, are completely different: traditional, specially stylized and absolutely unique. The simplicity and conciseness of such furniture are able to bring a person closer to nature as much as possible, and set them up for a quiet pastime and relaxation. Woven furniture can be a special interspersed in the overall interior. It goes well with other materials, whether stone, glass or wood, can harmoniously complement the interior decoration of a room. Willow, rattan, bamboo and vine are subject to any form, and therefore there can be a lot of variations in obtaining the final result. The lightness and strength of the material itself allows us to talk about the ease of use of such furniture, its reliability and durability. For summer kitchens with a terrace or covered veranda – this is a great solution.

Wicker furniture

Not only furniture but also a wall can be wicker

Lovers and lovers of natural stone can also realize their wildest fantasies and desires. Not only the walls of the summer kitchen, the stove or the floor can be decorated with stone, the table and chairs can also be made from this material. There are not many variations, however, the creative approach to creating a unique author’s style cannot fail to bring positive results.

Lighting Choice

The general style and design of the interior decoration of the summer kitchen also affects the choice of lighting fixtures. Current manufacturers offer a fairly wide selection of lamps, lamps and other products. Therefore, each buyer will find precisely those devices that not only provide reliable and high-quality lighting of the space, but also complement the interior elements. In the general construction concept of a country house, hanging lamps, lights fixed on the fencing of the veranda, mounted on the floor, placed along the path leading to the summer kitchen or the house itself, look good. Spotlights and LED lamps allow you to create a special atmosphere, which help to place the necessary accents on various objects of the complex (ceiling, stove, hob, relaxation area, dining area, steps, pillars of the veranda, fences).

Decorations for the interior

In the decoration of the room can be used in various sizes, bright pillows, rugs, carpets, napkins. Depending on the design style of the summer kitchen, chairs and armchairs can also be covered with special covers or floorings. Tables and bedside tables will perfectly complement compositions of fresh or decorative flowers, wicker baskets with fresh fruits or berries, original candle holders, dried flowers, candles. If you wish, you can use vases, threads with large beads, figurines or various garden figures in the form of snails, gnomes, cute hedgehogs, mini-mills, mushrooms in the design of the summer kitchen and the adjacent veranda, terrace.

country style building

You can design a building in the country style

And, of course, do not forget about the flowers placed in decorated pots, special flowerpots placed on the windowsills and in the corners of the kitchen, on the steps of the veranda and the terrace area. They can be suspended from the joists and window openings – this is already a matter of taste for the owners themselves. The implementation of the idea in the design of a summer kitchen with a veranda can take a lot of time, however, the result will be pleasing to the eye, and will favor a good rest, relaxation and excellent pastime..


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