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We build garden barbecue stoves and build our own arbors

We build garden barbecue stoves

A picnic without barbecue is like summer without rest. All the happy owners of summer cottages probably understand what is at stake. Each owner necessarily takes a place in the garden for barbecue and does the right thing. After all, it’s nice to sit around the fire with good company, fry meat or cook pilaf, not to rush anywhere and not think about anything. What if the weather is bad? So that such incidents do not happen, you need to build garden arbors with a barbecue. Then no rain will spoil the mood and can not extinguish the fire, a symbol of comfort and wealth.


  • Material for building a gazebo
  • Preparation for construction
  • Building
  • Economy option
  • Gazebo design

Material for building a gazebo

The simplest and most easily processed material is wood. Yes, and everyone has working skills with him since school labor lessons. But there is one big drawback – flammability. To avoid a fire at the most unexpected moment, it is possible to use a metal frame during construction, and to impregnate the wood with a special anti-burning compound. The simplest of these is saline. It is necessary to process a tree with such a solution at least three to four times.

Stone and brick are generally beyond competition. In addition to being non-combustible material, any construction made of it will serve much longer than wooden. But in a small area, a stone gazebo will look rude.

A win-win option might be forging. Especially if the barbecue and furniture are made in the same style, then such a gazebo will give odds to any design, both in reliability and solidity. Longevity in general is not worth talking about..

in the country

Under the roof of the garden gazebo you can relax in any weather.

Preparation for construction

Having decided on the material, you should already approximately imagine what your gazebo will look like. The only thing left is technical training. Oddly enough, here, first of all, the approval of the whole family can be attributed. In order to get it, you need to flip through the catalogs together, select the options you like and based on this, sketch drawings on paper.

Do not rush, it is better to think through everything to the smallest detail. Up to the floor of the gazebo and bedding under it. Even the scheme of laying bricks in the grill pipe and its foundation are important points. Such a step-by-step project will not only save time during the construction, but also make it possible to clearly plan everything in your head. And thoughts, as you know, are material. The builder must clearly know how to transfer all his ideas from paper to a certain relief, which, incidentally, should also be taken into account.

building a gazebo

The prepared step-by-step project will reduce the time of any construction

Another important point in the project. Barbecue garden ovens are not only designed for frying meat, they can include a smokehouse, tandoor, a stove for a cauldron, etc. If this is planned in your gazebo, be sure to add in your drawings and shelves for kitchen utensils that will be needed in cooking process.


You need to start with the foundation, which is necessary for the supports of the gazebo, and for the floor, and for the barbecue. You won’t have to dig trenches under the foundation, there is a shallow foundation, about 30 cm. But you need to reinforce it with metal and pour it with concrete. When the recess is ready, formwork is installed in the pit, reinforcement is laid, which will protect the foundation from cracks. If the project has water supply with a drain and wiring, then do not forget to leave holes for them.

start of construction

You need to start construction from the foundation

It is important to remember that the floor of the gazebo must be above ground level, especially if you are building from wood. For this, ready-made blocks can be used as a foundation, they need to be dug in only 10 cm.

The next stage is the installation of rafters, the number of which depends on the shape of the roof (two- or four-pitched). The carrier system is temporarily connected by rails. The base for the roof is formed from plywood, fixed with self-tapping screws, after which the slats can be removed. After covering the roof with tiles or other material, you can proceed to the internal work.

Whatever material you use, you must always follow the rules of accuracy and care. Otherwise, no one will appreciate your work. For example, not adhering to the laid out principles of masonry, you can spoil the presentable appearance of even the most expensive decorative brick. Therefore, everything must be done according to the patterns: arched openings, barbecue, and shelves.

Economy option

If material circumstances do not allow to fulfill a dream, then do not rush to be upset. There is always a way out. Garden barbecue with your own hands can be done with minimal cost. The main thing here is to get creative..

do it yourself

If you approach the issue creatively, you can make a gazebo without significant cost

If you already have a gazebo without an oven, then look in specialized stores for an inexpensive grill, which you can then put in the right place. There is more that now everywhere the widest selection of barbecues is presented with various improvements: with awnings, collapsible and equipped with exhaust pipes. In extreme cases, you can weld it yourself. Take a closer look at all the smallest details of store products, look for step-by-step instructions on the Internet, buy a sheet of metal and go for it. Such needlework can be a real masterpiece..

When installing the brazier, make sure that the pipe from it rises above the roof of the gazebo. It will be enough to bring it to the side and up. Then only kebabs will breathe smoke, and you will enjoy clean air.

If there is no arbor on the site, you should also not despair. A great place for friendly gatherings can be done using a regular awning. Just pull it between the trees or specially installed columns.

on a rest

Picnic without barbecue – like summer without rest

Gazebo design

In order for the gazebo to flow into the landscape design of the garden, everything needs to be designed in the same style. On the rural site, the gazebo can be decorated with different products woven from vines and carved from wood. It would be nice to wipe the stove with clay, whitewash and paint. Around must be blooming mallow and sunflowers, fenced with low perimeter fences or columns on which dried makitra and pots. Country mood can be emphasized with quiet national music, sounding from an old gramophone.

sunflowers near the gazebo

Around country arbors sunflowers are sure to grow

If you have a garden in your cottage in an oriental style, then you need to take care of the design of the gazebo while drawing up the project. Chinese arbors are open light buildings. They can be of different shapes: square, rectangular and round. They are characterized by a slightly rising roof, as in Chinese traditional pagodas.

Chinese arbor

In the Chinese garden, the gazebo should match the style

Chinese buildings are complemented by sculptures and figures of sacred animals. They are mounted on the roof or placed near the entrance. The most common images of a tiger, a dragon, a lion and a turtle. Inside the gazebo is decorated with huge fans and paintings made of bamboo. In general, we must try to do everything in such a way as to attract qi energy, without which, according to the Chinese, a garden cannot exist. Instead of music, you can hang oriental bells.

In any style you need to show your imagination. With it, you can even gazebo economy option can be turned into a paradise, fits perfectly into the overall design. After all, you have to rest and cook.


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