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How to decorate a well

Everyone knows that water is a source of life. Only very wealthy people could once have their own well. But there was no such woman who would not dream about it, wandering home with a yoke at the ready. Today, the achievements of civilization have reached the most remote places, and water flows there through the water supply. But why do we still want a well in our yard? Perhaps this is a tribute to tradition, but perhaps something more related to the state of mind. In any case, this element of rural life is widely used in the arrangement of country estates and cottages. In this article we will tell you how to make the well design in the best way..


  • Well head design
  • Well house for protection
  • How to fit a well into the landscape?

If the location of groundwater allows, then it is arranged to have natural water. When there is no such possibility or desire, then it can be built with a decorative purpose. There is no doubt that this element will play the role of a central figure in landscape design! The original design of a well log house is a product of considerable imagination! But thanks to already existing developments, you can create your own original and unique version.

Well head design

To create modern well mines, concrete rings are mainly used. They are immersed in the soil to a certain depth, and part of the ring is left above the surface of the earth. So it’s called the head. To protect concrete from destruction, the head is usually sewn up with planed boards. This is not to say, they always look aesthetically pleasing, but this can be fixed. It is enough to pick up a brush and paints, and then apply a bright pattern to the skin. If you fix it with varnish, then the well will look more attractive and less ordinary.

For the decoration of the head, you can use large pebbles, bricks or pretty stones. To fix the latter, cement mortar is used. Stones can be pre-painted in different colors, and then lay out ornaments, patterns or make color abstract transitions. In any case, your well will sparkle with new colors and will delight the eye..

bright corner of your yard

A decorative well under a canopy – a bright corner of your yard

Very often, the design of a well in the country is done in the form of a wooden log house. One of its variants is a coarsely knit quadrangular blockhouse made of large logs. However, logs having a six or octagonal shape look much more elegant.

Well house for protection

If your well is filled with water, then you need to protect it from dust, dirt and debris. Otherwise, the water will be unfit for drinking, and can only be used for domestic purposes. For this purpose, a well house is built over the mine, which can be of various shapes and designs. It can be made from any materials, but wood products are especially popular. Such a house is a unique element of landscape design. Do not forget that it should be in harmony with the rest of the buildings located on the summer cottage.

well house

Fairytale house for your well

Depending on the design features, such protection over the well may be in the form of a gazebo or tent. The latter looks like a canopy that rests on racks. In addition to the cover, the gazebo has walls, so the well turns out to be closed on all sides. One wall is necessarily equipped with a door, opening which, you can go to the well shaft. If necessary, it can be locked.

The shape of the arbors can be very different – a fairy hut, a mill or a bee hive. What is this talking about? The fact that you can make a unique design of wells, the photos of which serve as confirmation of this. They can be decorated with unique paintings and fancy carvings. That is why some examples of these elements of rural life, by right, are considered masterpieces of wooden architecture..

How to fit a well into the landscape?

We already know how to add modern touches to the design of a traditional well. Next, we will talk about how to decorate it with decorative details, natural materials and plants..

1. If you designed your site in the country style, then the design of the well should be designed in the same style. How to do it? For example, in a courtyard surrounded by a wicker fence, you placed a decorative mill and a cart with massive wheels. Then the well can be decorated by attaching a cartwheel to it. Thanks to this minor detail, the overall style of the site.

well style

Each family member can contribute to the design.

2. The well, surrounded by flowers, lawn grass and juniper bushes, looks great. To emphasize the rustic style, the blind area is laid out with a stone, and a low wicker fence is erected near it. If there is a small pond on the site, then the garden bridge thrown over it will be very useful. The main thing is to see the whole picture, then it will be quite easy to choose the design option for the well.
3. One of the most colorful ways of decorating wells is the growing flowers. As such a flower garden, you can use the roof of a well house. Flowering plants planted in hanging planters can also decorate its side walls. Flower pots can be placed on the head or placed on the ground at its base.
4. Decorative design of a well using alpine slides is another interesting option. When drilling a well, a large amount of soil remains for the existing well. It is better not to take it out, but to build an alpine hill nearby. Piles of stones interspersed with lush vegetation, among which murmuring streams and mini-waterfalls create a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation and delight the eye.
5. You can apply a medieval style. Natural stone, cobblestone, granite are used as decoration, and the roof of the well is made in the form of a metal dome. To make the product look more modern, apply the style of minimalism. Instead of pillars – forged supports, the roof is made of polycarbonate, no ornate finish.
6. A well designed in a marine style looks very original. The head and pillars of the well are wrapped with a thick rope, a wooden barrel is used instead of a bucket, and the gate handle is made in the form of a helm. Anchors, like jewelry, are hung on vertical racks. No doubt, many will want to see your “attraction”!

beautiful well

Elements of marine style bring their own “zest”

7. You can take as a basis one of the proposed options, add your vision and connect your imagination. We hope that thanks to the well arranged by you, the yard will acquire new original colors!


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