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We figure out which stairs for summer cottages are better and what to look for when choosing

Cottages are an integral part of our life. When the Soviet leaders began the mass distribution of land for summer cottages, they planned to partially solve the food problem in this way, but did not even think that the enterprising Russian people would turn a small plot into a country estate. In the suburban areas, you can observe the most diverse options for buildings – from plywood houses to grand multi-story buildings. However, most of the houses are small, more often two-story brick or block buildings. In order that the house does not occupy a significant part of the land, its foundation is usually made small, and in order to still have more space in it, a second floor is attached. If the second floor is not built immediately, then the owners still consider the possibility of such a reconstruction of their house in the future.

The first floor with the second is usually connected using one of the options for the internal interfloor staircase. Which staircases for summer cottages exist and which one to choose, it is better to decide when planning the building.


  • What to rely on when choosing a ladder?
  • Stairs classification
  • Basic requirements for a country staircase
  • What to rely on when choosing a ladder?

    The staircase should organically fit into the interior of the country house, therefore, first of all, the overall style in which it is supposed to build a summer house influences the choice of stairs. In a wooden house, ultramodern modular or metal stairs for summer cottages will not look appropriate, and a traditional wooden staircase is unlikely to successfully fit into the interior in modern or high-tech style. Some designers practice an eclectic style in architecture, but not all customers are ready for such experiments, so you should decide on the style of the country staircase before starting work.

    Metal staircase

    Lightweight, durable and elegant metal staircase with forging elements

    In fact, the main difference between the stairs is their design, and not in the material from which they are made.

    Stairs classification

    Stairs are classified according to several characteristics, of which the following should be considered when choosing a country staircase:

    • by design: single-march or two-march. The use of a multi-flight staircase in the country is impractical, although it is possible if the owner of the house wishes;
    • layout: straight lines that are convenient and durable, but take up too much space, and swivels that help save space and make rational use;
    • according to the method of functioning: sliding, which can be removed after use, and stationary, which neither change their position nor design;
    • in shape: straight (the simplest and most common version of the stairs), with turns from one quarter to 180 degrees, round, oval, winding and stairs with running steps.
    Wooden stairs never go out of fashion

    The simplest and most popular straight wooden staircase, a very convenient and practical option

    One of the common design options for a country house is a rustic style or log cabin, which provides for the use of wooden elements in the interior design, for example, wooden stairs for a summer house, which can become a real decoration of the house. Wooden stairs are durable and durable, and the material from which they are made is considered environmentally friendly. It is these positive qualities that significantly affect the price of such stairs – they are considered the most expensive.

    In addition, wooden stairs have another significant drawback – they can begin to creak some time after installation. If this defect bothers the owner, then it is better to choose metal or modular stairs for giving. Not only will they not creak, they are also more affordable. From the same set of modules you can assemble both a straight staircase and any other shape.

    Modular stairs are elegant and easy to assemble.

    Modular stairs are easy to assemble, and replacing some modules, you can experiment with the design and choose the best option

    Compared to straight lines, spiral staircases for summer cottages have a more intricate design, but they occupy very little usable area, which is good in any case, as well as they differ in grace and are an original decorative element.

    Spiral Stairs - Timeless Classics

    A spiral staircase is always striking in its spiral forms. Such stairs take up little space and serve as a beautiful element of home decor.

    Important! The calculation of spiral staircases should be approached thoroughly and responsibly, since the most minor error will lead to the fact that the staircase will be inconvenient to use. You also need to remember that a spiral staircase limits freedom of action and the possibility of raising and lowering large objects.

    Basic requirements for a country staircase

    Despite the fact that the ladder for giving with one’s own hands usually causes skepticism among professionals, there is nothing complicated in its assembly, and in any construction supermarket or on the market you can buy a set of all the necessary elements and parts. Moreover, there are not even restrictions in the materials – prefabricated stairs for summer cottages are sold both wooden, and modular or metal.

    Before you build a staircase in the country, you need to make a calculation and take into account the following prerequisites:

    • the steps should be comfortable and correspond in width to a convenient step length, and in height should be suitable for raising the legs of all possible inhabitants and guests of the country house – adults, children and elderly people;
    • the approach to raising and lowering the stairs should be free and spacious;
    • the staircase must be equipped with a railing, even if it is bounded by walls on both sides;
    • the staircase design must be reliable and comfortable, and the lighting is set so that the light is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the staircase.
    Hybrid wooden staircases for a summer residence

    The approach to the country stairs should be free, and the lighting should be even

    You can choose different options on how to make a staircase in the country – from the manufacture of stairs by professionals according to an individual design project, to the purchase of already assembled marches or modules or the completely independent assembly and installation of a staircase in a country house. The main thing is that it should be comfortable, safe and fit well into the environment.


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