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Original design ideas for homemade summer gazebos

More recently, people, in order to gain financial independence, sought to large cities. Now, when the ambitions of many of them are satisfied, it is becoming more fashionable to have your own personal piece of nature – whether it be a huge country villa or a tiny summer cottage. Unity with nature is good, but city dwellers accustomed to comfort and spoiled by coziness want to stay on their land “with all conveniences”. Having built the main housing, they think about how to equip the remaining territory. Yesterday’s townspeople are happy to start making summer gazebos with their own hands. They are followed by fountains, pergolas, baths and other useful ones that bring joy and benefit to the building. But arbors still deserve special attention, since in the warm season they are the main vacation spot of the whole family and her friends.


  • Style is an easy way to stand out
  • Play with color and light
  • Original form – let your imagination run wild
  • Pergolas from unusual materials

Style is an easy way to stand out

As designers wise by experience say: style is the easiest way to turn an ordinary thing into a masterpiece. Therefore, you should not look for difficult paths if there are simple, recommended by experts, ways to create a summer gazebo, which will become not only a subject of your pride, but also an object of envy of your neighbors.

gazebo on the site

Closed gazebo: the secrets of your family will remain “behind seven locks”

gazebo made of stone

Stone arbor. Tell me beauty

So, where to start “dancing” in terms of style? Three options:

  1. To adapt to the architecture of other buildings erected on the site.
  2. Build a gazebo, taking into account only the style of the garden (if it is quite large).
  3. Follow your desires or even whims (you have every right to such a step).

    arbor style

    Indian style, as if in a movie, agree?

Which of these paths you choose for the construction of summer arbors with your own hands, you decide. It all depends on your character and worldview. Because it can annoy someone when the buildings on the site do not combine with each other. And others may be upset that their childhood dream in the form of a gazebo on a tree has not come true, and they still “fit” with it in the general landscape.

gazebo design

Want to visit China? Welcome!

This is important to know! If you really wanted to build a gazebo on your site, which stands out from the general style, then the designers advise turning it into a dividing element, that is, using the building to distinguish between two zones, for example, a flower garden and a pool. And if the territory allows, then duplicate your beauty, for repeating elements well emphasize the beauty of the landscape. Unleash your imagination, and then your masterpiece will turn from a “white crow” into a “highlight”.

gazebo palace

A real palace! Feel like a royal family

What is fashionable now? What style options are most often chosen by owners of their own piece of land?

  • classic (virtually immortal);
  • Oriental;
  • Japanese;
  • Italian;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • minimalism;
  • romantic;
  • rustic;
  • loft;
  • shabby chic;
  • country;
  • forest;
  • fairy;
  • beach.
plants for the gazebo

“Live” gazebo – unusual and minimum investment

You are free to choose another different style, because it is important that a summer house built by yourself is pleased first of all, and it does not matter if it corresponds to fashion trends or, on the contrary, contradicts them.

Play with color and light

The second way to create a masterpiece gazebo on your site is to use spectacular combinations of shades or use light (both at night and in the daytime). Light, by the way, can also be colored, the benefit is that construction stores offer many lighting materials of different directions.

gazebo for relaxation

Gazebo bed. Can you imagine how sweetly she sleeps in her?!

With the help of a successful combination of colors, you can both complement the style and turn a completely ordinary, unremarkable gazebo into a work of art. And we are talking not only about the general background, but also about the details. Can you imagine how spectacular a red arbor with a golden floor will look? Or black and white, but with a silver ceiling? And how amazing it will look like a picture on the inner wall or an ornament on the outer?

polycorban arbor

Arbor made of bright polycarbonate. Beautiful, durable and inexpensive

And if you have kids, you can decorate the gazebo with drawings of fairy-tale characters, characters from your favorite cartoons, or even turn the gazebo into a flying saucer. After all, paints were given to people in order to make this world special and fun. Use it!

light in the gazebo

But the play of light in action, however, looks amazing?

As for the play of light, then, as a rule, such a “highlight” attracts romantic, creative, creative people. Such families are a little sentimental or, conversely, open to experimentation. However, according to psychologists, in each of us somewhere deeply hidden romantic. If you want to try to “wake him up”, create a luminous romantic corner in your garden, maybe you will like both a new idea and a new one.

Many amateur gardeners, and quite justifiably, use LED strips for summer gazebos, which manufacturers now offer simply in an unthinkable assortment of various shades. They are monophonic, multicolor, flickering, iridescent, changing their gamut, in the form of a “running light” and so on. By the way, it is light and color that serves as a kind of “lifesaver” for those who want to build an original arbor, but are somewhat constrained in their means. These two “helpers” will easily and quickly turn a plain building into a decoration of your site, which will be admired by each of the neighbors or passers-by.


Pergolas on the tree. Are these miracles out of your childhood dream??

Original form – let your imagination run wild

Not all owners of their own lands are content with typical forms of arbors. Yes, buying or ordering a standard building is undoubtedly cheaper and more practical, but creative and creative natures prefer a different path – they give you the opportunity to manage your fantasy project. It is worth recognizing that for some, such experiments end with the birth of the amazing beauty of masterpieces or unusual “jokes” that perfectly cheer up. You must admit that both of them have the right to life if they bring pleasure to people?!

unusual arbor

Arbor-swing – a chance to return to childhood

So, you wanted an unusual gazebo, for example, in the form of a hut or a carriage, a flying saucer or an Indian wigwam. And you don’t understand how you can turn your dream into reality. How to be Where to start construction? First, be sure to explore the Network, because it is quite possible that someone came up with this idea before you, he realized it, and posted the drawings of his masterpiece in the public domain. Secondly, sort out your contacts in memory, it is possible that one of your friends is fond of design and will be able to help you in realizing your idea.


A hut on chicken legs. Ida in a fairy tale!

Thirdly, you can hire a professional for a while, not for building a gazebo, but for the purpose of obtaining drawings and the procedure for your actions in the construction of your own summer gazebo of your dreams.

roof lawn

Arbor with a lawn instead of a roof. Unusually true?!

No extra money, none of your loved ones is particularly creative? No problem! Think carefully about your idea; you may be able to find a non-standard solution. For example, find an unused cart in a nearby village and turn it into a rustic gazebo or take an unnecessary bed as a basis, paint it in an unusual way, and make the walls and ceiling “alive” using the vegetation rampaging on your site.

Is everything all right with finances, creativity and hands? Then let your imagination become the main architect of the project.

Did you dream in childhood to have your own little house on top of an oak growing in a neighboring yard? Now, for sure, no one will interfere with the realization of your dreams. Create your own project in the form of a gazebo on the crowns of trees from your garden. Sweat yourself and delight your younger crumbs, because they have the opportunity to own what was inaccessible in your childhood. True it is beautiful?!

Do you want your family to have their own palace, but you have an ordinary Art Nouveau house? Not a problem. Realize your aspirations by creating a gazebo-palace. See how fun and interesting it is. Yes, even build a flying saucer in your own garden, the main thing is that this idea be approved by the family and please you.

beautiful arbor

Pergolas in the form of a carriage and stagecoach. Would you like a ride?!

Pergolas from unusual materials

Another wonderful way to stand out is to build a gazebo from unusual materials. Do not be afraid to be considered strange. Use the materials that your imagination prompts. People for such purposes use stones, cellophane, straw, fabric, bamboo, glass, metal. Sometimes cardboard boxes, bottles, old dishes, unnecessary furniture in the house, and so on are used. See how wonderful the arbor looks from ordinary glass bottles, which will cost you mere pennies if you go around friends and collect material.

bottle arbor

The original version of the bottles. True beautiful?!

No glass containers? Do not hang your nose! Engage in plastic dishes, most importantly – do not be afraid to experiment and do not restrain your impulses. Is there excess straw? Use it to build a hut. It does not matter that such a beauty will serve you only for a season, but by the next summer you will have the opportunity to realize another dream of yours by building a gazebo from your dreams.

What arbor do you want?


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