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How to build a fence for a summer residence from corrugated board and other materials

Not a single summer cottage is complete without a fence. It can be an element of decor or perform a security function. A variety of materials for its construction makes it possible to make a choice for your wallet.

Due to their strength, beauty and relatively low price, fences for summer cottages are popular. There are a lot of design options: from a simple fence to decorating your territory.


  • The advantages of corrugated fences
  • Features of the construction of the fence from corrugated board
  • Fences from other materials
  • Decorative fences
  • We decorate a country fence

Perhaps you can’t even imagine how varied the fences for summer cottages can be: photos of fencing from corrugated board are presented below

corrugated board

Corrugated fence with metal posts will save your budget

metal fence

Forging elements add sophistication to your fence

fence color

Do not forget that the color should be combined with the appearance of the country house

The advantages of corrugated fences

Decking is a building material, which is a sheet of steel profile. They are galvanized and coated with polymer compositions. Galvanized sheets are susceptible to rapid oxidation and destruction in bad weather..

More reliable is one that is coated with polymer compositions. It is more expensive, but its service life reaches 50 years. Another plus is that it does not need to be additionally painted and cleaned..


  • reliability – ensure the security of your territory;
  • universality – you can build around the industrial zone, summer cottage, house;
  • strength – corrugated profile provides high resistance to mechanical stress;
  • corrosion resistance – thanks to special coatings;
  • ease of installation – you can very quickly build a fence with your own hands at the cottage without resorting to the help of specialists;
  • combination with other materials – can be built in combination with brick, wood, stone;
  • reasonable price allows you to significantly save on the construction of the fence;
  • varied colors.
corrugated color

You can choose the color of corrugated board for your fence according to your desire and taste

Features of the construction of the fence from corrugated board

For those who want to build a fence from corrugated board with metal poles on their own, we offer several recommendations:

  • dig holes for columns at a distance of 2.5 meters (hole depth: 100-120 cm);
  • pour gravel into pits, about 20 cm;
  • install metal poles;
  • pour with a mixture of concrete and sand (1: 8);
  • then weld 2-3 logs from the profiled pipe to the posts;
  • fasten corrugated sheets with self-tapping screws.
do it yourself

Do-it-yourself fencing scheme

Fences from other materials

You can also build a fence in the country from wood, plastic or metal.

  • Wooden

Wooden fences are considered environmentally friendly; for summer cottages, this is an ideal and always relevant option for fencing. What is their feature?

  1. Wood is a beautiful natural material that will look advantageous in any design.
  2. It looks elegant and sophisticated..
  3. It is relatively inexpensive.
  4. You can build a wooden fence yourself.

There are several types of such fences:

  • the palisade is made of stakes that clog into the ground;
picket fence

To build, you will need a large amount of wood

  • plank hedge: boards are nailed horizontally to vertical posts;
arrangement of boards

Boards can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally

  • the fence from the picket fence is made of boards that are vertically mounted on horizontal rails;

The fence from the picket fence will become a decoration of your site, but will not protect against robbers

  • the pasture type fence is collected from rods;
low hedge

A decorative hedge option that is best used inside your site

  • wattle is made of branches of young bushes and trees;
types of fences

Wattle can perform a decorative and enclosing function, depending on the selected height

  • fence-grate – a wooden grate framed by a frame.
hedge on the site

Such a fence will let sunlight into your area

It is important! For wooden fences, it is recommended to use cedar, pine or larch. The tree must be filed and trimmed, and then treated with a protective compound. Thanks to this treatment, the enclosure will last much longer and will be less susceptible to decay..

  • Plastic

Plastic fences for summer cottages are an alternative to wooden and metal fences.

The invoice

Wood texture – for lovers of natural materials

Low plastic fences are used for flower beds and fencing of the playground.


  • very easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • practical and comfortable;
  • easy to always keep clean (just wash with water);
  • available in various colors;
  • wear out slowly.

Such fences have different shapes and sizes. Each summer resident will be able to choose something special. For example, a fence painted with flowers or butterflies.

flowerbed fencing

Cute butterflies will decorate the flowerbed and will delight your look

  • Metal

Metal fences for summer cottages are considered the most popular due to their durability, reliability and strength.

There are several types of them:

  • forged;
  • welded;
  • from sheet metals;
  • sectional;
  • decorative.
protect the territory

Welded sectional metal fence is a cheap and easy way to protect a large area

Decorative fences

In order to demarcate your site and give it a more attractive and complete look, decorative fences are installed to give.

They can perform several tasks at once:

  • give the territory a more neat and well-groomed look;
  • protect your flower beds from pets and small children;
  • to keep plants and not allow to grow on adjacent beds.

The most popular among decorative ones are concrete fences. They can be bought ready-made or ordered according to your sample. They are strong enough and beautiful..

fence on the site

Concrete fences have an aesthetic appearance and are highly durable.

low fence

For a flower bed, choose a low fence

Also, to decorate their territory, they often use plastic, forged or wooden fence structures. And if you like to combine, then we hasten to please you – almost all building materials can be combined. For example, stone with forged elements, wood with metal.

We decorate a country fence

How to decorate the fence in the country – this question most often arises when it begins to age and loses its aesthetic appearance.

There are many ways and design ideas that can help you..

The easiest is to take and repaint. It will look beautiful and attractive if you paint it or decorate it with decorative curly plants.

patterned fence

Paint the fence with interesting patterns

You can also attach flowerpots with flowers on the outside and on the inside of the fence.

flowers on the fence

Such beauty will please not only you, but also the neighbors

flowerpots for flowers

Use special flowerpots for flowers

You can also use improvised materials that will decorate and revitalize your fence. An interesting solution is to use bright rubber boots as flowerpots.

Wattle is usually decorated with pottery or sunflowers. You can attach decorative sunflowers or grow it yourself.

Now you can decide on the material for the hedge, taking into account all of the listed features and advantages. Build a fence with your own hands or order a finished one, decorate it and enjoy the result.


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