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How to build a brazier of brick with your own hands: instructions for the novice master

How to build a brazier of brick with your own hands

Anyone who has never tasted delicious kebabs or vegetables baked on a fire in all spring and summer has spent the most colorful time of the year in vain. But the preparation of these dishes in the fresh air can bring only one pleasure, if there are appropriate conditions for this. Having built a brazier of brick with your own hands, you will ennoble your yard or summer cottage not only in decorative, but also in functional terms.


  •  Stage One – Development
  • Stage Two – Preparatory Work
  • Stage Three – Construction

Stage One – Development

The choice of the desired device design is up to you. After all, it is determined by what area you can allocate for the construction of a brick roaster, what additions you would like to see there and (where without it) your budget. There is no ideal universal solution. You can view a million photos of various self-made braziers, but still can not find the one that you like. Therefore, pay attention to certain attracted moments, and then boldly connect them together and customize them to your requirements..

Basically, devices differ among themselves in such indicators.

  1. Roof. The roasting pan may be open or closed. The latter is more like a fireplace, it is convenient in that even if the weather goes bad and it rains, the burning coals will not go out. In addition, this design is often equipped with a chimney. A person working near her will not be disturbed by waving smoke and sparks flying from a gust of wind.
  2. Annexes. Directly next to the place for cooking, you can arrange a platform for its preliminary preparation: a countertop and a sink. When mounting the latter, you need to be prepared for the annual winter preparation operations. Before the start of frost, it will be necessary to completely remove water from the outlet and supply. Otherwise, in the spring you will see cracked and leaking pipes.

Now you need to make your own drawings of the barbecue. Be sure all the elements must be made to scale. Try to resize all the elements so that the need for clipping bricks is minimized (if you do not have your own stone cutting machine).

barbecue construction

As a compact and economical option, build such a simple brazier. It can also be used as a grill, it is only necessary to install a grill above the hole instead of skewers

Stage Two – Preparatory Work

Before you make a brazier, you should prepare a site for its construction and acquire the necessary materials for work. It is necessary to calculate the amount of each building material individually, but their list is standard:

  1. facing brick;
  2. refractory brick (the most optimal is chamotte);
  3. cement;
  4. sand;
  5. clay;
  6. metal corners;
  7. reinforcing bars.
  8. boards (for formwork).

A shallow pit breaks out at the selected site. For this design, 40 cm is enough. At the bottom, flooring is made of gravel and gravel. The stone mixture is well moistened and carefully tamped. Then, the formwork of the boards is installed around the perimeter of the pit. Then the first portion of concrete is poured, which will hide the gravel. Reinforcement is laid on the surface of concrete that has not yet solidified. The rods are first laid horizontally, and then vertically, in the end we get a frequent grid. The second part of concrete is poured over it. In the process of manufacturing the latter, it is best to use cement of the M350 or M400 brand. When leveling the surface, be sure to use the building level.

brazier erection

This photo shows a model whose construction we will describe. Its ceilings are arched (for beginner builders they are too complicated), it has thicker walls. It is better to make them thin, due to this the internal space of niches will become larger

We leave the foundation covered with a film to dry for about two weeks (depending on the weather and air temperature), and at this time we are preparing for the next step and carefully study how to make a brazier with our own hands.

Stage Three – Construction

Consider the process of building a brick grill of medium complexity with your own hands. It will be a covered variation with a chimney and two side extensions – countertops. The process itself is divided into three main parts. The first part consists in the construction of the lower supporting posts, the second in the laying out of the surfaces of the countertops and the brazier, the third in the construction of the walls of the brazier and chimney.

  • We build support racks

The thickness of the support posts is equal to one brick. To obtain even and identical masonry joints, use a metal rod of square section, the thickness of which is not more than 5 mm. It will play the role of a kind of limiter, which will not allow the brick to fall too or not low enough. Four parallel niche walls should also have a back wall. It is on it that the main emphasis will be on the weight of the constructed chimney.

  • We mount countertops and a brazier

When the walls are laid out, proceed to mount the countertops. We cut the metal corners of the required length. Their number depends on the width of the countertop. For each row of bricks, two corners are needed. For auxiliary surfaces, we lay facing brick (the usual mixture of sand and cement), for the bottom of the brazier – chamotte (the mixture is prepared from clay, water and a very small amount of cement).

Fire safety

When erecting a barbecue, you should first take care of fire safety. Do not place it near buildings (house, garage, porch), and also near dry trees, bushes and other plants

The rear and side inner walls of the heat compartment are also laid out of refractory bricks. Outside, masonry is made from the facing option. Two rows of masonry with a height of one and a half or two bricks are made inside the heat compartment at its bottom. The first row is at the inlet, the second is close to the back wall. These two protrusions form a pan for burning wood and leveling coals. Skewers will be stacked on their sides (watch the distance between them so that the skewer can be stably placed).

  • Building a chimney

Next, we proceed to the construction of the chimney. First we make a dome for the intake of smoke. Its height is 7 rows of masonry. Each subsequent row is laid with a shift of 4 cm inward. The first three rows should be finished with fireclay bricks inside. After laying out the dome, we build a pipe to remove smoke. Its height should be at least 1 m, this will provide good traction. A small protective canopy is installed above the outlet of the pipe, otherwise during the rain the fryer will be flooded.

Important! Some folk craftsmen, when asked how to make a brazier out of brick, are advised to purchase more economical materials – a hollow brick, for example. In fact, it is not suitable for all structural elements. They can lay out support racks and auxiliary countertops, but the lining of the heat compartment should only be done using solid brick. Hollow bricks may crack due to heat..

As you can see, building a barbecue with your own hands for a summer residence or in the yard of your house is not so difficult. But if you have insufficient experience, it is better not to complicate the design with additional elements (oven, ash drawer, grill, etc.) and pay attention to the initial stage – the creation of the drawing. During work, do not rush to immediately fasten everything with a solution, do preliminary dry calculations.


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