What can be the design of a tile floor: we study, evaluate, choose

What could be a tile floor design

Just a couple of decades ago, with the words “tile floors”, the imagination painted dull pictures of public bathrooms, standard white, beige or light blue walls of bathrooms with conspicuous seams or a hospital setting. Now the situation has changed radically. A huge number of options for ceramic flooring, varying in color, thickness, texture and even shape, allow you to create the most amazing tile floor design. This material is no longer dull and boring, it fits into the most sophisticated elite interiors of truly luxurious rooms.


  • Types of ceramic floor tiles
  • Tiled floors
  • Competent combination of colors and patterns

Types of ceramic floor tiles

Entering the building goods store in the department with tiles, you immediately get lost among its diversity. It is hard to imagine that, it turns out, there are about ten types of floor tiles alone.

Moreover, they differ not only externally, but also in their composition:

  1. Let’s start with porcelain stoneware. This is not a tile, but rather a tile coating, which has a very high resistance to mechanical damage and to the effects of many chemicals, which allows it to be used in the most difficult conditions. It is ideally suited for rooms in which high traffic of people. Do not be afraid that the design of the porcelain stoneware floor will look boring and formal. Such a floor covering may look like a wooden or even art floor covered with a patterned carpet..
  2. Dimarmi is an environmentally friendly ceramic tile that is extremely resistant to high temperatures. Its undoubted advantages include low electrical conductivity, which allows it to be used safely in rooms with high humidity. The edges of each Dimarmi tile resemble a vine, and when they are connected to each other, no visible gaps are formed.
  3. Cotto is a wear-resistant non-enameled single fired tile. The rough surface makes it indispensable for use in bathrooms and baths.
  4. Cottoforte – double fired tiles coated with opaque glaze. There are bright colors and a wide variety of drawings.
  5. Clinker – tiles made by extrusion, which makes it possible to produce tiles of various shapes suitable for decoration of corners and complex surfaces.
  6. Metlakh tiles – small-format ceramic tiles of various shapes and colors. They have increased hardness, wear resistance and resistance to mechanical and chemical damage. From this tile you can create an amazing floor surface that resembles bright multi-color oriental carpets.

    One of the types of floor tiles - Dimarmi

    Dimarmi floor tiles are characterized by low electrical conductivity, due to which they prefer to finish the floor in humid rooms with a large number of household appliances

Tiled floors

Someone might think that the floors of plain tiles can not be original and unique. This is again a big mistake. Modern tiles can be painted in slightly harmonious shades of each other, due to which each time an intricate and charming pattern is produced on the floor. In addition, this flooring allows you to more freely relate to interior design, combining decoration elements of different colors in it..

Same floor tiles

If the tile is painted in several shades, then the floor covering from it looks very original

If you purchase tiles of the same color but different sizes, you can get elegant floors that speak of the great taste of the owners. In this case, only the same texture tiles should be used, otherwise the floor covering will turn into something tasteless and awkward..

Solid tile floors

Mirrored tile floors always look luxurious and spectacular.

If the specifics of the interior are such that wood or stone floors are ideally suited for it, but at the same time increased demands are placed on the floor surface, the stores have tiles that imitate laminate or parquet.

Competent combination of colors and patterns

It’s good when a person has well-developed creative thinking and a great artistic taste. Such a master will be able to successfully combine a variety of colors in his floor covering, creating unimaginable patterns that give charm to the entire interior.

If there are no such abilities, then, of course, you can turn to a professional designer who is able to turn floors into a real work of art. But, as a rule, his services hit the pocket quite noticeably. There are a few secrets that can help you put a beautiful multi-color tile flooring on your own..

Original laying of floor tiles

Designers can create unique patterns of tiles

In construction stores, now you can find already selected compositions, most often representing drawings of several fragments, framed by tiles in calmer tones, but suitable in color. Subject to the correct selection for the interior, such floors will look no worse than those laid by professionals.

Porcelain stoneware floors with ornament

Porcelain stoneware floors with ornament

A chess pattern made of tiles of contrasting colors looks very nice. If in this case you use a tile with an uneven dimarmi edge, then the floors will look like an unusual patchwork made in the style of “patchwork”.

Tile floors in contrasting colors

The combination of contrasting shades is always a winning option.

The combination of tiles of different shapes always looks amazing, especially if it is specially designed by designers, and unique cutouts and protrusions fit perfectly together, forming a fascinating ornament on the floor.

Tiled floors with uneven edges

An original combination plus an interesting shape – a beautiful tile floor

The main thing when choosing a tile for a floor is not to try to combine the incompatible and to avoid combinations that you personally doubt. Given the general color scheme of the room, choosing a suitable tile floor design will not be difficult.


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