Electric fireplaces: buy or do it yourself?

On the screens of our TVs in various films we often see footage where a happy family gathers in front of a warm and cozy fireplace in a cold winter evening. At such moments, most of us sigh and look around our room, imagining where exactly this fireplace would look especially good. Of course, in an ordinary city apartment it is difficult to imagine a real and solid wood fireplace, however, the installation of a traditional fireplace in a country house is also often difficult for several reasons. It is in such cases that modern electric fireplaces come to the rescue.


  • Significant advantages of electric fireplaces
  • Electric fireplaces: heat and light
  • Cozy illusion of fire
  • Heat electric fireplace


  • Electric fireplaces in the interior
  • DIY electric fireplace
  • Significant advantages of electric fireplaces

    An electric fireplace is an excellent alternative to a wood fireplace, which cannot be installed in an apartment. Electric fireplace allows you to create an extremely cozy and comfortable atmosphere at any time of the year and in any room.

    When installing it, you don’t have to worry about installing a chimney and additional ventilation, as is the case with a traditional fireplace. In addition, fireplaces are fireproof, which is important when there are small children and pets in the family.

    Another advantage of this type of fireplace is the convenience and ease of operation. Electric fireplace does not require constant monitoring of the presence of firewood in the furnace, the level of heat. It is controlled using a remote control that allows you to set a certain level of air heating in the room.

    Electric fireplace in the interior

    The electric fireplace takes up a minimum of space, wonderfully fits into any interior

    It is worth noting that an electric fireplace can be easily entered into almost any interior. The variety of models, differing in size, shape, finish and functionality, allows you to choose exactly the product that will best meet all available requirements.

    The electric fireplace attracts many consumers and the fact that it can be easily enough moved from room to room, or even taken to the country. In addition, such products differ in quite affordable price compared to the usual wood-burning fireplaces..

    Electric fireplaces: heat and light

    Today, electric fireplaces – photos of various models can be found on the Internet – are distinguished by a rather simple device, ease of installation and aesthetic appearance.

    To start the fireplace, just connect it to the mains. Then, using the remote control, the product operation mode is set. So, an electric fireplace can simultaneously “shine and warm”, but can only “shine”, which is especially important in the warm season.

    Cozy illusion of fire

    So how do we see fire without firewood? The answer is quite simple. To simulate flashes of flame, a system is used that includes pieces of silk fabric, foil, a fan, mirrors with light filters, lamps and a number of other elements.

    It is worth noting that each model of an electric fireplace is distinguished precisely by the accuracy of imitation of fire. As a rule, flashes of fire are created by silk fabric, which is driven by a fan. Various filters and lamps give the appropriate shade of silk flame..

    Electric fireplaces: buy or do it yourself?

    Imitation of fire in an electric fireplace creates the feeling of a working home

    Often an imitation of smoldering logs is created in the fireplace. The basis of such “logs” is made of plastic and properly highlighted. From above, such a base is covered with real coals..

    Heat electric fireplace

    So, how decorative electric fireplaces give light, we figured it out. Now it’s worth understanding how the electric fireplace heats the air..

    As a rule, a tubular electric heater is used as a heating element in such products, the temperature of which increases when the electric fireplace is turned on. The temperature of the heater can reach 900 C ?, which is the maximum possible value. Many models of such fireplaces emit heat similar to the heat of a regular sun or a traditional bonfire. This is achieved by using a special reflector, which first collects, and then reflects the thermal power received from the heating element.

    TEN for an electric fireplace

    Tubular electric heater (TEN) – the main element of equipment responsible for the supply of heat

    Today, many electric fireplaces – you can read reviews of their work on specialized sites or ask friends – are equipped with small speakers that create additional sound effects, for example, crackling firewood or a slight hiss of smoldering embers.

    Electric fireplaces in the interior

    Practicality, functionality, aesthetic appearance and safety make it possible to install electric fireplaces in an apartment or in any room of a country house. The variety of shapes, sizes and finishes of these products contributes to the creation of a unique interior design..

    It should be noted that electric fireplaces can be divided into several types according to certain criteria. Depending on the completeness, they distinguish:

    • Electric fires, which are a firebox of an electric fireplace. That is, you get only a screen with an imitation of fire. Of course, it can be easily moved, but it will be difficult to experience the feeling of having a full fireplace.
    • Fireplace kits. They include the hearth and portal, which is the frame of the firebox of the product. The portal can have a variety of finishes and contributes to a greater perception of the electric model in the traditional concept of a fireplace.
    Fireplace in the interior

    Fireplace set in the interior: a portal with additional elements perfectly harmonizing with it

    In addition, electric fireplaces in the interior can be:

    • Stationary, located only in a predetermined place.
    • Figurative. Such models can be easily moved around the house or apartment, taken to the country.

    Depending on the location, fireplaces are divided into:

    • Recessed. They delve into a niche in the wall.
    • Wall mounted. It is worth noting that electric wall fireplaces are extremely popular among apartment owners, since such products do not occupy the precious free space of the room.
    • Corner fireplaces.
    • Floor models.

    You can arrange a fireplace in almost any room, however, experts recommend protecting the product from direct sunlight and moisture sources, which can negatively affect the efficiency of the electric fireplace..

    Placing it in several shaded parts of a house or room in an apartment will enhance the visual effect of burning.

    Wall-mounted electric fireplace in the interior

    Wall-mounted electric fireplace in the interior – the choice of owners who value every centimeter of usable area

    In addition, the electric fireplace is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere, emitting not only pleasant eyes, but also warmth.

    With the proper selection of the fireplace portal, you can achieve the creation of certain visual effects and set the necessary accents.

    DIY electric fireplace

    If you have certain carpentry skills, necessary tools and materials, you can make electric do-it-yourself fireplaces. As a rule, when it comes to such work, it implies the manufacture of a portal for the fireplace. However, some craftsmen go further: instead of the hearth purchased in the store, they mount a light bulb and a reflector inside the portal, creating the necessary lighting effect.

    Before proceeding with the manufacture of the fireplace portal, it is necessary to determine where the finished product will be located and what shape it will have. Only then can you get to work.

    The main material, as a rule, is MDF or drywall. First, the base is cut out, and then the side walls. Do not forget about the reinforcing pads located along the front edges of the base.

    Drywall portal for electric fireplace

    Do-it-yourself portal for an electric fireplace with your own hands

    After assembling the fireplace portal, you can proceed to its decoration. Inside the portal walls are painted with a traditional bright orange color composition, which will enhance the effect of burning and blazing fire.

    The exterior finish of the portal will depend on the style of the room where the electric fireplace will be installed. As a finishing material, finishing stone, brick or decorative plaster can act.

    Immediately before installing the fireplace in the intended place, it is necessary to conduct electrical wiring.                                                                                                                                                                                        Thus, modern electric fireplaces give consumers a unique opportunity to soak up a cold winter evening in front of the fireplace. The unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort envelops, forcing you to relax after a hard day’s work and forget about all the problems. The correct selection of the product will make the interior of the room original and harmonious. Not a single guest will remain indifferent, and the owner will be happy to catch their admiring glances.


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