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Curtains for the living room (50 photos)

Find out which curtains are right for your living room! Selection of the best photo design curtains for the living room. Assistance in the selection of curtains for the living room depending on the style

In the modern interior of the living room, the curtains have not only a functional purpose, closing the room from sunlight and prying eyes, but they are also an important element in its design. Curtains fulfill a very difficult mission to become a link between all elements of the interior, sometimes belonging to different styles. Here’s a solution to this problem, about styles and decor elements for curtains, about fashion this year, you will learn in the article. And also see a master class on making curtains with your own hands.

Curtains for the living room (50 photos)


The choice of curtains depending on the style

Final touch in living room design, like any other interior, there will be curtains. Of course, they must match the style of the room, make it more comfortable and beautiful..

Each style corresponds to a certain type of curtains and should be guided in this, so that the poorly selected curtains do not “fall out” of the overall picture of the living room design.

More details about curtain design for different rooms.

Photo curtains in the living room

Features of the modern style

The modern style of the interior is a mix of other styles: hi-tech, minimalism, eclecticism. This is a way to express yourself, show your personality, taste and perception of comfort. The main features of the modern style are ease of perception, light colors, ease of use. Curtains in a modern style are usually straight, without tacking, on hinges or eyelets. The color scheme of curtains can be consonant with other colors of the interior, but it must be light: beige, coffee with milk, ivory. Or accent: red, purple, blue, green. But be sure these colors should be clean, fresh. Fabric for curtains in a modern style fits any: from natural with a pronounced texture to made using modern technologies: metallized threads, laser cutting. Pattern: plain or geometry.

Photo curtains in the living room in a modern style

Classics in curtains

Classics will never go out of style. The interior in the classical style will always be popular, besides an indicator of the excellent taste of its owners. Classical style curtains are a combination of heavy opaque fabrics with airy organza. They are very functional: light fabric does not prevent the penetration of sunlight into the room, and opaque curtains can hide it from excess sun and prying eyes. The classical style allows the use in the manufacture of curtains of all types of fabrics, any texture and pattern, using all kinds of decorative elements: lambrequins, braid, cords. In this style, it is important to maintain the color scheme and texture of the curtains, in tune with the interior. Otherwise, it will be scattered and unattractive, because in the classics, curtains are the main accent element of the interior..

Photo curtains in the living room in a classic style
Photo curtains in the living room in a classic style

Hi-tech style

High-tech style is a tribute to the modern lifestyle in the age of industrial progress. There is nothing superfluous in the interior made in the hi-tech style, each thing has its own place and purpose. This rather cold and unpretentious style, originally intended for office premises, is gaining more and more fans who use it in residential premises. The design of the high-tech window carries only a functional load, no decor. Strict and simple, curtains should be transparent, have a metallic sheen. Such curtains will be appropriate only in the interior of high-tech style. In sewing curtains, the choice of fabric is of great importance. It should be the most modern and high-quality material, possibly with metal thread or laser cut. Matching colors: metal color, gray to gold and platinum.

Photo curtains in the living room in high-tech style
Photo curtains in the living room in high-tech style

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Provence style

Provence style brings us closer to nature, it is rather a country style, adjusted for France. After all, it was named thanks to its southern province. Style reflects rural life, which means modesty and simplicity in everything. These are natural materials in interior elements, wooden floors and ceilings, curtains of simple cut on the whole window. By the way – in the classical style of Provence, the window should be from the ceiling to the floor. Uncomplicated drawings on curtains are flowers or bouquets of various sizes and variegations, a red-white and blue-white cell, a strip. Fabrics – linen, printed chintz, embroidered or crocheted fabrics. The color scheme of Provence is light, rich, but not flashy colors, ocher and terracotta are considered the main colors. When choosing curtains for Provence style, it is necessary to remember that the blue color is necessarily present in the design of the Provencal interior, therefore the window decor should be harmonious with this color. Find out other features of the Provence style by the example of kitchen design can be here.

Photo curtains in the living room in the style of provence
Photo curtains in the living room in the style of provence


Curtains in a minimalist style, as in high-tech – this is only a functional element of the interior. No decorations, clarity of lines and conciseness – these are their distinguishing features. And therefore, the choice of fabric should be approached responsibly. The fabric should be light, plain, maximally transmitting light from large windows.

Photo curtains in the living room in the style of minimalism

Oriental style curtains

Fashion for oriental culture came to Europe a long time ago. She completely changed our idea of ​​functional filling at home. Lightweight, stylistically finished, Japanese minimalism is appropriate in any room. Japanese curtains, the so-called panels, are applicable not only in oriental style, they are appropriate in combination with minimalism, hi-tech, eclecticism. In addition to their direct purpose of decorating windows, they are often used for zoning space..

Due to the design features, Japanese curtains can hide the room from unwanted eyes, while at the same time letting in sunlight from the outside. Well-chosen texture and color of the fabric can visually increase the space. Indeed, most of the material used for the manufacture of such curtains has a reflective effect, which, when applied to curtains, is able to visually expand walls or raise the ceiling.

Japanese curtains – this is not one solid canvas. They consist of many rectangular canvases, which is very convenient if it is necessary to partially renew the curtains or change one of them due to damage or dirtiness. This is the only type of curtains with which you can constantly change the interior, differently spreading the canvas and changing them. The fabric and pattern for curtains in the Japanese style depends only on the imagination and taste of the owner of the living room in which they will be.

Oriental style curtains

Eclecticism or which curtains to choose in a style without style

The eclectic style is a combination of inconsistent, heterogeneous in style and opposite in meaning interior elements, falling out of the conditional stylistic association. A very interesting style for creative people who want to show their individuality and test their taste. Indeed, with the seemingly seemingly simple filling of the room in the eclectic style, there are still a few rules so that randomness is only apparent, and the incompatibility of the parts is perfectly harmonious. Otherwise, you are doomed to turn your eclecticism into kitsch. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on the choice of fabric quality, color palette, pattern, elements and amount of decor for curtains. In decorating curtains in the eclectic style, it is possible to use not only generally accepted elements that are often used when sewing them, but also completely unexpected ones. It can be feathers, ribbons, beads, pebbles and lace, dried and artificial flowers. There is no limit to the flight of fancy and what is especially nice – the decor can be changed constantly, periodically realizing your fantasies.

Curtains without style

Vintage or curtains from grandmother’s chest

A new style that appeared quite recently, but long awaited. After all, our ancestors had a lot of high-quality and good-quality things that we copy and use with our pleasure in our lives today. The name of the style came to us from France, where they call expensive wines of excellent quality, prepared in the most successful year for winemaking..

Designers acted very cunningly, giving this word its meaning. All the most fashionable, stylish, taken from the past is vintage. But this does not mean that you really need to get dusty and sun-burnt fabric for curtains from old chests. From there it is necessary to get an idea for them, and the fabric can be selected modern. The idea is that warmth and harmony will come to our modern interior, sometimes cold and uncomfortable, along with vintage curtains.

To create curtains, you can take brocade, thick silk, satin, velvet, tulle with dense gold embroidery – the fabrics should be flowing and heavy. Pattern printed, jacquard or tapestry. For decor, lace, fringe, brushes, pompons are suitable. When using fabrics with all kinds of patterns, you should pay attention that in the vintage style it should be in tune with the general background. In addition, there is a strict rule: the more the picture on the curtain fabric – the less decor elements on them. Multilayer curtains are allowed, differing in density and transparency of fabrics..


The table below shows the styles and their features..

styles color spectrum the cloth
modern beige, coffee with milk, ivory any: natural with a pronounced texture or modern
classic any consonant with the interior heavy for curtains and transparent organza
high tech metal color: gray to gold and platinum transparent, with metal thread or laser cut
provence light, rich, non-flashy colors, ocher and terracotta are considered the main colors linen, cotton with plain patterns: flowers or bouquets of various sizes and variegations, red-white and blue-white check, strip
minimalism light, plain transparent
Oriental any any
eclecticism any any
vintage any brocade, thick silk, satin, velvet, tulle with thick gold embroidery

Features of the design of the curtains in the living room with two windows

If there are two or more windows in the living room, then several simple rules for decorating them with curtains should be considered:

  • the fabric on all windows should be identical. Not allowed fabric with the same pattern, but different in quality and texture.
  • cornices should be made of one material. The approximate color of each of them is not allowed – only the same.
  • the method of attaching the curtains to the cornice on each window is the same.
  • if the windows are located side by side on the same wall – a more interesting option for decorating them is to create the central part of the curtains in the middle of the wall, and not each window individually.
  • with a separate design of each window, the curtains should be similar to twin brothers: perfectly identical in any trifle and decor elements.

The right choice of curtains for two windows living room lies in the fact that they were harmonious in space, sometimes too small for two windows, do not dominate the rest of the interior with their decor and pomp. Ideal – curtains in a classic, Japanese style.

two-window living room curtain design
two-window living room curtain design

Selection of curtains in the living room with a balcony

It’s great when there’s balcony. But in this case, you should think about which curtains will be most effective, because the balcony door often opens and the curtains are subjected to more testing than usual:

  • jalousie. Ideally solve the problem. Most practical, but give the impression of an office space. Even beaten in color do not give the living room comfort.
  • sliding curtains. The balcony is always next to the window and decorated with it. Ordinary direct curtains on hinges or eyelets easily move, drape and do not deform due to the peculiarities of fastening.
  • Lifting eastern curtains are good because you can use them zoned. Indeed, for a balcony and a window there is always its own curtain system.

A selection of curtains for the living room with a balcony is. The main thing is to consider the style of the interior and try not to hang classic curtains in a high-tech room, even if they seem the most convenient option with frequent use of the balcony.

Selection of curtains in the living room with a balcony

Types of Curtains

Curtains with and without pelmet

Lambrequin is a decorative element that is located in front of the curtain and is used to hide the cornice. But in addition to this function, lambrequins successfully cope with the mission of visually raising the ceilings and changing the proportions of windows. Lambrequin can be soft and hard. Soft is sewn directly to the curtain and serves only as a decorative element. But the hard one, attached to the wall above the cornice, hides it and adjusts the size of the window.

For the manufacture of lambrequins, any fabric other than lace and thin is suitable. Often for the manufacture of lambrequins they use fabric for curtains of an identical structure, but different in color. The hard lambrequin can be used in any interior style, even in high-tech, by applying photo printing on it with a picture suitable for this style. Soft pelmet is more suitable for romantic or classic styles..

Despite the fact that most people prefer to decorate the living room with lambrequin curtains, there are still supporters of minimalism in everything, even in the decor. In addition, now there is such a variety of beautiful modern cornices, which are a self-sufficient element of the decor, that it is impossible to hide them behind hard lambrequins. And if the fabric itself for curtains is magnificent, attracts attention, then the lambrequin can be an excess. Moreover, with high ceilings and proportional windows, its visual functions are not needed.

Curtains with pelmet

Short and long curtains

Most often, long curtains are used in the interior design of the living room. Yes, and many styles require the length of the curtains to the floor.

Advantages of long curtains:

  • visually raise the ceiling;
  • placed under the ceiling, conceal a small window;
  • located from wall to wall, visually expand the space, creating the impression of a large and bright room.

If, for some reason, long curtains cannot be used: furniture is too close to the window, window sills serve as a table, heating radiators under the window, then using short curtains is acceptable. But still, most often short curtains are used in the kitchen interior.

Short and long curtains
Short and long curtains

On grommets or rings

Eyelets have recently appeared in the design of curtains, but have already been appreciated. A grommet is a metal or plastic ring that is inserted into the fabric and a cornice is threaded through it. Curtains with eyelets look very airy and elegant on the ledges, because these rings are completely invisible, it seems that the curtain flows in the air with neat folds. This type of curtain fastening is universal, suitable for all styles, for any room. Almost any fabric can be used for sewing curtains with eyelets. And thanks to the huge color palette of eyelets, they can be easily matched to the color of the curtains. Sometimes designers beat the gamut of colors with grommets, making them contrasting with curtains or in the color of curtain rods. Such a small, at first glance, detail can bring together an entire disparate interior if its color is harmonious with the color of furniture or other, more dominant, interior elements.

Curtains on grommets or rings

Curtains for bay window

A bay window, a ledge in the wall, is not only fashionable, but also very practical. Such an architectural design allows the owner of an apartment with a bay window to get extra meters at his disposal. In addition, the bay window visually expands the space of the room. You can decorate such a space with curtains to your taste, adhering to the style in the entire living room. It is only important to take into account the shape of the bay window itself, so that the curtains fit harmoniously into it. If the bay window is trapezoidal, then the curtains should be sewn separately for each window in it. For a semicircular architectural form, one curtain on a cornice repeating the radius of a bay window is suitable. If there are heating batteries under the windows of the bay window, then you can hang short curtains in it to maximize the use of heat.

Curtains for bay window
Curtains for bay window

Fashion trends curtains for the living room in 2020

Repair is coming to an end. The final touch in design is the curtains. And, of course, I want them to be fashionable. This year’s fashion:

  • a combination of inconsistent in different structures of fabrics and in colors;
  • minimalism in everything: in decor, in ornament, in color;
  • curtains decorated with flowing threads with beads, glass beads, stones;
  • Japanese panels
  • curtains with applique, prints, embroidery;
  • curtains made of natural fabrics: cotton, linen.
Fashionable curtains
Photo fashion curtains
Photo fashion curtains for the living room
Photo fashion curtains for the living room
Photo fashion curtains for the living room
Photo fashion curtains for the living room

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How to sew curtains with your own hands

To sew modern curtains, it is not necessary to complete long courses of cutting and sewing. Watch a video that will teach you the basics of tailoring curtains.

When choosing curtains, it’s enough to remember two things: they must be practical and fit your taste. Only then will you be comfortable and cozy in your living room.


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