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Combining wallpaper in the living room: photo ideas, ways of optical transformation of space

The living room is the heart of the house. Every household gathers here daily, shares their impressions for the day, communicates, laughs, relaxes and just spends time together, silently sitting in comfortable armchairs by the fireplace. It is the living room that sets the tone for the interior of the whole house, so the decoration of this room should be given special attention. But … the main problem of the living room is its rather large area and for this reason there is a need to fill the space with some contents. It can be not only accessories and furniture, but also various visual effects, such as, for example, combining wallpaper in the living room or an original combination of colors.

The method of combining wallpaper is ideal for spacious rooms or for those rooms whose walls, ceilings and floors are far from perfect. Thanks to this finishing method, you can smooth out all existing contradictions, eliminate the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages of the living room.


  • Vertical color stripes
  • Horizontal combination of wallpaper
  • Wallpaper inserts in the interior
  • Unique patchwork combinations
  • Identification of niches and ledges


Let’s look at the basic methods of combining wallpaper in the living room, which designers often use in their work.

Vertical color stripes

This method is based on the use of wallpapers of different colors, but the same texture and width. You can alternate them through either one or two. As for the color palette, experts recommend to combine either different shades of the same color, or use contrasting combinations of absolutely opposite colors of the spectrum for these purposes. In the first case, a certain effect of playing straight shadows is created, which will add nobility and grace to the atmosphere of the living room. In the case of contrasting combination of wallpaper, the room will look like a unique museum exhibit, which will undoubtedly emphasize its individuality and special character.

You can use wallpapers with different patterns, for example, a combination of peas and stripes is perfect for a retro style living room.

Vertical combination of wallpaper

Vertical contrast strips visually increase the height of the ceiling

Vertical wallpaper stripes

Vertical combination allows you to embody a lot of interesting design ideas

The method of vertical combination of wallpaper in the living room

Vertical combination of a single colorful gamut wallpaper is an excellent way to balance all interior elements

Horizontal combination of wallpaper

When decorating the walls in this way, it is permissible to alternate stripes of monophonic or contrasting colors, one through one or one through two. Only here it is necessary to take into account that the optimal width of the strip should be selected depending on the height of the ceilings in the living room. For example, in a room with high ceilings, experts advise combining strips with a width of 1.5-2 meters. If the height of the walls is average, then the width of the wallpaper should be 1-1.5 meters, and if the ceilings are very low, then no more than 1 meter.

With horizontal combination, it is permissible to use wallpapers with different textures, for example, a combination of vinyl and textile wallpapers due to the deliberate roughness of the former and the softness of the latter creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness in the living room.

Horizontal combination of wallpaper

The classic version of horizontal combination of wallpaper: dark bottom, light top

Horizontal combination of wallpaper in the living room

The horizontal demarcation method optically expands the space

Wallpaper inserts in the interior

The method of wallpaper inserts involves the design of the interior of the living room with already prepared walls, that is, they should already be pasted over with the main wallpaper. Their color may be different, but the most advantageous are the compositions of wallpaper inserts on a plain light surface.

The inserts are made of denser wallpaper, and moldings or trims are installed along their contour that will hide possible irregularities.

Clear and even rectangular or square inserts are ideal for a baroque living room, and complex geometric shapes (rhombus, circle, trapezoid, etc.) perfectly emphasize the host’s passion for neoclassicism.

Rectangular wallpaper inserts

Rectangular wallpaper inserts decorated with moldings

Wallpaper inserts

Inserts from wallpaper with a pattern are used in creating interior paintings in the Baroque style, are used to translate contemporary interesting decor ideas

Unique patchwork combinations

Creative individuals, as well as those who simply do not like standards, can paste over the walls of the living room with rags cut from different wallpapers. These pieces can have a variety of shapes and sizes, the main thing is that they at least slightly overlap with each other. Let them have a common floral or patterned motif, or different shades of the same color, or even be contrasting – it is important here that the whole living room is beautiful and stylish.

Patchwork wallpaper combining method

Patchwork inserts from wallpapers of different colors – the original design of the living room

Identification of niches and ledges

Modern methods of wall decoration involve the creation of various drywall structures that allow you to complement empty walls with niches, shelves and ledges.

It is these architectural elements that can be distinguished in a different color so that the room sparkles with new colors and colors.

Niche highlighting

Highlight niches with a darker shade of the primary color


Highlighting niches with dark plain wallpaper

The method for highlighting niches with a contrasting color wallpaper provides an opportunity to emphasize functional elements


Highlighting a niche with light wallpaper

TV niche highlighting



Highlighting the architectural ledge

As a rule, niches are pasted over with wallpaper of contrasting colors. For example, if the walls in the living room are white, then the ledges or niches are highlighted in dark gray or black; blue – peach, pink – light green or bright green. It is worth considering that plain walls will look great with niches, wallpaper pasted with various kinds of drawings and patterns. Such an interior will always be interesting and attractive..

Combined wallpaper decoration

An interesting combination of wallpaper you can not only come up with on your own, but also realize your own idea with your own hands.

As mentioned above, wall decoration by combining wallpaper will smooth out many of the room’s flaws: highlight or hide niches and ledges, adjust the height of ceilings, and set up light and color accents. Thanks to this technique, you can give the living room a completely different look and make it more cozy, comfortable and modern..


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