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What wallpaper to choose for the hall and living room – valuable recommendations

What wallpaper to choose for the hall and living room

The living room is considered to be not only a place for receiving visitors, but also a relaxation area for the whole family. That is why the question of how to choose wallpaper in the room to create a cozy atmosphere, excites many.

The market of finishing materials offers a lot of options for decorating the main room, but the wide range only complicates the task of choosing a dress for the walls, which, in combination with the environment, should create something unusual and memorable, namely, the unique look of your house.


  • Wallpaper for the living room: determine the size
  • How to choose wallpaper for the hall according to the drawing
  • Designer’s recommendations and advice
  • A variety of materials for gluing

Wallpaper for the living room: determine the size

First of all, you should calculate the amount of material needed. Manufacturers traditionally produce wallpaper in rolls with a width of 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0 m. The standard length is 10.5 m.

Do not forget that rolls also vary in the area of ​​gluing..

Correct calculation is the key to success

Correct calculation is the key to success

To accurately determine the required number of rolls, you should measure the size of the hall. Using a tape measure, measure the width and height of the walls, multiply the numbers and get the area of ​​the living room walls. The next step is to reduce the calculated value by the area of ​​the door and windows.

You need to know!
Interior doors, as a rule, are the same: 0.8×2.0 m, which means that 1.6 square meters should be subtracted. A similar situation with the windows: with the standard 1.6×1.75, you need to take 2.8 square meters..

If at the same time you are trying to solve the problem of combining the living room with the bedroom or kitchen, then you can choose different wallpapers, and then the calculation should be done separately for each area.

The counting process does not end there, because a lot depends on natural trimmings (tolerances), the need to fit the pattern and the height of the ceilings.

It is important!
With a room height of 2.6, 4 strips are obtained from one roll, if the height is greater, then the consumption of wallpaper, of course, increases.

How to choose wallpaper for the hall according to the drawing

The choice of pattern depends on what goals you pursue, choosing a wallpaper. So stripes wallpaper visually increase the height of the room and perfectly mask the seams. Volumetric drawing is good on one wall, while others should serve as a background.

You need to know!
It is not necessary to paste over the wall, which will be covered with furniture – you can choose plain wallpapers from the same series. They will not only serve as a wonderful background, but also will not cause trouble when pasting.

What to choose wallpaper for the hall: a variety of choices

What to choose wallpaper for the hall: a variety of choices

The game of contrasts looks interesting: when furniture, curtains and wallpapers represent a single style, only in different colors.

Designer’s recommendations and advice

Designers - for non-standard!

Designers – for non-standard!

Designers advocate for original solutions that help to see in the familiar for a long time something new. Want to create a flawless room look??

Focus on one wall or use one of the custom decor techniques.

– Unusually looks two-tone version, which, with different color wallpapers, divides the living room strictly horizontally. You can use wallpaper not only in various shades, but also in contrasting textures;
– A remarkable internal filling will help to create wallpapering of one wall with wallpaper with a bright pattern, contrasting with the details of the room;
– Lovers of unconventional solutions will like the method of allocating not a wall of a zone bordered by gypsum or polyurethane strips, which is filled with wallpaper of other colors than the rest of the walls.

A variety of materials for gluing

The material is crucial and is able to most advantageously shade the style of your living room and give the furniture a special chic.

What to choose wallpaper for the hall

What to choose wallpaper for the hall

Adherents of the eternal classics will like fabric wallpapers with ornate paintings cast in gold. Followers of the newfangled High-Tech trend will be indescribable delight at the metallic foil wallpaper. For those who think of themselves as one with nature, wallpapers from natural materials, such as bamboo, which carry the positive energy of the sun, are suitable. Well, if you love bold experiments, take a look at the silk-screened wallpapers that attract the eye with overflows..

As you can see, there are tons of options. It remains only to finally decide – which wallpaper to choose for the hall, and make the dream a reality is not difficult.


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