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Decorative fireplaces – device and decoration, a lesson for home craftsmen

Decorative Fireplaces

How nice to sit by the fireplace! Feel the warmth of fire and enjoy the special atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. However, to arrange a real wood fireplace will turn out only in a private house. What about residents of high-rise buildings? If you really want to have such a corner in the house, you should pay attention to decorative fireplaces combining aesthetics with safety.


  • The device, types of fireplaces and the choice of place
  • Interior option with drywall
  • How to make a heating fireplace yourself
  • Fireplace decoration

The device, types of fireplaces and the choice of place

Decorative fireplaces skillfully imitate real ones. A light bulb is installed in the body of the structure, creating the effect of a burning flame in the hearth. The scarlet lamp gracefully illuminates the plastic woodpile. The fireplace portal is made mainly of MDF with wood veneer finish (oak, beech, mahogany) or real stone (granite or marble). In addition to these options, a less expensive finish is also possible – from chipboard.

Drawing of a decorative fireplace

For the construction of a decorative fireplace, as well as for the installation of an existing hearth, a drawing is required

Decorative fireplaces are divided into interior fireplaces – those that have exclusively aesthetic functions, and heating – equipped with electric heaters that give heat. It is not worth using plastic elements in heating fireplaces, because they tend to deform when heated. It is recommended to use materials that are resistant to heat – for example, brick.

If you want to know what other fireplaces are, type in the search engine “decorative photo fireplaces” and view the pictures! Depending on the design, several types of fireplaces are distinguished. Closed structures do not take up much space, but they can only be erected during the construction of a house. Half-open fireplaces can be attached to the wall or placed inside the wall. Open fireplaces occupy a central place in the room and are the highlight of the interior. A decorative fireplace can stand against a wall or in a corner.

Interior option with drywall

The most acceptable option for an apartment building is considered an interior drywall fireplace. Therefore, if you settled on this decision, it is worth considering in more detail how to make a decorative fireplace yourself.

For work, you should prepare such tools and materials:

  • drywall sheet 1.2 mm thick;
  • UD and CD profiles for drywall;
  • metal screws;
  • drill and dowels;
  • plumb line and level;
  • putty;
  • perforated corner.
The fireplace is made of drywall

Fireplace with a portal made of drywall

The first thing to do is to create the stiffeners of the decorative fireplace using the UD profile of the guiding view. The profile should be fixed to the floor and walls with dowels. Next, insert the profile CD into the profile guides and connect them using metal screws.

After the construction of the frame, you should proceed to lining it with sheets of drywall. The material is cut with a special cutter and fastened with screws to the profiles. Then, the procedure for sealing joints. It is necessary to putty the seams between the sheets, the ends of the fireplace and the mounting points of the screws. During the putty, it is worth laying a perforated corner so that the edges of the fireplace in the house are perfectly flat.

How to make a heating fireplace yourself

For a heating fireplace, you need to choose a material that resists heat. A great option is a brick. To equip such fireplace need bricks, cement mortar, grate, steel sheet, level and plumb, wooden slats, nails and hammer.

Brick fireplace

In urban multi-storey buildings, it is quite possible to build a decorative fireplace with imitation of fire from brick

It is not at all difficult to make a decorative fireplace in a brick apartment! First, it is necessary to nail a steel sheet to the floor and lay out the base and side walls from the source material. Then fix the side rails on the top of the structure. And you can start laying out the vaulted ceiling.

The rack product must be removed after the solution has completely dried. The fireplace can be crowned with a wide shelf, which is made of foam concrete or wood. Then, in the hearth of the fireplace, a grate made of steel rods is installed. And it remains only to lay a few logs – artificial plastic or natural, as well as to mount a light bulb.

Fireplace decoration

After the construction of the fireplace, you can proceed to the decorative finish. The cheapest option is to paint or paste over with a colored decorative film. To do this, carefully plaster and sand the surface of the fireplace. You can decorate the design with fragments of porcelain or stained glass.

Decorative fireplace in the interior

Decorative fireplace in the interior will create a feeling of a cozy home “nest”

Not a bad decision – facing with ceramic tiles. Finishing should be started from the bottom row, the tile is fastened with heat-resistant mastic, and setting takes place in a day. You can finish the tiles. Thanks to colored azure do-it-yourself decorative fireplace looks gorgeous!

To make the fireplace look really impressive, artificial stone is used in its decoration. Often practice elements of stucco moldings and moldings made of polyurethane, which can be left white or painted in any color. But the most expensive finish is made in the English style. For this, the front and side walls are finished with plates of stone – onyx or jasper..

Fireplace Decorations

Common decor elements placed on mantelpieces

To create the effect of fire, it is customary to light the portal. You can also arrange lighted candles, and to visually increase the number of candles, you can mirror the rear wall of the niche with mirrors. Then the fireplace shelf should be decorated with various figurines, watches and family photographs..

Now you understand that every person can do a decorative fireplace in a house. It does not require special skills and significant financial investments..


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