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Fireplaces in the interior – photo selection of different stylistic solutions

Fireplaces in the interior

It is pleasant to spend cold winter evenings in the living room by the fireplace, in which logs crackle slightly. Tongues of flame play mischievously and attract their gaze, forcing them to forget about the gray everyday life, filled with bustle. Open fire gives peace, helps to relax, improves performance and improves sleep. The variety of materials from which fireplaces are made is amazing – photo selection is proof of this!


  • Fireplaces – from the beginnings to the present
  • Variety of style solutions
  • Classics – the ever-current Hi-tech trend: brevity and functionality
  • Modern: sophistication and conciseness
  • Eclecticism: nostalgia for the heyday of the bourgeoisie
  • Country: Attractive Simplicity
  • Biofireplaces: the solution for the citizens of Empire – facing ancient culture

Fireplaces – from the beginnings to the present

A fireplace is an open indoor stove with a chimney. In addition to heating housing, the hearth performs a number of other functions, among them – improving air circulation and drying the room. I would like to recall its aesthetic properties, because the fireplace room in any case is a unique architectural space. Fire sculptures that meet the individual wishes of the owners enrich our culture.

Fireplace in modern housing

The fireplace fits perfectly into the modern interior, in addition, new technical solutions allow the “hearths” to occupy a minimum of space

Fireplaces have come to us since ancient times – they were installed in estates and palaces by noble people. Such great craftsmen as Gaudi, Vrubel and Shekhtel worked on the design of these decor items. The front rooms were richly decorated with columns, sculptures, tiles, cornices, furniture from expensive wood and, of course, a home.

The fireplace is decorated with tiles.

The fireplace is decorated with tiles – a real work of art

Shelves over fireplaces were used as a stand for various household items and antiques..

The walls above the hearth were decorated with picturesque paintings and mirrors. The chimneys that towered above the roof were decorated with an elegant cap. Therefore, it is not surprising that for many, fireplaces are associated with the past..

Heavy metal fireplace in the interior

A heavy metal fireplace looks no-frills

However, not every interior can accept full-fledged fireplaces, massive forms, heavy materials, sophisticated decor and a large firebox lined with natural stone or sheathed in wood. Modern designers have solved the problem of extensive hearths, turning huge fireplaces into decorative models, compact and perfectly styled to exist in modern housing.

Variety of style solutions

The fireplace in the house is a compositional center of the interior, a picturesque accent, an exotic corner. Pick up fireplace to the interior follows from the position of style matching, continuing the general orientation of the room. Today, consumers are offered a wide selection of portals and furnaces of any type, accessories and accessories. If you are interested in how fireplaces look in the interior – photos, illustrations and descriptions of style decisions will help you choose the hearth that is right for you.

Fireplace in the interior - style solution

The fireplace sets a special tone for the interior picture.

Classics – forever current

Classical fireplaces are made mainly of elite materials – marble, granite and other natural stones. For decoration, statues, bas-reliefs, stucco molding and sculptural elements are used. The design is based on a U-shaped portal with an open and closed type firebox.

Fireplace in a classic style

The classic version is a marble fireplace with a U-shaped portal and a presentable mantelpiece

Classic fireplace in the interior

A classic fireplace trimmed with valuable wood is mainly equipped with a safe electric hearth.

Hi-tech: brevity and functionality

Angular fireplaces look amazing and shocking – the photo will help to present all the splendor of the hearth, made in high-tech style. Products are built from fire-resistant materials – steel and heat-resistant glass. Often, individual elements of foci are faced with marble. Each model is a true creation of designers and a bright art object in the interior.

High-tech fireplace

High-tech fireplace reminiscent of a hearth in a North American Indian wigwam

Fireplace in a hi-tack solution

Hi-Tack Fireplace – Stylish Strict Minimalism

Modern: sophistication and conciseness

At the heart of such a chimney style as modern you can trace the presence of some elements of the classics – wall layout, portal form and firebox.

And minimalism in the design of the portal makes obvious changes to the classic lines and determines, as a result, the object belongs to the modern style. An additional key difference is the high chimney casing, which, as a rule, is lined up to the ceiling.

Art Nouveau fireplace

Art Nouveau fireplace

Art Nouveau fireplace

Fireplace in a modern interior – the main bright accent

Eclecticism: nostalgia for the heyday of the bourgeoisie

Eclecticism in the construction of fireplaces has been known since the time of the Queen of Britain. The main idea of ​​this direction is a combination of incompatible things – materials and colors, a peculiar synthesis of new ideas and fashionable European traditions. Victorian fireplaces are distinguished by a wooden and cast-iron U-shaped portal, elegant decoration with ornaments made by tiled and baguette tiles, as well as an open firebox.

Fireplace in the stylized direction of eclecticism

Fireplace in the stylized direction of eclecticism

Victorian fireplace in the interior

Victorian fireplace in the interior: a rich but harmonious mixture of objects and decorative techniques of different styles

Country: Attractive Simplicity

Country style fireplaces are very popular because they are able to harmoniously blend into ethno interiors and traditional designs. Such a fireplace perfectly complements the living room in a townhouse and a country house. If the choice fell on brick fireplaces – photos and pictures from the Internet will turn out to be, as never before! In construction, shells and sandstones are often used. Almost every model is endowed with a massive oak beam.

Fireplace in ethno interior

Fireplace in ethno interior

Country Fireplace

A fireplace throughout the country brings extraordinary warmth to your surroundings.

Biofireplaces: a solution for citizens

Biofireplaces are perfect for those residents who do not have the opportunity to make a chimney at home. Decorative Fireplaces elegantly imitate the burning of firewood and have elegant shapes. A similar visual effect is achieved thanks to the built-in backlight.

Biofireplace in the interior

The biofireplace is safe, does not require a chimney, can be installed in an apartment of a multi-storey building

Decorative fireplace in the design of housing

Decorative fireplace – a spectacular element of interior design that does not create problems with either operation or installation

Empire – facing ancient culture

Architectural buildings in the Empire style are saturated with the spirit of antiquity. Fireplaces are distinguished by grandiose monumentality, stability, strict forms, lack of overload with details, symmetrical decor, rectangular shapes, columns, a combination of geometric and floral ornaments. All kinds of forged elements look great.

Empire style pompous fireplace

Empire style pompous fireplace

Fireplace in the Empire style interior

Fireplace in the Empire style interior

Thus, the fireplace adds personality to the interior of the housing and creates an ideal atmosphere for spending time in the family circle, watching the flame dance.


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