Why art parquet is good: aesthetic and functional appeal

If you are not an Arab sheikh, you do not have millions of accounts in Swiss banks, but have dreams of a luxurious interior, then you should take a closer look at the art parquet. It creates an amazing and completely natural association with the palace chambers. Your guests will not be indifferent to such a floor covering, and you will be able to delight your look for many years.


  • Original, aesthetic, timeless
  • Production of art flooring
  • Ready-made ornament elements
  • Socket and its features
  • What is a module??
  • Border – multifunctional element
  • Mosaic – thousands of variations


  • Laying art flooring

    Original, aesthetic, timeless

    Today, artistic parquet is a modern, practical and aesthetic floor covering that adorns the interiors of residential buildings. It is made in strict accordance with pre-made drawings and in the factory. Such a careful approach is due to the fact that this parquet is a rather non-standard product..

    Valuable tree species are used for its production. The most widespread is the wood of larch, alder, apple, bog oak, walnut, boxwood, yew. Inlaid from dark tree species – red mahogany, palm, lemon tree, black ebony – allow design ideas to be realized on the surface of such parquet.

    Contemporary flooring - art parquet

    Art parquet in the interior

    Modern parquet of this type allows not only to decorate the room, but also to place the necessary, important accents; beat some elements of the interior; combine several rooms in different styles. In addition, it is in harmony with most other finishing materials, furniture and accessories..

    Depending on the composition of the drawings, it is customary to distinguish art parquet on the surface of the flooring – photo examples can be easily found on the Internet – geometric type and picturesque. The first option provides for the constant repetition of any one element, and the second is characterized by the presence of curved non-repeating patterns.

    Production of art flooring

    Modern technologies make it possible to produce high-quality art parquet – the price for it, of course, varies – suitable for installation in most residential premises. The most common are two main methods of production. The first of these involves the use of marquetry. In this case, a set of drawing is carried out from individual strips that fit as tightly as possible to each other.

    The second production method is inlay. It differs in that for obtaining high-quality parquet, wood of various textures is used. One tree species acts as a background, and the other crashes into it, creating a unique pattern. It is worth noting that the insertion is carried out to the entire depth of the background. Quite often, a combination of these methods of coating production is used..

    Ready-made ornament elements

    Experts highlight several basic decorative elements used to create original and beautiful drawings on your floor. These include a socket, a border, a module and a mosaic.

    Socket and its features

    It is a complete story composition, which is made of various wood. A feature of this element is the presence of a center of symmetry. It is worth emphasizing that the outlet carries a certain meaning, revealing the meaning of the whole picture on the floor. Its application allows you to create additional effects and adjusts the visual perception of the room.

    Parquet floor socket

    Decorative element of the parquet floor – socket

    A classic outlet has a round shape, and its diameter ranges from 800-2 500 mm. She can successfully combine both floral and geometric ornaments. The nuance that it can become its only decoration distinguishes the outlet from other decorative elements of art flooring.

    What is a module??

    The module is a precast element. For this purpose, small parts of various shapes are used. They are attached using special glue or nails. Another mounting option is to connect with adjacent elements using the thorn-groove method.

    Parquet flooring module

    Parquet module – decorative element of the floor covering

    Modules can significantly save time when laying parquet. The decorative effect of this parquet element is achieved due to the play of light in its fibers.

    Border – multifunctional element

    A border is a decorative and multifunctional linear element of parquet flooring. The pattern on it is repeated periodically along the entire length. It fits harmoniously into almost any interior, completing the process of laying parquet.

    Parquet flooring border

    Parquet flooring border

    The border successfully combines wall and flooring. As a rule, borders surround the room around the perimeter. Their width depends on a number of factors – the area of ​​the room itself, the style of the interior, the type of parquet floor.

    Mosaic – thousands of variations

    Art mosaic is one of the decorative elements of this type of flooring. She successfully combines a parquet module and a variety of decorative inserts. For the manufacture of such a mosaic, a variety of wood species and methods of its processing are used..

    Inserts may take place, for example, of glass or tile. The variety of mosaics, its widest color scheme – all this provides a lot of opportunities for decorating interiors.

    Laying art flooring

    The installation of art flooring is carried out only by highly qualified specialists. The fact is that this process is quite complicated even for them. Parquet elements are laid strictly by hand. Without exaggeration, this work can be called art..

    Parquet art

    Art parquet – we personalize the interior

    There are a lot of ways to lay this flooring, but the easiest way is to cover the floor with mosaic parquet. As a rule, its individual elements are glued to a special flexible film even in the factory. After that, the product is ready for delivery to the living room. This method allows you to maintain the integrity of the picture. For direct installation, it is enough to peel off the elements from the film and attach to the previously prepared floor base.

    Specialists lay piece parquet in a certain order with this or that “drawing”. It can be a herringbone, wicker or deck. These styling options are not the only ones, however, they were most widely used..

    Thus, if you purchase art parquet, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend money on paying for the services of specialists in laying it. However, your costs will pay off completely. The result of all the work will be a surprisingly beautiful, original, durable and practical floor covering..


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