Unspoken rules for the design of the floor in the apartment: we will select the floor competently

Unspoken rules for floor design in an apartment

Each of us is quite capable of deciding on the choice of the type of flooring – it is enough to study the technical characteristics of various coatings and choose the most suitable. But when you have to choose a floor design, most are at a loss. A rare layman has the ability to see a finished picture of an ideal interior. Understanding that the floor design in the apartment must be thoughtful, aesthetic and functional, of course, is present, but the lack of knowledge on the topic makes it difficult to make a decision. Let’s look at a few basic, fundamental concepts of floor layout, compare several implementation options.


  • Basic design principles
  • Classic floor design
  • Ethnic Flooring
  • Hi-tech in floor design

Basic design principles

The floor in the apartment is conditionally zoned. The nursery and the bedroom (the so-called “living area”) and the living room (“representative area”) are considered separately from the hallway, kitchen, and bathroom. For the arrangement of the floor in the residential and representative areas, eco-friendly beautiful materials with good thermal insulation, one way or another connected with wood, are most often used: parquet board, parquet, laminate. In the hallway, where special wear resistance requirements are imposed on the floor, tiles and porcelain tiles are appropriate. Remember the properties of flooring materials. A carpet will require replacement much faster than a parquet board. Consider when choosing.

Japanese interior

An example of a Japanese-style floor color scheme: calm harmonious combinations without sharp contrasts

Zoning of the space using coatings of different texture, pattern and properties should be smooth, it is also important to maintain proportions and compatibility with the shade of furniture, walls, and ceiling. Floor and ceiling in any room are inextricably linked.

The pattern of a multi-tiered ceiling can also be repeated on the floor (by skillful synthesis of various materials) in which case the room will be perceived as a common pattern, and not as individual elements. The color of the floor does not have to repeat the color of the furniture. In case you want to emphasize the elegant line of furniture or its successful color, it makes sense to select a floor with a contrasting color.

Classic floor design

The classic interior provides for the completeness of the picture, calm shades in the color scheme of the floor. Decorating the floor with mosaic masonry of the parquet is affordable for a few, but such an option would be the best solution. Imitation of the parquet pattern is often found in collections of parquet boards, laminate and linoleum. As for color solutions, everything is simple: repeating the shades of a tree of valuable species and their diverse combination. You can visually highlight the center of the room using decorative elements close in tone.

Parquet mosaic

Empire style mosaic parquet flooring for presentable living rooms

The floor in the antique style is a stylized mosaic, the use of numerous geometric and floral ornaments (the idea can be implemented in various ways: linoleum flooring of the appropriate color or using the “bulk floor” technology). The floor is saturated dark shades are often used for interior in the Japanese style. You can use this idea, but in this case, the walls and ceiling should be as light as possible, in order to avoid a depressing effect. The color of skirting boards and platbands should repeat the shade of the floor.

Ethnic style floors

Ethnicity is a textured floor, stylization for an untreated surface, an abundance of sharp color transitions. Cork or leather floors, or a correspondingly stylized picture of bulk floors, can be a worthy solution for a floor in ethnic style. The choice of style is not so important by and large – it is purely individual. It is recommended to avoid the continuity of the uniform color and texture in the floor covering of the entire floor of the room. Mandatory bright accents.

Parquet board, ethnic

Ethnic style in the design of flooring – a recognized leader in the field of interior design

Perhaps it will be a small carpet in the dining room or bedroom or a specially decorated tile pattern. Light flooring can work well with a skirting board in a much darker shade. Such a technique will visually expand the room. You can even build a mini aquarium on the floor, is it worth it? Multi-colored inserts from the same material, but of a different color, fixtures built into the floor, the use of several materials in the decoration of the floor of one room – there are actually a lot of options. In principle, the floor design of a photo or video will convey better printed words.

Hi-tech in floor design

Expediency and minimalism are the basic principles of the hi-tech style. Only pure colors, you will not see a sophisticated game of halftones, as in the case of decorating the floor in the classical style, a variety of ornaments, as in the case of designing the floor in the antique style.

The emphasis on texture and color is more likely characteristic of the ethnic and country styles. High-tech flooring is not intended to repeat the texture of a tree or floral ornament. Parquet, laminate or linoleum should be presented in color only. We admit subtle pearl shine and conditional zoning in compliance with geometric proportions.

Some of us tend to end the pains of choice sooner. In this case, we are in a hurry to choose “something neutral, non-marking, so that it fits any color.” You can use the services of a specialist in the field of interior design, trust in his knowledge and experience, entrust thorough consideration of the possibilities of implementing your ideas. A professional will be able to combine your subjective ideas about beauty and comfort with the functionality of the room, but his services will be expensive. In fact, clear stylistic accents are not required in the interior; it’s enough to choose a combination of elements that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye.