Reasonable savings with solar powered street lighting

Do you enjoy using new technologies? Hardly anyone will say no! Already much of what was once considered a luxury is being applied in our lives. An example of this is solar-powered street lighting! We knew about him from films about the future, but in practice it was used only in space. Today, such coverage is not fiction, but reality! It attracts not only with its beauty and affordability, but also with economic benefits..


  • Scope in landscape design
  • Lighting Specifications
  • Types of solar-powered luminaires
  • Advantages and disadvantages of fixtures

Autonomous solar lamps are convenient where there is no electricity or there is no way to hide the wires. They are easy to maintain and do not harm the environment. The lights turn on automatically when it gets dark. Consumers can choose for themselves any model of these devices that differ in purpose, characteristics and design.

Scope in landscape design

The main function of such lighting is the illumination of various objects on the land. Installing it is not difficult at all – you just need to stick the legs of the lamp into the ground. They can be installed anywhere by lighting and highlighting the following areas:

  • steps on the stairs;
  • garden paths;
  • driveway boundaries;
  • alpine slides;
  • complex relief changes;
  • places near ponds, ponds and fountains;
  • groups of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers;
  • arbors and recreation areas.

During the day, the lamps accumulate solar energy, and when dark, give it away. Soft diffused light creates a feeling of calm and comfort. It enhances the measured and calm country life..

solar powered

You can have good coverage for little money.

Lighting Specifications

The rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery has a capacity of 600-700 mA / h. It is installed on a non-crystalline solar panel, which during the day converts sunlight into electricity. When night falls, the photosensitive element independently turns on the LEDs. Lighting is made by energy-saving, sodium and LED lamps. They have a power of 0.06W and can serve up to 100 thousand hours. After fully charged, the lamps can work for 8-10 hours. We can note some more characteristics of these lighting devices:

  • they are not afraid of precipitation;
  • maintain a temperature difference from -50C to +50;
  • the material of the lamps is not subject to corrosion, since they are made of bamboo, rattan, glass, steel, bronze;
  • the cover that hides the solar battery is dustproof (the degree of protection is indicated on the case or box);
  • they can be controlled remotely using GPRS;
  • the height of the lighting that the lamps provide is 5-10 meters;
  • The main parts of the lamp are made of stainless steel coated with anti-corrosion agent.

Types of solar-powered luminaires

There are several types of fixtures that use solar panels. Let us dwell on the most common among them..

landscape lighting

Your home might look like this

1. A wall lamp is the most common method used in lighting parks and summer cottages. What explains its popularity? By the fact that it can be placed anywhere where sunlight enters. Subject to this condition, a fully contaminated battery can deliver energy within 10 hours..

LED lamps for charging the battery can be hung out all day on the street. How long this process will last will depend on the weather. As a result, on cloudy days and in the winter season, such recharging may not be possible. This is the lack of solar cells. Their service life lasts from 5 to 10 years..

2. Park lights are equipped with large panels. They are made of stainless steel, have moisture protection and are able to work for several days (not excluding rainy weather).

Street lamp

All that is needed for such a lamp is a lot of sunlight

3. Lawn lights used to illuminate lawns look very stylish and modern. Such decorative illumination not only makes the site beautiful, but also differs in practicality:

  • compact flashlights can be easily removed while mowing the lawn;
  • there are no wires in which there is a danger of tangling;
  • they do not “beat” with current.
lawn lighting

With spotlights, the lawn looks just bewitching

4. Small lamps on LED elements are used when you need to decorate bushes, trees, garden paths, verandas, attics and other places. They find application in the illumination of billboards..

Advantages and disadvantages of fixtures

LED luminaires are used for decorating various interiors – at home, apartments, villas, offices. With their help, you can illuminate the farthest corners and focus on any subject. In addition, they are widely used for additional lighting of beds – even after sunset, plants can develop and gain strength. These lanterns also illuminate city streets and parks..

When planning lighting on your site, you should know not only about its positive properties, but also about the minuses. They are as follows:

  • in most cases, after a breakdown, the lamps cannot be repaired;
  • they charge slowly and do not shine well during cloudy weather;
  • during the cold season, batteries may malfunction.

With a small list of shortcomings, solar-powered street lighting has much more advantages:

  • complete safety during operation;
  • no need to constantly monitor the battery level;
  • mobility, due to which they can be placed anywhere on the site;
  • tangible energy savings;
  • great opportunities in choosing a power range – from tiny flashlights to street lamps;
  • a variety of sizes, colors and shapes;
  • long service life.

We live in the 21st century, so it is impossible to imagine that life will be deprived of sources of energy and light. It is simply unthinkable to see our apartment, house, terrace and garden without lighting fixtures. They create a homely atmosphere there and are able to decorate the place of our work and rest..

How wonderful that solar energy makes it possible to have cheap lighting. So let the sun always shine!


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