How to pour concrete floor in a wooden house: advantages, process technology

How to pour concrete floor in a wooden house

According to experts with experience in repair and construction works, concrete floor is the most durable and reliable. It is durable and even, it is an ideal surface for laying tiles or flooring of any floor covering. Also, the concrete floor in a wooden house has a good resistance to destruction. Filling of such a floor is not particularly difficult and requires only a little skill. Perhaps his main drawback is that it is quite cold. But in our time this problem is very easily solved thanks to a wide selection of heat-insulating, finishing materials, which are laid on top of a concrete base.


  • What is needed for pouring concrete floor
  • Starting Stage – Preparation
  • Technological rules for reinforcing
  • Concrete floor pouring
  • Concrete base advantages

What is needed for pouring concrete floor

For self concrete floor casting in a wooden house you will need some tools and materials that need to be prepared in advance:

  • Level;
  • Rule – a tool necessary for uniform distribution of the poured solution over the surface;
  • Master OK;
  • Wooden slats;
  • A halter is a tool used to level the surface;
  • Concrete mortar – cement, water, sand and gravel.

Starting Stage – Preparation

The creation of a concrete base in a wooden house should be performed using special technology. Only then can you get a durable, high-quality floor.

In most cases, the rough floor of a wooden house is logs, which are wide beams laid on the ground, brick columns or compacted sand. Skull boards are laid on top of them, on which floorboards themselves are already laid. Over time, these floors undergo a fairly strong deformation, begin to creak. In addition, the boards may begin to rot. To eliminate such troubles, you can resort to many methods that allow you to replace the old floor. The best option, of course, will be the device in the house of concrete floors.

Ready concrete floor in a wooden house

Ready concrete floor in a wooden house

The technology of replacing a wooden floor itself is quite simple, does not require special knowledge. To carry it out, you need to disassemble the wooden floor, leaving only logs. If the damage has affected the logs, they must also be removed. In the latter case, it will be necessary to fill the concrete floor on the ground. In a situation where the logs are in good condition, you should first pour a layer of clay and level. After which the usual step-by-step procedure for pouring the concrete floor is performed.

The lowest layer of the future floor will be a claydite layer (you can use sand or fine gravel), which performs a heat-insulating function. It will allow you to create the floor of the necessary height. The thickness of this layer can vary from 10 to 40 millimeters. Under the expanded clay layer, you can additionally lay a layer of plastic film that performs the function of vapor barrier.

Expanded clay layer device

Expanded clay layer will reduce material consumption, due to its laying the weight of the structure will not increase too much

It should be noted that as an option for concrete floor devices you can use filling screed with filler instead of the usual falling asleep expanded clay. Such technology is used much less frequently in practice, but still exists. The choice of a specific type of concrete floor pouring in a wooden house should be selected individually.

An additional layer of insulation is laid on top of the insulation layer. This technique has a positive effect on the thermal characteristics of the house as a whole..

Insulating film

Laying an insulating film to increase the thermal insulation effect

It is important! The insulation film must be laid so that it extends 10-15 cm beyond the walls.

You also need to remember that the level of the base must match the level of the floors in the house or fill in taking into account the height of the flooring of the future flooring.

Technological rules for reinforcing

If, after carrying out the above procedures, parts of the beams are still visible on the surface, then it is necessary to bend certain shapes of the desired shape from special rods of metal. They should ideally cover the area of ​​the beam. On the remaining surface, a metal mesh is installed.

All future reinforcement elements, spread out over the entire floor area, must be raised 3-5 cm from the surface level using special wooden or metal supports. When carrying out full preparation for pouring a concrete floor, all the reinforcement that needs to be filled with a concrete layer should be in the middle of this layer and not touch the floor surface at any point.

Concrete floor pouring

At this stage, a concrete solution is made. By consistency, it should look like a dense, homogeneous mass without lumps. The procedure for filling the entire area of ​​the future floor must be carried out in one day. Therefore, preparatory work is carried out in advance. If engineering communications, for example, electric cables, are located under the future floor, they must be carefully insulated. They fit into prepared special gutters or cable channels that can prevent the risk of damage.

In a situation where the area of ​​the house is very large, the concrete floor can be poured not in a solid monolith, but in separate parts. For this, wooden thresholds are used, which in the future can be removed or left. If it is decided to remove them, then do it the next day. The resulting seams must be filled with mortar using a spatula..

The concrete base is poured from the wall located on the opposite side of the door so that it does not have to go out on a dry surface. After the entire area is filled with mortar, it should be leveled with a spatula or rule. Achieving a flat surface is very important at this stage, since the existing ability to lay a certain floor covering depends on this indicator..

Concrete leveling

Alignment of the concrete base: the rule is moved along beacons, like on rails

In the first days after pouring a concrete floor in a wooden house, it is necessary to wet the surface about 4-6 times. The floor area is covered with a layer of plastic film and left to dry. Final drying of the concrete base takes about three weeks. The degree of drying is determined by the color change of the material to light gray, as well as by the increase in surface hardness.

The final stage of the concrete floor device is the application of liquid cement to its surface and the subsequent screed device. The screed application process is carried out in stages, as well as concrete. This element of the floor structure is necessary to achieve certain tasks:

  • Alignment;
  • Giving surface strength;
  • Creation of slopes on floors;
  • Improving thermal absorption.

You should know! Concrete floor significantly weighs the weight of the structure of the house. It is necessary to find out in advance whether the foundation can withstand such a load.

Experts do not recommend pouring concrete floor in a new wooden house, as the floor and other elements of the house will be significantly deformed with time. This may cause cracking of the poured concrete..

Concrete base advantages

A concrete floor in a wooden house has several advantages that distinguish it among other types of floors:

  • The environmental friendliness of the material used allows you to use it to fill any room in the house;
  • The floor does not emit dust even with intensive use, which avoids the negative effects of dust on the respiratory system. This advantage appears during special processing of the entire surface;
  • Low fire hazard. Strong fire has no effect on this type of floor;
  • High resistance to chemicals and water. The concrete floor retains its properties even under the influence of acids and other aggressive chemicals;
  • The concrete floor is a monolith, which does not allow moisture and harmful microorganisms to penetrate;
  • Long operation. Such a floor can be used without repair for 20-30 years.

It should be noted that achieving high wear resistance and maximum durability is possible only when pouring a concrete floor, carried out in strict accordance with the technology. Also an important point that has a significant impact on the final result is the careful preparation of the surface. Attentive step-by-step execution of work on existing technology guarantees high quality of the finished concrete base.


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