Lighting at home – outdoor (outdoor) and indoor: the rules of the device and the possibility of lighting devices

Home lighting

The country house attracts solitude with nature, relaxation from the frantic rhythm of life and city noise. But comfortable living is unthinkable without an effective lighting system, both external and internal. With the help of correctly selected lamps, you can set bright accents in the interior and on the cottage site. Proper lighting of the house allows you to create beauty and coziness indoors and harmoniously fit the building into the surrounding landscape.


  • Outdoor lighting and its types
  • Flood lighting, its work
  • Spectacular accent lighting
  • What is contour lighting?
  • How hidden backlighting works
  • Interior lighting and its options
  • Outdoor lighting and its types

    Street lighting of a country house occupies a significant niche in the design of the facade of the building and the adjacent territory. This is one of the most important elements that ensures the effectiveness of protection and the safety of movement around the territory at night. In addition, it is much more pleasant to go out into the garden, shimmering with soft light, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and the cleanest air..

    Lighting a country house is not limited only to the choice of form, design and functions of lamps. Modern technologies make it possible to realize the most daring and creative design decisions, combine various models of devices to achieve unexpected results and create a cozy atmosphere in the home.

    Street (outdoor) lighting of a country house

    Street (outdoor) lighting of a country house: a combination of facade lighting and lighting along the paths

    A rich arsenal of lighting design solutions is based on several basic techniques, the choice of which depends on individual preferences and functions.

    Flood lighting, its work

    The effect of flood lighting is the most common. It is used to highlight the main part of the facade. Thanks to the lamps installed, for example, from below and directed at a certain angle, there is an amazing opportunity to highlight or emphasize certain sections of the building, to give some mystery. Diode lighting at home easily copes with this task. The location of LED lights depends on the specific tasks of lighting design, allowing you to draw attention to the texture of a country house and create an expressive volume in the evening.

    Flood lighting

    Outdoor lighting creates a non-standard surroundings, distinguishes the building from the background of other buildings, ensures the safety of movement

    Thanks to the multi-colored diode illumination, you can create a variety of colors for the facade and even control the change of lighting using the remote control. Of course, the exterior lighting of the house must necessarily successfully interact with the color palette of the facade.

    So, for example, when illuminating a yellow facade with blue spotlights, a green tint is obtained. And there are a lot of such amazing transformations, which allows you to experiment with color.

    Spectacular accent lighting

    Accent lighting of a residential building is used to highlight certain fragments of the facade. With the help of such a system, it is possible to focus on individual architectural elements: statues, columns, stucco molding, and also to focus on the entire facade. In addition, the combination of different colors allows you to embody creative ideas of designers.

    Accent lighting

    Accent lighting allows emphasizing the most interesting architectural elements

    What is contour lighting?

    Such a building lighting system consists of LED tubes that perfectly envelop the look of a country house. Contour lighting helps to outline the facade of the building and highlight its individual elements, such as: fencing balconies, columns, railings of stairs, roof elements and others.

    Contour lighting

    Contour lighting “outlines” the configuration of the house, creates an unusual effect

    How hidden backlighting works

    Hidden lighting is a type of street lighting that highlights the protruding elements of the building, emphasizes the bulk of the architecture and does not illuminate the entire surface. This technique allows you to highlight the cornice, the lower part of the balcony and other elements by installing LED tubes or flexible neon.

    Hidden lighting does not illuminate the entire structure, focuses on individual elements

    Hidden lighting does not illuminate the entire structure, focuses on individual elements


    Street lighting is necessary to increase the level of security, which is made possible by lamps and spotlights installed at the entrance to the site. Only two spotlights illuminating the gates and the territory of the site where the car will drive in are enough. In addition, if desired, you can install an automatic lighting system that turns on when the car approaches the gate.

    To illuminate the surrounding area using landscape gardening lamps. They are widely used in landscape design, perfectly illuminate paths, plants. One of the main requirements for lighting equipment for the garden is safety for surrounding plants. In addition, the lights should be invisible.

    Landscape lighting

    Landscape lighting

    The pool and pond lights on the plot look very impressive. Naturally, the illumination of these objects is technologically difficult, but it looks unusual and very beautiful. The most important point when lighting water-related elements is electrical safety.

    Interior lighting and its options

    The interior lighting of a country house creates not only a comfortable atmosphere, but also allows you to emphasize the style of the room, adding a finishing touch to the design decision. Correctly selected light sources can become real interior decorations. The choice of lighting depends on the style and your taste. For example, lighting in a wooden house made in a country style will perfectly harmonize with the naturalness of natural materials.

    Acquaintance with the house begins from the hall, it is this room that gives the first impression of the style and tastes of the owners. It is better to create a warm and bright lighting, adding a touch of solemnity through small sconces on the walls.

    Lighting in the living room may already be more pompous and elaborate. Massive crystal chandeliers give the room a special welcome. It should be noted that the rooms in country houses have high ceilings, which allows you to successfully fit large lighting fixtures into the interior. A chandelier is not only a source of intense light, but also an indicator of your status, an object on which the attention of guests is concentrated. To make a piece of comfort and privacy in the living room you can place stylish sconces, which will be an excellent solution for lighting in everyday life.

    Lighting a living room in a country house

    Lighting a living room in a country house: a combination of a large central chandelier and spotlights provides the opportunity to vary the lighting

    The lighting in the kitchen must be taken seriously. Particular attention is paid to the work area, requiring bright, intense lighting. A good option would be the placement of spotlights above the sink, table, stove. The chandelier for the kitchen should be modern and discreet. Pompous chandelier in this room does not fit in its stylistic decision.

    Kitchen lighting

    Lighting of the kitchen performs several important functions: it provides convenience of work, divides the space into zones

    Lighting for the children’s room must meet more stringent requirements. It should be safe for children’s eyes, so opaque lamps are recommended. They do not create glare that have a negative effect on the eyes. Children’s room should be bright enough so that there is no need to strain eyesight.

    The bedroom in the house is a place to relax, which should immerse you in a relaxing, cozy atmosphere. A good option would be to use ambient light, a beautiful lampshade, and an interesting night light. The environment in the bedroom, including lighting, should contribute to a relaxing rest, relaxation.

    Bedroom lighting

    Lighting of the bedroom creates a calm cozy atmosphere, appropriate to the atmosphere of relaxation

    The use of color lighting solutions makes it possible to emphasize the overall tonality of the interior, adding colors. The interior lighting of a country house is able to highlight individual elements of the interior, placing bright accents.

    In conclusion, it can be noted that a properly organized lighting system has a tangible effect on the mood of all the inhabitants of a country house. It allows you to create a favorable atmosphere for a comfortable and pleasant pastime. Competent and professional lighting design will emphasize the individuality of the stylistic decision and highlight colorful accents in the interior.


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