How to create effective lighting of the facade of the house

Living in cities whose streets are bright at night, like during the day, we have already forgotten what night darkness is. But it’s worth going outside the megalopolises to plunge into darkness. Particularly acute shortage of light urban residents traveling to their suburban homes. That is why the question of how to perform lighting of facades becomes relevant for them so that the house is well and effectively illuminated..


  • The main tasks of lighting facades
  • Stages of creating a lighting system
  • Country house flood light
  • Local and hidden lights in service with homeowners
  • Important Tips

The main tasks of lighting facades

For the first time faced with the need to illuminate the building from the outside, it is worth deciding on the main tasks that will be assigned to such lighting. The first of them is purely practical. It is necessary to consider the placement of lighting devices in such a way as to feel at home in absolute safety. After all, if there is enough light around the building, then psychologically we feel much more comfortable and comfortable. And by the way, a good level of illumination affects potential attackers disarmingly. Indeed, in this case, the risk of their detection is much higher, and therefore the risk of extraneous intrusion or the commission of acts of vandalism is lower.

home lighting

Effectively allocated house itself declares the status of its owners

The second important function is aesthetic. Thanks to a sophisticated lighting system, you can give a spectacular appearance to the building even in the dark. But for this he will have to work hard. Only at first glance does it seem as if creating beautiful lighting of building facades is easy and simple. Here you have to consider too many factors, because you should take into account the architecture of the structure, and the location of surrounding objects, and the whole landscape.

Stages of creating a lighting system

To illuminate any building, you will have to start working on it with the development of the project. At a minimum, it is necessary to sketch a drawing on which you need to sketch the building with all its geometric and stylistic features. It is also advisable to depict a house surrounded by nearby objects. Then you can work out the lighting as efficiently as possible in order to emphasize certain details and hide the others in the twilight. Then your country cottage will look like a fabulous palace at night, mysterious and mysterious, not at all like the house that neighbors see in the daytime.

After the project is created, it is necessary to proceed with the selection of those lighting devices with which it can be implemented. It’s worth taking all kinds of new products that are offered by manufacturers of electrical goods. Recall that today on sale you can find such fixtures and lamps that give good bright lighting, while consuming a minimum of electricity. The indicator of profitability is very important, because the house will be lit all night, and along with electricity money is also spent from the pockets of the owner.

Country house flood light

Now we turn to purely practical issues of how exactly it is possible to perform lighting of the facade of the house so that it copes with both practical and aesthetic function. First of all, it should be said that designers use different tricks so that the building produces one or another effect.

For example, you can literally flood the entire structure with light, so that it will look majestic and solid. This technique is usually used for buildings that either have historical value, or are an interesting instance from the point of view of architecture..

flood light

For flood light, a fluorescent lamp is a good choice, which does not flicker during operation and turns on instantly

In this case, you need to use large spotlights, which are placed around the perimeter of the house. They will outline every detail of the structure and make its contours clear. In order to highlight the brightest elements, it is necessary to install directional light devices. For example, to direct their rays standing on a beautiful balcony or balustrade, column or porch.

Local and hidden lights in service with homeowners

If your house is not distinguished by its grandiose size or architecture, which I would like to show to passers-by, you can light it with other tricks. We are talking about the use of local light, aimed at highlighting certain architectural features. At the same time, he copes well and with a practical purpose: the house looks quite lit..

For example, you can install lamps so that they favorably shade openwork carvings on the veranda. As a rule, they are fixed directly on the facade. Therefore, with this method of lighting, it is especially important to choose the right lighting fixtures. They should not be too cumbersome, otherwise in the afternoon their appearance will bring disharmony into the general appearance of the structure.

Hidden illumination means that an outsider, observing the illuminated building from the side, sees a special light pattern that completely transforms the appearance of the house. This effect is not so simple to achieve, because it is created, taking into account the geometry of the building, its remoteness from neighboring objects and other factors.

home lighting

If hidden illumination is performed using neon lamps, the type of construction will be especially mysterious

Both local and hidden illumination can be contoured – that is, then it highlights the contour of the structure, since the lamps are mounted throughout the facade at a certain distance. This option is able to emphasize the most important details of the building..

Even the architectural lighting of the facades with the help of hidden and local lighting can only slightly outline the silhouette of the house. In this case, in general, it will look dark, and its details will be hidden in the twilight.

If there is a desire to work well on the project, then you can apply such a technique as color dynamics. It involves the use of a variety of lighting devices that turn on and off in turn, in accordance with a given program. Of course, to cope with such a task will not be easy, and it will require large material costs. Because besides fixtures, for its implementation, special instruments and devices will be required.

Important Tips

In order for you to understand the complexity of work even with the simplest highlighting of a cottage, you need to add a few more tips that will be relevant. Firstly, when working with lighting, you will have to calculate the power level of each lamp and lamp not only from the point of view of economy. After all, you need to choose them so that your network can easily withstand such a load.

site landscape

When working on home lighting, landscape lighting needs to be taken into account.

The second important nuance is that you will need to work not only directly with the light, but also consider what materials the house is built from. After all, each view looks completely different in combination with a particular lighting option. For example, metal parts will reflect it, and this is not always beneficial for the perception of the structure as a whole.

Finally, the final recommendation is safety, which should be taken into account during lighting design. It is necessary that the installation of fixtures and their further operation be safe. For example, you should take care of purchasing devices that will help to avoid electric shock, even if some kind of lighting device is damaged.


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