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Typical prices and the cost of electrical work: calculate the costs before repair

Typical prices and the cost of electrical work

You can only welcome the desire to glue the wallpaper on your own or to independently prepare an overseas dish for dinner. It is never too late to learn something new, if all of a sudden the plan does not work out, then the result is easily corrected. A completely different thing is the wiring device. In this case, you can only entrust execution to a qualified specialist, because the final result depends on his knowledge, skills and abilities – coordinated and properly organized work of all electrical appliances. Errors in the installation of electrical wiring can cause a fire, such cases are not uncommon. That is why knowledge and experience, the high qualification of a specialist are so important, they are some guarantee of a good work result. Each of us is willing to pay a high price for the safety of loved ones. But, on the other hand, in the services market there can be a mass of offers from seemingly equivalent performers. Is the value stated in the list of services of a particular company overstated? How exactly are the prices for electrical work? Let’s try to figure it out.



  • How to do a lot for a small price?
  • Typical Rates and Estimates
  • Factors Affecting Cost


Everyone who is faced with the need to lay electrical wires, repair or reconstruct cable networks, install lighting fixtures and everything else that can be combined under the general name “electrical work” is interested in several aspects: first of all, the quality of the electrical work, the cost of services, and, of course same deadlines. Some guarantee of the high quality of work can be a solid experience of the company in this field, the availability of necessary approvals and licenses, modern special equipment, a high level of training of employees, positive feedback from friends or relatives. You can see a wide enough price range..

How to do a lot for a small price?

When comparing the price lists of several dozens of companies providing electrical installation services, one can observe a pattern: if relatively low prices for electrical installation are indicated, then additional conditions are written in small letters that significantly affect the final cost. The absence of design documentation may lead to a possible excess of the previously stated price, the cost of electrical work is indicated excluding VAT, non-standard materials and structures are paid for at a contractual rate, etc. In this case, it will be right to stipulate the contents of the delivery set in advance, to find out if additional consumables are required for electrical work.

Fixed rates – the concept is very, very conditional. The vague wording “minimum cost of a package of replacement services electrical wiring for a studio apartment corresponds to the equivalent of 300 dollars, ”says only the lowest of all possible price indicators. The cost, for example, of ditching channels for electrical wiring will depend on the width of the channels, and on their duration (the unit of measurement in this case is the running meter) and on the kind of surface (brick, concrete, drywall). Consider the average prices for electrical work of a certain type.

Typical Rates and Estimates

Drilling holes

Preparatory work (drilling holes)

Preparatory work includes drilling various holes in the wall: through (the cost ranges from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on the material to be drilled (brick, concrete), drilling holes for installing spotlights (a hole for a spotlight drilled in drywall will cost 120 rubles on average, in a rack ceiling – 200 rubles).

Flush-mounted junction box

Junction box installation

Installation of the junction box will cost 120 rubles, the hole for the junction box is drilled for a fee – from 120 to 240 rubles, depending on the material of the wall.

If you have to replace the wiring, then the dismantling of equipment that has already expired (automatic machine, cable duct, junction box, electric meter) will cost an average of 30 to 390 rubles, depending on the complexity of dismantling.

Installation of electrical equipment with a connection to the power grid is a separate type of service, please note that cable service is not included in the cost of the service. When installing and connecting a jacuzzi, electric stove or cooker hood (1500, 950 and 1500 rubles, respectively), all cable laying services are paid separately. Installation of the ground loop will cost 14,200 rubles.

Installation of electrical wiring in an open way will cost the client from 80 to 130 rubles per linear meter (on brackets for wood or plaster or corrugation).

An emergency departure to the master’s house within the city or outside the city is paid at a separate rate, as well as consultation on work and costing.

preliminary rates

An example of a preliminary calculation of the cost of electrical work

Factors Affecting Cost

  • the number of electric points (sockets and switches);
  • wall covering material;
  • difficulty level.

Let us summarize all of the above to derive a general scheme for calculating the cost of electrical work: after viewing the prices on the site, the client needs to clarify the cost. The contractor studies the problem and offers several solutions, with his recommendations regarding the feasibility of one or another option. The conclusion of an agreement on the provision of services is some guarantee of the timely fulfillment of obligations by both parties. The final estimate for electrical work contains the entire list of services and materials. The choice of products of widely advertised brands or time-tested quality products from lesser-known manufacturers will significantly affect the total cost of the entire service. The recommendations of a master of his craft (primarily an electrician, not a businessman) will be very helpful.

Track companies with the lowest payment is not worth it. Of course, I would like to see detailed prices, this would save a lot of time. But, the price of services is determined individually, the total cost of the work of the same name can be different for two seemingly identical apartments. It is not easy for a non-specialist to understand the specifics of project documentation and the difficulties of performing work. It is better to trust professionals who honestly indicate the real cost of services and know their business.


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