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Corner fireplaces – features of placement in the interior, home-made corner “hearth”

Corner fireplaces

Fireplaces have been known to man ever since the time when he built the first dwelling that needed to be heated. Of course, after many centuries, the fireplace has substantially changed and acquired several new functions, but time did not in the least diminish its importance for a residential building. Until now, the fireplace warms our homes, giving an amazing atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Moreover, modern models of fireplaces are aesthetic interior items that allow you to set the desired accents, mask the flaws of the finish or create certain visual effects. Especially popular are corner fireplaces, which, based on the name, are located in the corner of the room.


  • Advantages of Corner Fireplaces
  • Fireplace stoves for a residential building
  • Do-it-yourself corner fireplace

Advantages of Corner Fireplaces

Modern models of corner fireplaces allow you to create the most harmonious interior. The variety of finishing materials that are used to decorate the appearance of the product, original design solutions contribute to the fact that the fireplace can easily fit into almost any living room, regardless of interior style.

There are several criteria on the basis of which a corner fireplace is chosen: dimensions, shape, degree of functionality, aesthetic appearance and others. Particular attention should be paid to the dimensions and shape of the corner fireplace, if it will be installed in a small room. The thing is that some models of the fireplace can “steal” a lot of free room space.

Placement of a corner fireplace in the interior

The choice of the corner fireplace is determined by its geometric parameters, functionality and aesthetic indicators

If the installation is planned in an apartment, but not in a country house, then you should pay due attention to corner electric fireplaces. To get started, just plug the product into an electrical outlet. In addition, the electric fireplace has a higher heat transfer compared to the wood counterpart, and the imitation of fire is almost impossible to distinguish from a real flame.

The undoubted advantage of the corner fireplace is that the flame can be seen from almost anywhere in the room. It is quite convenient, so you do not have to equip a place to relax directly in front of the fireplace. Particularly attractive is the living room with a corner fireplace, where you can relax with the whole family after a hard working day..

Corner fireplace

Placing a fireplace in the corner of the room provides an ideal angle: it can be seen from anywhere in the room

It is worth noting that there are cases when it is quite difficult to choose a model of a corner fireplace. However, experts do not recommend in such situations to abandon their desires and needs. There are several ways to solve the problem..

Firstly, you can purchase a regular wall fireplace and build a false wall in place of the corner in the room in which it will be installed. Such corner fireplaces in the interior – photos of the corresponding solutions can be found on many websites – will look quite attractive, but they will take up a lot of free space. That is why such a design can only be built in fairly spacious rooms..

Secondly, you can slightly adjust the already prepared fireplace portal. To do this, its upper and lower parts are cut so that its walls fit as tightly as possible to the walls of the room. However, it is worth considering that such work requires a very careful approach and a lot of calculations, because as a result, the firebox may simply not fit in the remaining free space.

Fireplace stoves for a residential building

Of course, corner fireplaces – photos of various models can be viewed on the Internet – heat the surrounding air, but it cannot be used as the main source of heat. For these purposes, a fireplace stove with a water circuit may be suitable. Heated water circulating through the water circuit may well heat a small house with several rooms.

Corner stove

Corner stove fireplaces are often equipped with ovens and devices for heating the coolant for a water heating system

Of particular popularity at present are corner stoves with a hob or built-in oven. Obviously, in this case, the product is installed in the dining room or living room, combined with the dining room or kitchen. Thus, the fireplace performs several functions: it decorates the interior, heats the living room and serves for cooking.

Do not forget that the corner fireplace stove, for which solid fuel is used, without fail requires a high-quality chimney device, as well as open-type fireplaces. However, it is perfectly acceptable to ignore the reinforced foundation device..

Modern fireplace stoves give the living room a certain charm and can be located in almost any room where there is the possibility of a chimney. So, it could even be a bathroom.

Do-it-yourself corner fireplace

Quite often in suburban homes and cottages angular do-it-yourself fireplace. As for the materials for laying the fireplace, it is necessary to stock up on cement, gravel, brick, rubble stone, clay. Brick is the most common material for building a fireplace.

Making a fireplace with your own hands involves the sequential execution of a number of works. Firstly, a foundation is laid that can withstand the weight of the fireplace, which can reach 1 ton. Secondly, design documentation is being developed, which takes into account the design features of the corner fireplace, its dimensions. Then, thorough preparation of all materials necessary for the construction of the fireplace itself is carried out.

At the next stage, brick corner fireplaces are laid. So, for masonry, refractory bricks are used from the inside; for the side walls, you can choose heat-resistant bricks. At the same time, each new brick row of the future fireplace is laid dry. In the process of laying brick, do not forget about the timely removal of the chimney to the roof.

Do-it-yourself corner fireplace

Do-it-yourself corner fireplace

At the next stage, metal fire grates are installed on fireplaces for country houses and corner fireplaces. To do this, strips of steel with a thickness of about 3 mm are inserted into the seams and filled with mortar. The final “touch” will be the external fireplace trim.

Thus, corner fireplace in the interior It is a functional and decorative element capable of charging positively at any time of the year, pleasing to the eye and giving a wonderful mood on cold evenings in the winter. Perhaps few people want to voluntarily abandon such a “warm” heart of an apartment building.


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