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How to choose the material and method of glazing the veranda in the house

There is nothing nicer than a warm summer evening! You are sitting on the summer terrace and watching the colors of the day! You are comfortable, calm and it seems that it will always be so! It is a pity that such a wonderful vacation is an advantage of only one time of the year. But such injustice can be easily corrected! All you need to do is glaze the veranda! So you can enjoy the autumn and winter landscapes without leaving your own home. After all, you will be in a room that is reliably protected from wind and cold!


  • Different methods of glazing verandas
  • Panoramic glazing
  • Useful tips from practitioners
  • Do not forget about saving

Different methods of glazing verandas

It is important to make a room that is not heated suitable for use at different times of the year for many reasons. For example, some want to set up a winter garden on a glazed veranda. Here you can arrange a resting place and even make a study. Everything will depend on the layout and design of your home or country cottage. There are different glazing options for this useful area. You can glaze only the central part of the veranda, or you can make the walls transparent on three sides. Glass frames can be made from a wide variety of materials. They are chosen depending on the architecture of the building and material capabilities. What attracts a glazed veranda? If you use sliding aluminum structures, its function can be easily changed! Spreading the frame, you get an open terrace, which, if necessary, is easily protected from hail and rain. To do this, it will need to be returned to its original position..

glazed porch

So you can be “in the center” of your site

The aluminum frame makes it possible to glaze verandas of any size and the most bizarre shape. It does not interfere with the transmission of light and allows you to create a wide panoramic view. For this purpose you can also use:

  • wooden frames;
  • sliding panels;
  • plastic frames;
  • polycarbonate;
  • frameless glazing.

The latter refers to the premium class and looks the most modern and stylish. Therefore, when deciding how to glaze the veranda, many prefer it. Do not think that it is unreliable and fragile. It is based on the use of tempered glass of large thickness, which is very difficult to break. This type of glazing is possible even with a very large wall area, so we will pay special attention to it.

Panoramic glazing

With its device, an advanced method is used, which is based on powerful bearing and sash profiles. A thick (6-12mm) tempered glass is inserted into them. Sash sizes can reach up to 3 m, thereby achieving the effect of spaciousness and excellent external viewing.

veranda glazing

Panoramic glazing has the greatest view.

This method is the best option for those who want to have both a glazed and open terrace. Sliding glazing can be made of any size and shape. Thanks to a reliable opening system and high-quality gaskets, the sash frames are kept in a safe position, eliminating the windage of the system. Panoramic glazing has the highest light transmittance.

Useful tips from practitioners

If you carry out glazing on your own, you need to consider the following:

  • Do the pre-training. It includes the development of a preliminary design in the form of drawings. They will present a general view of the structure, its dimensions and determine the material from which it will be made.
  • Since the main requirement for the veranda is good lighting, carefully consider and select a glazing system.
  • To ensure fresh air in, the sash frames must be opened only inside the room.
  • According to the rules, the glazed porch should adjoin the building either from the east or north side. It is better if it will open a view of the pond or garden.
  • As a rule, the covered premises are located on the ground floor, although this can be done, regardless of their location.
  • The glazed porch should be beautifully combined with the architectural appearance of the entire building. Along with beauty and practicality, its cost should also be considered. This issue deserves separate consideration..

With any method of production of glazing, it is worth knowing some of the nuances, which will be discussed later.

study on the veranda

Behind the glass, you can set up a winter garden and make an office

Do not forget about saving

How to glaze the veranda, everyone decides for himself. It is only necessary to remember that each type of glazing has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is that the cost of glazing your favorite porch is not more than the cost of the cottage itself. Therefore, choosing a material for this purpose, do not be too lazy to carefully study the prices of all components of the structure.

materials for the veranda

The shape of the transparent surface can be very different.

The cost of glazing the veranda will be largely determined by what you want to get the room – warm or cold. The most expensive option is panoramic glazing and the use of wooden window frames. For most developers, an aluminum profile option is available, and the place of the “golden mean” is occupied by PVC structures. In any case, to save your own money it would be useful to conduct a mini-marketing analysis of the market for the necessary building materials. Since people live and relax, as a rule, in the family circle, do not forget to take into account the views of your household members when drawing up the project! Remember that a common solution always brings good results! Good luck!


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