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How to carry out comprehensive wood protection

Do you know the most reliable and safe building material? Many will answer that this tree, and will be absolutely right. After all, the practicality of wood has been proven by time! They built and build houses from it, and also make decorative cladding of estates and erect small architectural forms. It has a lot of advantages and only a few drawbacks. The main one is weak resistance to such a process as decay. In addition, various insects can damage the tree and it burns well. This is why wood protection is an issue that needs close attention. How to extend the life of wooden structures? This will be discussed later..


  • We prevent the process of decay
  • Insect Control Methods
  • Water repellent impregnation
  • We do not allow fire

We prevent the process of decay

Since we are dealing with natural material, it is loved by such detractors as fungus and mold. These bacteria multiply where there is a lot of moisture. As a result, over time, wooden structures begin to rot and collapse..

Some actions can be taken as protection to help extend the life of the wood..

  • Antiseptic treatment. They can be bought at a building materials store where they are sold as a mortar or paste. Such means are applied both on the ground surface of the tree, and on the one that is in the ground (it is recommended to do an impregnation depth of 1.5 meters). You can use a solution of 5% dichromate with 5% sulfuric acid. If you want to use ready-made antiseptics, then you can use Novoteks, biokron, biosept, pinoteks.
  • Natural and artificial wood drying. The cheapest way is to put the material in a well-ventilated area. There it can be (depending on the type of tree and climate) a week or several months. Artificial drying is carried out in chambers with high temperature. In them, the material is exposed to warm air or steam. Wood can also be protected from decay in a liquid medium – in containers with petrolatum. Artificial drying is fast (from 1 hour to several days) and the fact that it destroys fungal diseases of the tree.
  • Competent construction of wooden structures. This includes such constructive measures as the construction of a waterproof roof, intensive ventilation, waterproofing of surfaces, the construction of a high foundation, etc..
tree protection

Think about protecting the tree in advance

Insect Control Methods

If you are unfamiliar with pests especially dangerous for the tree, then you should get to know them. We are talking about a mustache beetle, a weevil beetle, a grinder beetle. In the shortest time, they can make a bunch of sawdust from your wooden furniture and other buildings. Determining their presence is quite simple. If small grooves are visible on the surface of boards or logs, holes are formed and dust piles are visible, then the presence of pests can be considered obvious.

All this means that you need to rush to the store for antiseptics and insecticides. There is a simpler option when protecting wood from insects is made with a solution of sodium chloride. It can be prepared at home, and it is not dangerous to human health. The disadvantage is that it is easily washed off during rain. In addition, there are other folk remedies for such protection. Some of them are:

  • you can apply a solution of tar in turpentine;
  • some treat the surface using paraffin or molten wax;
  • carbolic solution is well suited;
  • if you tolerate the smell well, then try dichlorvos (chlorophos).

You have a large selection of antiseptics

The method has proven itself when a solution of sodium silicofluoride is applied to a wooden surface using a brush or spray.

Water repellent impregnation

For simultaneous protection against pests and fungal infections, water-repellent impregnations are used. In this capacity, the following substances are suitable:

  • Oil. It is applied to the entire surface of the wood, without missing a single crack, pore and joint. At the same time, the ability of the oil to change the color of the tree and make it slightly darker is taken into account. To protect the wood from moisture, it is recommended to carry out such treatment every month.
  • Toning. This is the name of the process of slightly changing the surface color of a wooden product or structure. To do this, use oil paint, alcohol stain, colored varnish, etc. Repeat this procedure every 2 years..
water repellent impregnation

The effect of water repellent impregnation is obvious

  • Varnishing. It is carried out using water-repellent varnishes in rooms where there is high humidity (for example, in a bath). This kind of wood treatment is done every 5 years..

We do not allow fire

Fire retardants can be used not only in public places, but also in the private sector. To protect their homes and cottages, prudent owners use different precautions. They can make simple processing of wooden structures with salt solutions or use more complex substances that create a special protective film on the surface.

  • In the first case, the protection of wood from fire occurs as follows. A salt solution is applied to the tree, which penetrates deeply into the material. In case of fire, this impregnation begins to melt and at the same time forms a film. She stops the further spread of fire. It’s only a pity that after this, charred with flame boards or logs will have to be replaced with new ones.
  • When treated with special substances, the process of stopping the fire occurs in a similar way, but with greater efficiency. The reason lies in flame retardants, which contain sulfuric acid, borax and ammonium phosphate in their composition. For this purpose, you can also use coating, silicone-based paint and plaster.
how to process a tree

Careful processing of a tree prolongs its service life

Protection of wood from fire and from other above-mentioned problems should be carried out comprehensively, using various special means. It can be processed at a temperature not lower than + 5 ° C and not work with frozen wood. The surface should be sanded, dry and clean, that is, capable of absorbing protective substances well. If you comply with all these requirements, then a wooden cottage or house will delight you for a long time with its warmth, beauty and cosiness..



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