Simple Cork Floor Care Tips: Usage Guidelines and Recommendations

Simple Cork Floor Care Tips

If you want to be closer to nature and choose the most natural and environmentally friendly materials as the floor covering, then you will not ignore the cork, because care for the cork floor is quite simple, and its beauty remains for many years. It is customary to single out the following measures for the care of such a coating: preventive and directly eliminating defects.


  • We preserve the beauty of the cork “young”
  • We remove pollution wisely
  • Cork Floor Preventative Care

We preserve the beauty of the cork “young”

So, you bought a cork flooring, laid it, arranged furniture and various accessories – you can admire the interior! Handsomely? Undoubtedly. However, you must clearly understand that without taking into account some of the nuances of preserving this beauty for many years you will not succeed. It is worth mentioning right away that cork is a quality material that is resistant to most external influences. She is practically not afraid of mechanical damage, high humidity and household cleaners. These properties will make it easier for you..

Experts recommend immediately after laying the cork coating to carry out a series of preventive measures that will preserve its pristine beauty and natural pattern..

First, make sure that moisture does not accumulate on the floor, for example, at the joints of panels. Unnoticed for a long time, it can lead to a loss of the aesthetic appearance of the cork and the deterioration of its operational properties, not to mention the reproduction of harmful microorganisms and fungi. Secondly, regularly change the protective layer of the coating, whether it is varnish or mastic. Do not wait for the moment when it begins to wear off, and unattractive “bald spots” appear on your floor.

As a rule, the protective layer of the cork floor in the living room is enough to change every 2-3 years.

Thirdly, take care in advance to protect the floor from damage and scratches that form from furniture legs. To do this, it is enough to dress them in special felt “shoes” or nozzles or stick on them pieces of cork that are suitable in size. Fourthly, to prevent the appearance of scratches on the surface of the cork from sand and dirt brought from the street, special antisplash mats that are placed at the entrance help. Experts draw attention to the fact that such products should not have a rubberized base, since it can leave ugly and difficult to remove spots on the floor.

Nozzle on the legs of the furniture - we protect the cork from scratches and dents

Nozzle on the legs of the furniture – protects the floor from scratches, deformation and surface damage

Of course, these measures are quite effective and allow you to protect the natural coating from many negative factors, but you can’t avoid the usual pollution. That is why it is worth paying special attention to washing the cork floor..

We remove pollution wisely

It would seem that it is difficult to remove a dirty stain from the floor or wipe it to remove a gray layer of dust from the surface? It is enough to take a floor rag, bucket, mop (optional) and proceed with washing. However, with cork, the situation is somewhat different. Your goal is not just removal of dirt, but competent removal, which in no way damage the coating. That is why the following nuances should be taken into account:

  1. Use only a well-wrung, slightly damp cloth to clean the floor..
  2. You can use a familiar floor rag, mop, but exclude a washing vacuum cleaner from this arsenal.
  3. For washing, you can use a variety of detergents and household cleaning products. However, they should not contain abrasive particles. Never clean the cork floor with solvents..
  4. Today, special cork floor care products are on sale. They not only protect its surface, but also give the coating a fresh look, shine. Such tools can effectively remove grease and a lot of other contaminants from the surface of the cork..
  5. If there are serious contaminants on the floor surface, for example, an ingrained ink stain or black oil stain, sandpaper with fine abrasive can be used to eliminate them. After this, it is necessary to treat this place with wax and cover it with a new layer of varnish.

It is worth noting that most manufacturers of cork flooring give their recommendations on the use of certain floor care products. Moreover, they guarantee the preservation of the beauty of the cork and its operational properties only under the condition of using the means specified in the recommendations.

Cork Floor Preventative Care

A feature of the cork coating is that when it is exposed to direct sunlight, it will soon be burned out, and accordingly, it will lose its original color and former attractiveness. This can be avoided if you first worry about protecting the coating – in the sunny hours of the day, the windows should be closed with curtains or blinds. In places with high traffic and functional load, for example, near a computer desk, it is recommended to lay mats.

Cork Floor Care - Abrasion Protection Mat

Protect cork from abrasion with a rug

Another nuance is the level of humidity. Experts say that its optimal value is 40-60% at an air temperature of no higher than 20˚C. However, in the cold season, when we actively operate heating devices and a heating system, the humidity level decreases. Usually this leads to such a negative phenomenon as drying out the floor and the formation of ugly gaps. To prevent this, additional humidification will help with the help of special household humidifiers.

Thus, it is enough to observe a number of preventive measures and rules when directly caring for cork to preserve its attractive appearance for many years and delight guests with the luxury of natural material.


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