We create a rose garden in the country like in a botanical garden

The rose has always been considered the queen of flowers – spectacular, stately and unusually beautiful! However, for all its merits, nature endowed it with a complex character. That is why not everyone can create a rose garden with their own hands, because it is not always easy to please this capricious and wayward plant. But, if you already have the experience of a gardener and you have a great love for such a thing, then you can try to create your own rose garden near the house. It does not have to be huge – a small area will be enough. The main thing is that it will be planted with the most magical and original flowers. The nuances of this complex but rewarding process we tried to present in this article.


  • Choose the location of the flower garden
  • We select the color scheme of plants
  • We care about the choice of varieties
  • Rosary design details
  • Getting down to planting roses

Choose the location of the flower garden

When choosing a platform for planting roses, remember their love of sunlight. It should be well lit. If the rose garden in the country will be in the shade, then over time the flowers will become one-sided. They will constantly stretch towards the sun, so the bushes will gradually lose their shape. It is best to decorate the south side of the plot with roses. In terms of lighting, it is ideal. However, take into account that open sunny areas for them are also contraindicated. Remember this delicate flower needs protection from wind and drafts..

place for roses

Roses feel good in open sunlight

We select the color scheme of plants

Before you begin, you need to choose the color scheme in which you want to withstand the rose garden in front of the house. She is chosen from two options.

  • Romantic style is decorated in delicate colors – pink, lilac, white..
  • The cheerful flower garden contains bright colors – orange, red, yellow.

If you have a sense of artistic taste, then you can experiment and arrange the flower garden in contrast. An interesting option would be a combination of white, red and purple shades.

We care about the choice of varieties

After choosing a place, determining the size of the site and the color scheme, they begin to select varieties. When deciding how to arrange a rose garden, we do not advise you to go on a deliberately false path, choosing plants from photographs from different catalogs, and then planting them in your own area. With this approach, you will get a motley collection that will absolutely not look like a harmonious composition of a classic rosary.

roses on the plot

To raise the mood, one rose bush is enough

If a large area is reserved for him, then you can think about the tall bushes of traditional Old English tea-hybrid park roses and weaving species. The height of such plants, as a rule, reaches 1.5 meters or more. Since they also have a large width, it is better to create a small garden rose garden with miniature varieties, which include:

  • curb,
  • polyanthus,
  • compact hybrid tea roses,
  • roses floribunda.

It is not necessary that only roses are included in the rose garden. Nobody takes away their dominant role, but the retinue can accompany the queen! Therefore, if desired, you can use secondary plants in the flower garden, shading the beauty of rose bushes. English gardeners in this capacity use lavender and catnip. Bulbous irises and cloves work well.

If it’s difficult to choose a composition for you, then a ready-made rose garden may be suitable as a sample, the photo of which especially caught your attention.

Rosary design details

How does the flowerbed design begin? With the choice and limitations of its form. To do this, use:

  • borders,
  • various types of paving;
  • compact hedges (including live plant fences).

Only after this can its central part be filled with rose bushes. There should not be too many of them, otherwise they will begin to suppress and oppress each other. As a result, fungal diseases are often observed. That’s why you need to pre-calculate how many bushes will be optimal for your site. For example, you can take the rose garden in the botanical garden, and then reproduce something like that. You can note that the nodal points are often planted with roses on the stem or varieties that intertwine arched structures.

beautiful plot

Arches twined with roses make the courtyard especially attractive

If you can not take a lot of space under the flower garden, then it is better to plant compact varieties of roses in a small area. But if the area allows, then in the foreground low plants are planted, and in the background – varieties of bush and tea-hybrid roses, which are more tall.

Rose bushes are always magnificent in the upper part, which can not be said about the one that is closer to the ground. Therefore, so that the design of the rosary does not have obvious shortcomings, make a fence from low plants below.

  1. Lavender, marine cineraria, boxwood, woolly purse, cypress santolina, etc. will go well with the colors of gentle tones. All have green or silver leaves..
  2. A bright flower garden will win against the background of a golden, purple or green hedge. As such a fence, Tunberg barberry, santolina rosemary leaf, aster border, etc. are suitable.

So you can create a beautiful unique rose garden in the country, photos of which clearly indicate the possibility of obvious achievements in this painstaking business.

landscape design

Low-growing varieties of roses – an excellent tool in the design of landscaping

Getting down to planting roses

1. When the groundwater in the area lies at a great depth (more than 1 meter), then it is not necessary to prepare the soil in any special way. Plants in this case are planted usually. In another case, you will need to do a drainage. It happens like this:

  • they take out the soil to a depth of approximately 70 cm;
  • gravel or expanded clay is poured at the bottom of such a hole;
  • the filler is again covered with earth.

2. Rose bushes need a recessed planting. If, thinking about how to create a rose garden, you purchased a seedling in a container, then it must be planted in an already prepared hole 50 cm deep. Damaged roots are pre-trimmed and sprinkled with activated charcoal or ash. Then they are covered with soil, which is compacted and then watered.
3. Seedlings with an open root system are planted differently. First, prepare the landing pit, at the bottom of which the earth is poured with a mound. 4-7 cm are left unrefined to the edge of the earth. The bush is set on this mound, then the roots around it begin to gently straighten. At the end they are covered with earth.

The question of how to make a rose garden is clear. But this is not the end of the matter, because royal flowers require constant attention and proper care. Only then will they give you charming colors and an incomparable smell. Good luck!


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