We create a cozy country house and a garden in a rustic style

The more civilization develops, the more modern man is drawn to nature. That is why simple forms and styles become fashionable, both in the interior and in the landscape. How can you make a garden in a rustic style and what experts advise about this?


  • Features of a rustic garden
  • We begin the arrangement of the cottage with paths and paths
  • Equip a gazebo and choose furniture for a summer residence
  • We make flower beds at the cottage in a rustic style
  • We decorate the garden and work with fruit trees
  • We place accents and enjoy our summer house

Features of a rustic garden

To begin with, we describe the main features of a summer cottage, which is decorated in a rustic style. According to one name, it can be assumed that there are no special rigid frameworks or restrictions. Rather, it is distinguished by slight negligence and liberty. Therefore, they make out the landscape in this direction, not adhering to clear geometric shapes, and also boldly adding bright colors to it. Thus, it seems to be opposed to sleek and prim palace gardens.

rustic cottage

A sense of deliberate negligence and naturalness – this is what is present at the country house in a rustic style

Note that in each country this style has its own specifics. Therefore, for us, those variations that are close to the Russian person will be most interesting. It will be easier and easier to care for them, as well as to get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions from such a kindergarten. It can be safely stated that on a summer cottage with village motifs it is really possible to really relax, since no framework is felt here. The only thing that shines through everything around is the riot of colors of nature and its unique natural beauty.

We begin the arrangement of the cottage with paths and paths

If you decide to use the rustic style in landscape design, you need to make sure that literally all the landscape details are executed in a single way. There are no exception to the tracks, the design of which is worth approaching, given the following recommendations.

arrangement of a garden path

Lined with stone slabs and seemingly lost among the lush vegetation – this is what a path in a village garden might look like

First, we will taboo any paths with neat masonry or strict form. A slight negligence should be felt from their appearance. As if these paths were laid unintentionally, as happens in the forest. Of course, you need to take care of the convenience of moving around the site. Therefore, you need to think about where to pave the way. And in order not to roam the grass, you can lay out the paths with wooden saw cuts or granite screenings. At the same time, they are placed at a distance from each other so that grass grows between the individual elements. Then it will give the impression that you are walking along long trails.

Equip a gazebo and choose furniture for a summer residence

We pass to the important moment of work on the summer cottage – we make out a recreation area. Of course, both the gazebo and the rustic-style furniture will be very welcome here. Let’s outline about objects and buildings that can be located in the corner where you will relax from your daily worries and country troubles. It is best to erect a gazebo from a tree, and it can be additionally planted with weaving vegetation. When she embraces the whole structure, it will feel as if nature had created it..

garden gazebo

A gazebo or a country house will look as natural as possible if they are surrounded by trees such as birch or weeping willow

Inside we create the appropriate environment. Furniture items should be unpretentious and also made of wood. Armchairs or chairs made of twigs will look organic and beautiful. And of course, let them be in their natural color. The effect of your kindergarten will be supplemented by the use of gates and hedges made of twigs or deliberately carelessly knocked together boards, which are installed even where you can do without them. In the classic version, they are also decorated with pots or braided with vegetation. And then any guest on your site will feel like in a real village.

We make flower beds at the cottage in a rustic style

We proceed to the most pleasant job at the summer cottage – the design of flower beds. If you work with these elements with the soul, you can create bright and at the same time organic flower beds that are pleasing to the eye and relatively unpretentious in care. Usually in a kindergarten there are several flower beds, and one of them is assigned the role of a central element. A feature of each of the flower beds is that they plant vegetable vegetation and flowers in close proximity. For example, cultivated plants such as corn and decorative cabbage, salads and sunflowers are used in decoration. Asters and mallow, nasturtiums and dahlias, marigolds and pansies, calendula and chamomiles are perfectly combined with them..

rustic flowerbed

On a rustic flowerbed, flowers do not hesitate to show all their beauty

It is necessary to take care not only of the flower beds, but also of all the vegetation in your territory. However, this concern is relatively specific. Unlike other styles in the landscape, rustic suggests that not a single lawn or lawn in the country should look well-groomed. On the contrary, they should grow herbs and wild plants, charming due to their immediacy and naturalness..

We decorate the garden and work with fruit trees

Your country-style cottage will be remarkable and distinctive if you work hard also in your garden, as well as in fruit-bearing trees. By the way, even if you bought a plot exclusively for recreation, and not for extra-large yields, we recommend making at least symbolic beds that fit into the common space. For example, you can plant several rows of carrots and onions, cabbage and greens. It is not at all necessary to work on them in the sweat of the face: they will only win if weeds sprouted in places here and there. It is even better if you plant several berry bushes near the beds. In the summer, they will delight the eye and give harmony with their colorful fruits. By the way, some summer residents are original, adding flowers to the rows with cultivated plants.

summer cottage style

Feel free to give the cottage a rustic flavor with the help of carts decorated with flowers or coarse flower clay pots

Additionally, you can give your site a rustic spirit with the help of fruit trees. The peculiarity of their landing is that they need to be arranged in a chaotic manner. If a wild lawn spreads between them, then the charm of the general form is guaranteed.

We place accents and enjoy our summer house

In conclusion, we will give some more useful recommendations. Equipping a summer cottage, you should also design your own house in a rustic style. One of the simplest solutions is to erect a structure similar to a Russian hut. If you already have a country house, then just trim it with a siding that imitates wooden beams.

pond on site

A pond will be appropriate in your village cottage, especially if it is surrounded by greenery or decorative elements in the appropriate style

Another important element is the well. It is worth making at least a decorative design that will add color to your landscape. If you put on the territory also a garden scarecrow, made in accordance with folk traditions, then your cottage will become a real attraction, and it will be comfortable and pleasant for you to relax.


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