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Do-it-yourself snowboarder practical tips

When white fluffy snow covers everything around, everyone is happy – both children and adults. True, if we are talking about the owners of private houses, then they have to sweat pretty when snow drifts form in the yard. But you can ease this difficult work, for example, by making a snow blower with your own hands. Let’s find out what is needed for this and how to perform such a task.


  • An excursion into the history of the snow blower
  • What is needed for a simple snow blower
  • What to choose the design of the snow blower
  • Do-it-yourself step-by-step process of making a snow blower
  • The nuances of making a homemade snow blower

An excursion into the history of the snow blower

The first snowplow was invented in a country that is famous for its snowy winters. It’s about Canada, a resident of this country named Robert Harris patented such a device in 1870. Then he needed an apparatus in order to clear railway tracks of snow. But the first rotary snow blower, which was already produced on an industrial scale, was created by the mechanic Orange Jull. In 1884, Leslie bought the patent for his brainchild, which until 1971 produced such a technique.

snow cleaning

In the era of the creation of the first snowplows, owners of private houses did not even imagine how compact and comfortable they would become..

If we talk about self-propelled machines, the equipment that removes snow on its own was invented by Arthur Sicard from Montreal. By the way, the innovator did not stop at creating a machine: he opened his own company, which exists to this day, and its equipment is considered a leader in terms of reliability and performance.

Snow blowers for private use appeared quite late: in 1952. They were created by engineers of the American company Toro. In just one year of the invention, the company sold more than 30 thousand such devices.!
To date, such units have been improved and are compact and easy to use machines. But their cost is such that not all homeowners can afford to buy them. That is why many craftsmen are trying to make homemade snowplows. How they do it and what is needed for this, further we will tell in more detail.

What is needed for a simple snow blower

To make such a unit yourself, you must first prepare materials for it. But you should start by studying the types of equipment to choose the option that you can do yourself.

Snowplows are divided into two groups, depending on whether they move due to engine operation or in manual mode. The first option assumes that the car literally drives itself, and it resembles a mini-tractor more. But for this you will have to choose a powerful motor – from 10 hp, and also be able to assemble the structure in such a way that the engine forces not only working parts, but also wheelsets to work.

snow blower

If desired, and the availability of parts, you can make a full-fledged self-propelled snowplow.

It is much easier to manufacture the snow blowers that a person moves. Try to make it in accordance with our recommendations. To do this, you will need:

  • wheel frame;
  • engine;
  • fuel tank;
  • control sticks;
  • snow bucket;
  • snow discharge pipe.

What to choose the design of the snow blower

Even before you start making a homemade snow blower, you need to decide on which engine it will work on. For example, it can be started from an electric drive. But then they can really remove the snow only near the house. But such a unit will be more economical.

Gasoline powered snow blower is considered manoeuvrable and versatile. True, it is more expensive to maintain. So when choosing it is worth remembering about all these nuances.

electric drive

When making a snow-removal unit with your own hands on an electric drive, you need to choose a cable that is designed for use at subzero temperatures.

Another snow blower can be one-and two-stage. The first works due to the fact that a rapidly rotating auger receives and throws snow. In the second model, in addition to the screws, the rotor rotor also works. That is, first the rotor enters the snow mass, and then the screw performs its part of the work. It is believed that this option is necessary for regions where winters are especially generous in snow..

Also, for any performance of a snowplow, it is worth choosing the lightest parts if it moves due to the traction force of a person. After all, working with her will be much easier.

Do-it-yourself step-by-step process of making a snow blower

It is time to move from theory to practice and set about making a snowplow. The first step is to make a frame. It can be welded from a metal corner. Then you need to attach metal strips to the frame, which are necessary for fixing the platform for the engine. Handles for control are also screwed here..

The second stage is the installation of the engine on the platform. It is made removable so that the process of servicing and repairing the motor can be facilitated..

The third stage is the preparation of the bucket, auger and guides. For example, a bucket can be made of roofing iron, and its sidewalls are also made of plywood. As for the width of this part, the optimal size is 50 cm.

auger drive

A belt or chain can be used as a screw drive.

To make a conclusion for snow dumping, you can use just a piece of sewer pipe. Its diameter should be within 160 mm.

A conveyor belt is suitable for augers, and they are attached to the drive shaft, which can be made of a metal plate. Guides are made from ordinary bars. With the help of plastic pads, they can be given greater smoothness, then the whole structure will be better to slide in the snow. However, some craftsmen prefer to put the snow blower on wheels. What to choose – skis or wheels, a personal matter of each master. Some people prefer to work with the construction on wheels, while others find that with them the car will load in the snow.

The nuances of making a homemade snow blower

It is worth adding a few important recommendations that will help to avoid disappointment after the manufacture of a snow truck. For example, parts such as bushings or safety bolts should be added to the bucket. Namely, they need to attach the rotor and screws to the drive shaft. Because they will not allow large-sized objects to the engine, which threaten the engine. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will jam.

The second important nuance is the choice of bearings that are needed to rotate the screw. There is only one requirement for them – these parts must be closed. Otherwise, snow will fall inside and the equipment will quickly fail..

It is worth adding that for the manufacture of a homemade snow blower, you can pick up any improvised means. For example, some craftsmen share that instead of a conveyor belt, a tire sidewall was used to make the auger. Finally, a ready-made snowplow can be made much nicer if it is already finished tinted – most likely, it will look no worse than the factory one, but will last a long and true time.


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