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Choose a tank for a summer shower: ready-made tanks and a home-made tank

Choose a tank for a summer shower

The tank for a summer shower can be heated and without (using solar energy). By material, such a tank is plastic, made of stainless steel and just steel. The choice of tank type is largely envy of the personal preferences of the person. Together with us, we suggest that you consider all types of tanks in general terms and outline the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them..


  • Steel tank with heating element
  • Stainless steel tank with heating device
  • Plastic tank for a summer shower with a heating element
  • The simplest tank without a heating device
  • How to make a do-it-yourself shower tank
  • Finally

Steel tank with heating element

The scheme of such a device is quite simple: the heating element is mounted directly in the tank. In this case, it is necessary to reliably install a container for the summer shower and connect it to electricity. Thus, we get a tank with electric heating. An example of such a tank is presented in the figure. The water temperature in it is regulated by a temperature sensor and a temperature regulator.

Steel tank with heater

The galvanized steel tank with a heating element is designed for a constant supply of water by a pump

The lack of design is the lack of thermal insulation. This means that the tank ten will have a low efficiency. The aesthetic component also leaves much to be desired. In addition, the design is designed for a constant supply of water by a pump or main water supply. If the water supply stops, then the included heating elements can burn out. Therefore, it is impossible to include such a tank in the network without a sufficient water level in it..

Of the advantages, longevity can be distinguished. Compared to conventional water heaters, durability is beyond doubt.

Stainless steel tank with heating device

Here is another example: a stainless steel shower tank. The principle is absolutely the same. Stainless steel flat tank is available in 2 types. One hundred and two hundred liters with linear dimensions of 835x625x200 and 1250x800x200 mm, respectively.

Stainless steel tank

A stainless steel tank with a heating element will work perfectly with constant water pressure

Compared with the previous version, this design is more suitable for mounting a simple shower. For a flat tank, the required working height is less, and therefore such a tank can also be installed in a room with low ceilings. The direct competitor of such tanks is any DHW cylinder..

A solid construction has a drawback – a stainless steel tank needs constant water pressure.

Plastic tank for a summer shower with a heating element

There is almost no difference in what material the tank is made of: stainless steel, galvanized or plastic. The advantage of a plastic tank is its practicality. The disadvantage is the same: after heating the water, the shower must be disconnected from the outlet. Otherwise, tens may burn out. In principle, there is nothing complicated about this. This is just a normal summer cottage shower, not a bathtub with a massager. The main thing is that the water in the tank does not end just when the head is abundantly soaped with shampoo.

The simplest tank without a heating device

When a shower is needed only to freshen up in hot summer weather, it makes no sense to heat the water. And therefore, you can pick up a regular sealed container. Material options are the same as in the first case: plastic, galvanizing and stainless steel. However, there are also special simple tanks designed only to store the right amount of water.

Here you should take a look at the product shown in the figure, which has a universal design. It can be mounted on standard showers, but the main advantage is the presence of a wide neck, which allows filling the tank with buckets.

Simple shower tank without heating element

A simple shower tank without a heating element, filled by pouring water into buckets

In many cases, this advantage is decisive. For example, such a shower device is popular with builders or in new garden plots where there is still no infrastructure, no wells, no wells, and even nowhere to store pumps. And only buckets of water brought from afar are the only water resource for such a country shower.

You can use a regular plastic barrel. However, if from the point of view of washing, there is no difference at all, then from the point of view of technological construction, a shower with a flat tank is better. True, it will cost more than a barrel.

How to make a do-it-yourself shower tank

A plastic barrel for a summer shower has one important advantage: you can make a shower of it yourself. To do this, you will also need a piece of pipe with an external thread. A hole breaks through the barrel, a pipe is inserted and the thread is tightened with nuts on the outside and inside.

A shower head is directly attached to the free end, but it is better to do this through a flexible adapter hose. The hose can be clamped with clamps, and the advantage will be that the location of the barrel will not depend on where the water should go. In addition, the crane is easier to install not above the head, but from the side..

Plastic tank without heater

A plastic tank without a heater does not rust, practically does not silt

If none of the above is suitable, then you can weld the tank yourself. No need to fear the formation of rust, which sits on the walls of the tank. Its particles enter the volume only when the tank is filled with water. So that red flakes do not fly out of the shower head, the pipe that takes water must be welded not flush, but slightly higher – inside the tank. And they do not use the shower immediately, but ten to twenty minutes after filling. This time is quite enough for the agitated suspension to settle to the bottom. The bell above, will only take clean water.


We examined the main types and features of tanks, and now the choice is yours. However, do not rush to spend money on the most expensive device. Remember that perfection has no limits, but there is always a reasonable compromise. Moreover, it’s just a summer shower tank.


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