Children’s room for two children

Nursery design for two children. Subtleties of designing a children’s bedroom both for children of the same sex, and for heterosexual.

A children’s bedroom for two children at once is an obvious need for modern apartments. But at the same time – this is a great opportunity to organize communication, joint leisure, games, entertainment and even hobbies in one room so that not only physically, but also spiritually, the children are close to each other. And how to make the interior original without sacrificing functionality and security – see our photos below.

Children's room for two children


In general: recommendations for the design of a children’s bedroom

The correct bedroom / nursery should first be:

  • safe
  • functional
  • interesting.

Only then can you provide your children with full development, both physical and moral.

Absolutely FOR ALL materials, whether it is wall decoration or furniture, materials for ceiling decoration or textile products, the following requirements should be applied:

  • strength;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • no toxic impurities.

Here, only the required minimum characteristics of the materials for the design of the children’s room are listed, but you can quite complement it based on your own needs.

Wall decoration

Modern manufacturers of repair materials today offer a lot of various options for decorating the walls in the children’s bedroom.

For decorating and decorating walls, you can use:

  • wallpaper;
  • paints;
  • decorative putties;
  • panels etc.

Selecting materials – be guided by your own tastes, features of the layout of your housing, preferences of children. For example, when decorating a bedroom for two boys, painted walls with decorative chrome panels will look good. But to create a girl’s children’s room in the Provence style, it is better to give preference to non-woven wallpaper in pictures. Moreover, if heterosexual children live in one room, you can create additional visual separation of space using different materials, for example, using brickwork in one half of the room and textile wall decoration in the other.

In any case, note that the materials for the walls in the children’s room should be as durable and easy to clean..

Fragile vinyl spraying on the wallpaper can easily be damaged during children’s pranks and games, lose their appearance. Therefore, such wallpapers are best used in the sleeping area or storage area..

Floor finish

The design of the floor completely depends on the style chosen to create the design of the room. It could be:

  • linoleum;
  • parquet;
  • carpet;
  • ceramic tile;
  • laminate flooring etc.

Children are very fond of playing on the floor, so it is simply obliged to be warm at any time of the year!

Natural materials for flooring, such as parquet, will help keep you warm. But in principle, modern heating technologies will solve the problem of thermal insulation even if you use ceramic tiles or mosaics.

Another important nuance is sound insulation. If you are happy owners of a private house, then indignation from the neighbors during noisy children’s games will probably not threaten you. In apartment buildings, especially in Khrushchev, football in the room or exercising with weights can be a significant obstacle in your cordial communication with neighbors. One solution to this problem is to use a carpet..

Lighting organization

First of all, the children’s room needs good natural light. It is the most optimal for the child’s eyes, and is favorable for his mental state, and will help you to save significantly on energy bills. But be sure to choose thick curtains for your kids that will prevent light from entering the room during sleep.

In the evening, local and additional lamps will be needed. You can hang one large chandelier in the room, but it is better to make separate lighting points in different zones.

Near the berths of each child, be sure to fix small night-lamp!

All the colors of the rainbow in the nursery

Many psychologists recommend using all the colors of the rainbow, but calm tones in creating the interior of children’s bedrooms. First of all, this concerns the design of a place for sleeping, where the child should relax and rest..

One way or another, all the children are ill. And at high temperatures, bright obsessive colors near the bed, avant-garde shapes and patterns can cause additional stress and fears. This color scheme is best used to create a gaming area..

Recommended shades in the children’s bedroom
Base color Recommended Shades
red crimson

the color of watermelon pulp

the Red tree

Orange peach


yellow oil color



green olive


light green

blue sky blue

sea ​​wave

bottle glass

blue Navy blue


Violet purple



We choose children’s furniture

General requirements for children’s furniture

  1. Choose furniture according to the age of your children. Firstly, each age has its own specific needs. For example, for a preschool child, the main thing is a comfortable bed and a huge space for games, while a schoolchild can not do without a desktop. And secondly, furniture that matches his height is considered psychologically comfortable for the child.
  2. Children’s furniture should be free from sharp corners – only in this case the probability of injury will be significantly reduced.
  3. The surfaces in the children’s room are very dirty, so they should be easily washed and not spoil their appearance under the influence of water and cleaning products.
  4. Furniture must be durable. Do not be lazy and take the time to look at reviews on products from different manufacturers. Then you don’t have to repair or buy new furniture after every childish prank
  5. It is desirable that the furniture is light and mobile. This will allow children to change the situation without your help, depending on their moods or game conditions. Remember how in childhood you built a hut from chairs and bedspreads? Do not deprive your kids of such an opportunity! And to the rescue in this matter you will come a wide selection of modular furniture.
  6. Where two tomboys live, there will never be much space. Therefore, try to give preference to modern multifunctional furniture, which solves several problems at once. For example, furniture items that combine a sleeping area, a wardrobe and / or a desk are very much in demand today..

Modern cabinet furniture, consisting of mobile modules, will allow you to radically change the situation without additional costs.

How to make beds?

The easiest way to place beds in a room for two children is to place them next to each other. In parallel, sequentially or perpendicularly. You can leave an empty space between the beds, but it’s better to place a nightstand, chest of drawers or a bookcase for shared books.

Popular in terms of saving space in the room is the placement of a bunk bed. One of the varieties of bunk beds is a bed with a pull-out berth. This option fits perfectly into a room with low ceilings. And so that the kids do not quarrel, invite them to periodically change places.

A compromise option is to use beds with an integrated workstation below. Unusual and functional!

How to make beds in the nursery
How to arrange beds in the nursery 2
How to arrange beds in the nursery 3
How to arrange beds in the nursery 4
How to arrange beds in the nursery 5
How to make beds in a nursery for two children
How to arrange beds in a nursery for two children 2
How to arrange beds in a nursery for two children 3

Zoning in a children’s bedroom for two children

Zoning a room into functional spaces is traditional. In the room of one child, this is usually a sleeping area, a storage area, a study area, a zone for games and hobbies.

In the nursery, where two children live, different options for the layout of space are possible.

Firstly, you can make all of these areas common to both kids. Such zoning differs from a room for one child only in that in some areas (for example, bedroom and school) there will be only two.

Secondly, it is possible to create separate zones for each child in which he can do business without interfering with his brother or sister. This is especially true. for heterosexual children, who do not match hobbies, interests, games.

Thirdly, a compromise and gaining popularity option today, when some functional areas in the children’s room are separated (sleep, storage), and some are combined (for games).

Sleeping area

This area should combine comfort and convenience. Choose relaxing, calm tones. Comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses will be the key to the future healthy development of your children. Sleeping places must be equal so that none of the children feel hurt.

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Zoning in a children's bedroom for two children
Sleeping area
Sleeping Area 1
Sleeping area 2
Sleeping Area 3
Sleeping Area 4
Sleeping Area 5
Sleeping Area 6
Sleeping Area 7

Storage area

In this area, you can show your imagination using multifunctional furniture (wardrobe-bed), baskets or multi-colored boxes. Poufs can be an interesting solution, on which you can not only sit, but also store something in them, for example, toys. Be sure to allocate a place to store books, paints, CDs, parts for modeling – everything that children are fond of.

Storage area
Storage area
Storage Area 2
Storage Area 3
Storage Area 4
Storage Area 5
Storage Area 6
Storage Area 7

Study area

This area should have a minimum of distracting details. But all the necessary notebooks, pens, textbooks should be at hand. For two children, you can make two separate tables and put a shelf between them, or you can select one long table and hang shelves above it. Be sure to consult with specialists about lighting in the working area..

Study area
Study Area 2
Study Area 3
Study Area 4
Study Area 5
Study Area 6
Study Area 7

Area for entertainment, pranks and games

And here you can already give free rein to imagination! Saturated colors, unusual shapes, various textures – everything will serve to the benefit of developing the imagination of your children! A small photo gallery or exhibition of drawings of your offspring will be appropriate here..

Area for entertainment, pranks and games
Zone for entertainment, pranks and games 2
Zone for entertainment, pranks and games 3
Zone for entertainment, pranks and games 4
Area for entertainment, pranks and games 5
Area for entertainment, pranks and games 6
Zone for entertainment, pranks and games 7
Zone for entertainment, pranks and games 8

Miniature Double Bedroom

9 square meters

In a tiny bedroom it is very difficult to accommodate two children. But you can find a way out of any situation. For example, leave only a small chest of drawers for storage, and take the cupboard out of the room. It will also be appropriate to use a bunk bed. It is better to abandon small accessories – design an interior in the style of minimalism.

11 square meters

Thanks to the wardrobe with mirrored doors, you can visually expand the space of a small room. The training area is best placed at the window. While the babies are small, their cots can be placed sequentially one after another. But in the future, most likely, you will have to purchase a bunk bed.

12 square meters

12 square meters is ample space for the free coexistence of two children. Here you can safely place not only two beds, but also a small sports corner.

Bedroom 9 sq.m
Bedroom 9 sq.m - photo
Bedroom 11 sqm
Bedroom 11 sq.m - photo
Bedroom 12 sqm
Bedroom 12 sq.m - photo
Bedroom 12 sq.m - photo 1

Features and nuances of rooms for heterosexual children, or children of different ages

Girl + Girl

Girls are romantic natures who will surely like ruffles, bows, soft toys, many dolls and textiles. It is believed that the best color for decorating a girl’s bedroom is pink. However, pastel shades of lilac, beige, green will also look quite successful. Girls like to do everything together, so it’s perfectly acceptable to combine functional zones for them.

Girl + Girl
Room for two girls
Room for two girls - photo
Room for Two Girls - photo 1
Room for Two Girls - photo 2
Room for Two Girls - photo 3
Room for Two Girls - photo 4

Boy + boy

For little tomboys to live in peace and harmony, it is important to provide everyone with their own space. Do not forget to place a sports corner. As themes for decoration can be used: sea or space ship, computer game, safari.

Room for two boys
Room interior for two boys
Room Design for Two Boys
Photo of a room for two boys
Photo of the room for two boys 2
Photo of the room for two boys 3
Photo of the room for two boys 4

Girl + Boy

Diverse children very rarely have the same tastes and interests, so it is advisable to design a room taking into account the wishes of everyone. The ideal option is that each child has his own room, but if this is not possible, consider where the children can easily change their clothes. Maybe it makes sense to hang curtain or put up a screen.

If you want to use different themes to design the space of each child, but arrange everything so that the interior looks solid – just stand it all in the same style. For example, decorate half for a girl as a beautiful castle, and for a boy as a ship staying on its shores.

Room for gay children
Design a room for gay children
Interior of a room for gay children
Photo of a room for gay children
Photo of a room for heterosexual children - 1
Photo of the room for heterosexual children - 2
Photo of the room for heterosexual children - 3

Age difference

Even if your children of the same sex have a big age difference, the most important thing is a healthy atmosphere in the family. Then the children will not only calmly get along, but also make friends. Create conditions for everyone in the recreation area to engage in their hobbies – and the issue will be resolved. If the children are heterosexual, then their space will have to be slightly divided. At least this is important in the matter of changing clothes.

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Room for two children of different ages
Room for two children of different ages 1
Room for two children of different ages 2
Room for two children of different ages 3
Room for two children of different ages 4
Room for two children of different ages 5
Room for two children of different ages 6

Well, the most important advice on all counts – consult with your children!


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