Design a children’s room for a boy

The best ideas for designing a nursery for a boy. Photo interiors of a teenage bedroom. How to make a nursery.

Designing a children’s room is a fascinating, but very responsible business! After all, a nursery is not only a functional room designed for sleeping, changing clothes, studying and other useful activities. This is a child’s small own world where he can play, dream, chat with friends, and be creative. This article contains room design tips for boys of different ages..


  1. The choice of design according to the boy
  1. 1-3 years
  2. 3-5 years
  3. 7-8 years old
  4. 10-12 years old
  5. Room Design for Teenage Boy
  • The interior of the room, depending on its area
    1. 11-12 square meters
    2.  13-15 square meters
    3.  15 square meters or more
    4. How to choose an interior style for a child’s room
      1. Modern
      2. Classic
      3. High tech
      4. Minimalism
      5. Sea style
      6. Furniture in a boy’s room
        1. Bed
        2. Table
        3. Cupboard
        4. Wallpaper selection
        5. Curtains in the nursery: solutions
        6. How to choose a good ceiling design
        7. How to design a room for two boys
        8. How to design a room for heterosexual children
        9. Children’s room in Khrushchev
        10. The choice of design according to the boy

          Age is the most important criterion in choosing the design of a children’s room. It is clear that the bedroom of a two-year-old baby will be significantly different from bedrooms 14 year old teenager.

          1-3 years

          • Bright hues
          • Bright accents
          • Mandatory “field” for games
          • Feeling of comfort
          • Safe furniture

          These points should be observed and implemented when creating the design of the room for the baby. A child of this age does not yet have clearly formed interests and preferences, so the room should not be decorated in any specific subject. The main thing is that the child should be comfortable in his room. For this, her favorite toys, a comfortable bed, a place for games (a thick soft rug) should be present in it. Particular attention should be paid to furniture safety..

           Rounded corners, rejection of a high crib, a table and chair commensurate with the child, shelves with toys at hand level – pay maximum attention to these points.

          Photo design rooms for a boy 1-3 years old
          Photo of a children's room for a boy

          3-5 years

          At this age, the child begins to manifest personality. And it is precisely this age in pedagogy that is called “magic years from 3 to 5”. The child is active, inquisitive. He has a thousand interests and occupations. It is worth considering this when designing a boy’s room and thinking through its contents. If the room area allows – you can install any gymnastic devices (Swedish wall, rope, rings).

          In this age children  show themselves creatively. Be sure to create the conditions for drawing, modeling.

          The main thing is to remember that at this age the boy spends most of the time in game mode. It is from this that you need to build on, designing a room for a child 3-5 years old.

          Photo of a children's room for a 3-5 year old boy
          Photo of a children's room for a 3-5 year old boy
          Photo of a children's room for a 3-5 year old boy

          7-8 years old

          This age can be called transitional. The child is still willingly spending all his free time in games and other favorite activities, but at the same time he already has certain responsibilities. These include “doing homework” (doing homework received at school). Therefore, zoning should be an important point in the design of a room for a boy of 7-8 years old. Do not mix the game zone with the training zone together. Ideally, the playing part of the room should be clearly separated. This will help the child to understand the saying “Cause time, and fun hour.”.

          Photo of a children's room for a boy of 7-8 years old
          Photo of a children's room for a boy of 7-8 years old

          10-12 years old

          At this age, almost every boy has his own character (a character from a film, an athlete, a cartoon hero, etc.). You can successfully use this in the design of a room for a child. The main thing is not to “overdo it”, otherwise the room will be “crushed” by an obsessive theme and the child himself will quickly get tired of his once beloved character. Does the boy like spider-man? Place a thematic image on one wall (it can be printed on special wallpaper), add 2-3 objects stylized on this topic to the interior – and the job is done. If the boy’s interests change, it will be possible to “painlessly” adapt the general view of the room to a new hobby (simply by gluing, for example, a wall with a past hero and changing thematic attributes). Read also about design rooms for girls 10-12 years old.

          Photo of a children's room for a boy 10-12 years old
          Photo of a children's room for a boy 10-12 years old

          Room Design for Teenage Boy

          The older the child, the more developed he is as a person. Quite clear outlooks on life have already been formed, interests have been identified, a circle of communication has been chosen.

          Choosing room design for teenage boy, be sure to consider his own wishes!

          Perhaps most of the room will have to be equipped with a sports corner (many boys in their teens begin to show interest in sports). Or set aside a part of the room for a certain boy’s hobby (drawing, modeling, music).

          Do not forget about the right furniture for sleeping and training. Teenage years – This is a time of rapid growth and formation of the body. Ergonomic desk (and the right chair), a bed with a good mattress – you should pay close attention to the selection of this furniture.

          Photo of a nursery for a teenage boy
          Photo of a nursery for a teenage boy

          Read also about how to choose a room design for a teenage girl..

          The interior of the room, depending on its area

          11-12 square meters

          Relatively small footage rooms allows you to place in it only the most necessary furniture. If this room is intended for a boy of preschool age, you can refuse the desk in favor of preserving the space for games. For the same purpose, you can use shallow lockers for clothes and toys (a large depth can visually “eat” the room).

          If the child is a schoolboy, it is worth thinking about such an option as transforming furniture. For example, an attic bed will appeal to almost any boy and will help save room space.

          Room for a boy 11-12 meters

           13-15 square meters

          Such a number of square meters allows you to take into account all the needs of the child according to his age. The area allows you to organize a special play area, separated from the sleep area. Meanwhile, do not get carried away by turning each meter into a useful mode and leave a lot of free space in the room.

          Room for a boy 13-15 meters

           15 square meters or more

          A large room is an opportunity to translate any of its residents’ fantasies into reality. If the boy is fond of space exploration – the room can be decorated in the appropriate style (which cannot be adequately embodied in a small room). The same goes for any other hobby. For a physical education enthusiast, you can design a sports corner, please a young geographer with a large bookcase and a world-wide map of the wall.

          Big room for a boy

          How to choose an interior style for a child’s room


          Choosing this style for the design of a children’s room, it is necessary to consider important points:

          • Boy age
          • Preferences and interests of the child
          • Room Area

          The modern style of the room can be a good choice if you do not follow its canons in a “pure form”. Dilute the interior with details indicating that this room is CHILDREN’S. For example, vivid drawings of a child, decorated in a stylish framework, perfectly combine two contexts (modern direction and children’s theme). As an option – you can think over the “roll call” of interior items, if they have a specifically children’s purpose. The combination of the pattern on the bedspread and the curtains will look quite modern, even if there are bears or kittens.

          It is important not to overload the room with an abundance of toys, if there is a desire to observe the modern style. It is worth considering the option of a closed cabinet for their storage..

          Room for a boy in modern style
          Room for a boy. Art Nouveau style


          A good option if the baby is still small and can not express their preferences. Furniture should choose simple and durable. Subsequently, the style of the room can be transformed into another, replacing some of the interior details..

          Be sure to change the look of the children’s room from time to time. This helps to develop creative inclinations and the ability to fantasize in a child..

          The colors for decorating a room in a classic style are better to choose “warm.” Refrain from blue, violet. Pale green, beige, muted orange – these are the most successful colors for the “boy classic”. The room should be calm in design, conducive not only to games, but also to a comfortable rest.

          Room for the boy in a classic style
          Room for a boy, classic style

          High tech

          A style suitable for fidget boys, visionaries. If your child loves change, the high-tech style is the best way to meet his changing preferences. Indeed, this style direction has a feature – easily transforming furniture and rich bright colors.

          An important condition for implementing a high-tech design is free space. This can be achieved with the help of comfortable compact furniture..

          High tech boy room


          The name of the style speaks for itself. Minimum details, only functional and concise pieces of furniture, ease of design in general.

          This style is best suited for a teenage boy (after all, the time for toys, a lot of cars and designers has passed, the time has come for other interests).

          It is in adolescence that almost every boy has his own idol, a role model. To express such interest, it is better to leave the walls of the room empty so that the child can decorate them with posters, posters according to his hobby..

          The main principle in the design of a room in the style of minimalism is the ability to express its tenant independently. Think and embody only the main points of the design of the room, the boy will think up the rest himself if he wishes. After all, adolescents have tons of hobbies! The room will quickly fill up with objects that embody the interests of the boy (game console, music system, sports equipment – all this needs a lot of space).

          Room for the boy in the style of minimalism
          Room for a boy, minimalism style

          Sea style

          This is a very popular style for decorating a boy’s room. You can use all the colors reminiscent of the sea: beige, white, blue, yellow, golden, turquoise, azure, blue, red. These are very good colors for decorating a nursery..

          When deciding on the choice of colors, first determine the main one (which will be most in the design), and select the rest for it “to the company”.

          The main decoration material for a room in a marine style is wood. The floor can be covered with a parquet board (this will be associated with the deck). The walls can be upholstered with wooden panels (then the room will resemble a cabin).

          Furniture in such a room needs to be selected appropriate. An ordinary table, bed and wardrobe can cross out the entire marine theme of the room. A bed can be made to order (such that it resembles, for example, a boat). Table e should look like a modern one, a board, somewhat rough table made of natural wood is better.

          Marine Style Boy Room
          Room for a boy, marine style
          Room for a boy, marine style

          Furniture in a boy’s room

          When choosing furniture in a boy’s room, you need to rely on such factors:

          • Child age
          • Room size
          • The alleged functionality of the room (bedroom, playroom, bedroom / playroom / study room)

          Having decided on the necessary set of furniture, you should try to choose the best option for each item.

          Furniture for a boy's room


          The first thing you need to pay attention to is the comfort of the bed. It should not be too high or too low. It is good when there is a spacious drawer below (you can put a pillow and a blanket there in the morning, and send a bedspread or blanket at night). The mattress must be of good quality (orthopedic as an option), because for a growing organism it is important to maintain the correct position of the spine during sleep.

          Bed in boy's room
          Bed in boy's room


          Here, convenience still comes first. A low table will force the child to take an unnatural and uncomfortable body position, and too high will make it difficult to climb up. Proportionality – this is the main rule when choosing a table. For a little boy, you can choose a lightweight plastic kit from a table and chair, which, if desired, can be easily rearranged to different places. An older boy needs a more solid table, convenient for completing school tasks. A teenager will probably want to have not just a desk, but a “hybrid” of writing and computer.

          Table in boy's room
          Table in boy's room


          If it comes to choosing a wardrobe for a child from 0 to 4 years old, then you can safely focus on your own convenience. At this age, the child is not yet fully dressed, his parents watch his daily toilet.

          An older boy can already independently determine what to wear. Accordingly – the older the child, the more convenient the closet should be for him.

          Wardrobe in boy's room
          Wardrobe in boy's room

          Wallpaper selection

          There is a well-defined list of criteria that should be followed when choosing wallpapers in a boy’s room. If you stick to it, then the final version will please and will not make you regret your choice.

          Wallpaper in the boy's room
          What to look for when choosing wallpapers in a child’s room
          Colour The color of the wallpaper is a kind of background of the living environment of the owner of the room. First of all, you need to take into account the preferences of the child (if his age allows you to clearly express your wishes). Also, the color should correspond to the style of the room and be compatible with the concept of “children’s room” in principle.
          Environmental friendliness Own room is a room in which the child usually spends the most time being at home. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the safety of all materials used for repair, including wallpaper.
          Price The most expensive is not always the best. Try to find the best balance between the concepts of “price” and “quality”.
          Child age A very small boy is unlikely to be comfortable living in a room with too bright walls. The time of saturated colors, animated heroes throughout the wall, planes, ships and cars comes later, from 7-8 years. Neutral shades are suitable for the teenager..
          Wallpaper for the boy’s room

          Curtains in the nursery: solutions

          Window decoration in a children’s room is not a primary issue, but an important one. Curtains should be

          • Comfortable
          • Light
          • Corresponding to the general style of the room
          • Safe by design

          Remember – even when choosing curtains, you need to think about the health of the child. Curtains should be light enough not to collect a lot of dust in the folds, but also dense enough to provide the boy with a good night’s sleep (this is especially true if night lights shine through the windows).

          It is important that the curtains are easy to handle for the child, not just adults. The boy must be able to independently manage them in order to be able to regulate the flow of light from the windows during the day or to shutter the windows at night before bedtime.

          Curtains in the boy's room
          Curtains in the boy's room

          How to choose a good ceiling design

          Undoubtedly, the design of the ceiling should fit into the overall style of the room. Nevertheless, simplicity is the best solution in the design of the ceiling for the nursery. Complex tiered designs or elaborate chandeliers are hardly suitable for a boy’s room.

          It is likely that the general appearance of the room will have to change quite soon (the tastes of a growing child can change very quickly!), And altering the ceiling can be a big concern.

          An important point in the design of the ceiling is the well-planned lighting of the room..

          A separate topic, if you decide to bring to life an individual children’s project for your boy. Then the ceiling can become one of the most striking elements in the design of the room. And you can fantasize here endlessly!

          See more photo ceilings.

          Ceiling Design in Boy's Room
          Ceiling Design in Boy's Room

          How to design a room for two boys

          The first guideline for planning such a room is its area.

          If the room is small, you should think about a bunk bed, one desk (in any case, a double ergonomic desk will take up less space than two separate ones). It’s also better to install a cabinet for two, dividing shelves for clothes between brothers.

          The basic rule that boys will have to adhere to in this case is the sharing of almost all pieces of furniture. Simply put – everything will be shared, for two. Individual zones will include only boys’ beds and separate shelves for books and small things.

          Another option if the room is large. Then it can be designed so that each of the boys has its own individual part of the room. And if the brothers do not mind, then everything can be shared. Then the room can be divided into zones (sleep zone, game zone, sports corner).

          More Design Details rooms for two boys.

          Room for two boys
          Room Design for Two Boys
          Room Design for Two Boys

          How to design a room for heterosexual children

          The very first thing to keep in room design for a boy and a girl – this is its correct division. And this is not about cutting square meters into the share of each child. It is more advisable to divide the room into zones, rather than “by children.” This will allow you to successfully implement a single style of the room..

          See more photo of a children’s room for a girl.

          The sleeping area can be played in calm, soft colors, adhering to the purpose of the zone (sleep and rest). The game part of the room can be decorated brightly and colorful. The training area should be such in design so that children are not distracted during classes.

          It’s important to know! If children have a sufficiently large difference in age (or are keen on radically different hobbies) – their beds should not be put close.

          Indeed, in a common room, a bed is a kind of personal corner, the only own space in the whole room. It is necessary to give children the opportunity to relax from each other, going to their sleeping area.

          Bedroom for heterosexual children
          Joint room for a boy and a girl
          Joint room for a boy and a girl

          Children’s room in a small apartment

          A modest footage (usually 7-8 square meters) and a narrow elongated room are the characteristic features of most bedrooms in Khrushchev. To the list of inconveniences, you can add low ceilings. All this together makes the room at first glance hopelessly cramped with any design. But all these nuances can be successfully beaten (with colors, minimalism in the choice of furniture, good lighting).

          It is obvious that the colors for such a room need to choose light. This applies to both wallpaper, ceiling, flooring, and furniture.

          In the overall design, you can include several bright spots in the form of decorative interior details so that the room does not look too simple and inexpressive.

          Furniture should be functional and small in size

          Children's room in Khrushchev

          Read our article on choosing furniture for children.


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