Roof terrace – a great addition to a modern apartment

Limited territory and cramped conditions in modern megacities force the city dweller to use all available spaces. One of the most successful ways to get a small lawn with a gazebo and lawn in the city center is to build a roof terrace. This additional useful area of ​​the home can be used for various purposes, including for arranging a solarium, sports grounds and gyms. But in most cases, the roof terrace is a great addition to a modern apartment in the form of a recreation area with a small garden in a metropolis.


  • Features of the layout of the roof terrace
  • Roof device under the terrace
  • What material to choose for flooring?
  • Roof over the terrace and parapet
  • Terrace design and style


Features of the layout of the roof terrace

The device of the roof terrace of the house is associated with the solution of many issues:

  • reliability assessment of the roof under the terrace;
  • choice of flooring;
  • the correct design of the exit from the house to the roof-terrace;
  • fencing device;
  • definition of design and style.

First of all, you need to evaluate the place on which the terrace will be arranged. It can be the roof of the house, but it can also be the roof of an extension to it or an adjacent garage. Undoubtedly, it is best to plan a terrace at the stage of designing a house, but many acquire such a wonderful corner for relaxing in a long-built house. To decide what materials to purchase, you should evaluate the building itself, on which it is planned to build a terrace. A building with a solid foundation can withstand a serious construction, and an easy extension can withstand not so much weight. In the second case, the structure is recommended to be strengthened with additional racks. Only after calculating the maximum allowable load can we proceed to the planning of filling the terrace.

A solid foundation makes it possible to build a garden, a greenhouse, a small fountain and, why not, even a pool. Less durable constructions will allow their owners to be content with an easy platform for summer holidays..

Rooftop terrace

Lounge with a wonderful view of the city

Roof device under the terrace

The flat roof, which will be used in the future, is called the exploited roof. Although it is called flat, a slight slope of 1-2 degrees will still need to be done to avoid the accumulation of rainwater. For its formation, as a rule, polystyrene concrete or expanded clay concrete is used..

Important! In the middle of the operated roof, you need to build a funnel through which excess moisture will drain. In addition, with the help of aerators (special plastic pipes), a ventilation system is mounted.

For the foundation of a flat roof, concrete floor slabs are used, and professional sheet can be used. Next, a pie of the base of the roof, consisting of several layers, is mounted:

  • vapor barrier;
  • waterproofing;
  • heat insulating;
  • from roofing material.

The vapor barrier layer is laid from a special membrane material, which, depending on future operating conditions, is fixed by any of the following 3 methods:

  1. Ballast mount. The method is cheap and effective, but creates an additional load, so it is not suitable for roofs of light buildings.
  2. Bonding with bitumen glue. Effective under strong wind loads.
  3. Using self-tapping screws, they install PVC and TPO membranes.

As a heater for a terrace, polystyrene foam or mineral wool is usually used. Expanded polystyrene is more preferable, since it better withstands significant loads on the roof during its operation. Insulation is laid in 2 layers.

What material to choose for flooring?

The list of materials suitable for the terrace floor is quite varied and much more than the usual list of floor coverings for residential premises. Among them you can find:

  • wood;
  • ceramic tile;
  • crushed stone;
  • pebbles;
  • rubber cover;
  • a natural stone;
  • composite materials;
  • green lawn.

The most popular covering for a terrace is wood, or rather, a terrace board. It is no secret that wood planks are practical and convenient to operate, fit perfectly into the natural environment, and look beautiful. Most often, a larch board is used, which is known for its resistance to high humidity and resistance to rotting processes. Exotic wood flooring looks flawless, but also worth it accordingly.

Rooftop terrace

Wooden flooring is the most popular terrace cover

The most economical cost is distinguished by coniferous wood – spruce, pine, but this material cannot be compared with larch in terms of weather resistance. This option, however, may become quite acceptable if the board is treated with special impregnations. It should be noted another big plus of the wooden flooring for the terrace floor – its low weight. That is why experts recommend it for lightweight constructions..

For the terrace floor, such a moment as the direction of the boards is also important. For example, for a square terrace, the direction of the boards does not matter. But for a narrow and long terrace, the transverse direction is preferable, since in this case it will look visually wider and the joints between the boards will be less noticeable. In addition, the lateral arrangement of the boards makes it easier to design smooth and angular bends of the terrace.

Ceramic tile, although it has certain advantages, but it weighs a lot, and the work of laying it is expensive. For an open terrace, you need to select a matte tile with a rough surface so that it does not slip when wet. Natural stone coating on the terrace floor is possible, only you need to take into account its load on the base.

Rooftop terrace

Ceramic tiles are a good option for flooring the terrace

Crushed stone and pebbles are an extraordinary choice. Outwardly, such a coating looks impressive, but it needs regular care. Rubber coatings are not found on terraces so often, this material is appropriate in cases where there are places for sports, gyms. For terraces organized for relaxation, preference is usually given to natural materials..

In recent years, composite formulations are becoming more and more popular – real competitors of natural materials. In their production, wood is combined with polymers. Externally, a composite decking (decking) looks like natural wood, imitating its texture and color, but has increased resistance to external factors and is much easier to mount.

The lawn on the terrace is a magnificent sight. This is a small corner of wildlife on the roof of a gazed town house..

Rooftop terrace

The lawn on the roof-terrace is a magnificent sight

Living greenery pleases the eye and gives comfort, and also serves as protection from prying eyes.

Roof over the terrace and parapet

Another important element of the terrace is the exit to it from the house. For reliable protection from the weather it is better, of course, to equip a covered structure. The terrace can be left open or covered with a roof – partially or completely. An interesting option is a retractable or removable awning. If desired, the terrace can be completely glazed, a fireplace, barbecue grills can be installed. But this option is the most difficult. The roof over the terrace is arranged in the same way as the roof over the house, with the same requirements: it must withstand the load of winds and snow, have good waterproofing. At the same time, it is necessary to choose light materials for her, so as not to increase the load on the supporting structures of the house.

Rooftop terrace

Retractable frosted awning protects from the sun

It is much easier to build a temporary retractable fabric canopy, which will turn the solar pad into a comfortable corner for tea drinking, if desired.

Rooftop terrace

Parapet – a must-have item on the roof terrace

A mandatory element of the roof terrace is the parapet. Fencing will ensure the safety of people. There are many options: parapets can be made of forged elements, in the form of a wooden fence, glass, or brick as a continuation of the wall.

Rooftop terrace

Bright flowers adorn the terrace and delight the resting eye

On such a parapet from above, you can plant bright fresh flowers that will decorate the terrace during the flowering period..

Terrace design and style

Since the roof terrace is intended for relaxation, they try to create its decoration as close to nature as possible..

Rooftop terrace

Terrace with a view of the pond

The walls, entwined with beautiful girl’s grapes, flowerpots with trees, flower beds with flowers, a babbling mini fountain will help you relax, feel unity with nature. It is important to choose the right furniture for the terrace. It must be resistant to moisture. Portable light furniture looks appropriate on the terrace: wicker chairs and chairs, sun loungers, as well as furniture made of metal or plastic.

There are many options for finishing the terrace, you can choose any, it all depends on the financial capabilities of the owner and his imagination, as well as on what kind of load the roof structure and the foundation of the house can withstand.

Rooftop terrace

Terrace Design Option


Rooftop terrace

The roof terrace allows you to enjoy the sun at any time of the year, and soft sofas of bright colors will always cheer you up.

Rooftop terrace

There are many options for finishing the terrace, it all depends on the wishes and capabilities of the owner

Arrangement of a terrace on a flat roof is not an easy task. Creating a high-quality design can only be provided by professionals in this matter. Proper design, accurate calculations, knowledge of the features of the process will create a reliable design that will delight the owners for many years.


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