Advantages and subtleties of installing c8 corrugated board

C8 corrugated board is a widely used modern material, the production of which is the rolling of galvanized steel sheets. This is an analogue of the well-known iron roofs, only today in its manufacture high-quality steel is used, which has excellent performance characteristics. But what significant advantages the profile has and how it is mounted, you will learn by reading the publication.


  • A few words about the use of corrugated board and the production process
  • The list of advantages of modern roofing material
  • Secrets of installation, recommendations of specialists


A few words about the use of corrugated board and the production process

First, it should be noted that profile sheets are successfully used not only as a material for the roof, but also in other areas: the manufacture of partitions, walls, fences, false ceilings. The choice of a particular brand of corrugated board is determined by the operating conditions. For example, in this article, an equal-shelf thin-sheet profile with good relief is considered. In addition, modern manufacturers offer customers other brands:

  • C13 – galvanized sheet steel used for walls and roofs. Such a profile has an excellent coating area, original shelf design;
  • c18 – roofing material, the main characteristics of which are wide shelves reinforced with small stiffeners. Such corrugated board has the following dimensions: effective width – 1150 mm, height – 18 mm;
  • c18 (wave) – an interesting feature of this material is a wavy surface, a large bending radius.
Production of corrugated board

Two people are enough to service the roll forming mill

The production of corrugated board is automated today, and the lines for the production of materials consist of the following elements:

  • unwinder – a specific device whose main task is to unwind a steel strip, feeding it into a rolling mill. Uncoilers are equipped with a roll self-centering system, an electric drive, a loop support system;
  • rolling mill – equipment used for sequential bending of metal to the required shape;

It is important to know: mill productivity varies within eight linear meters per minute.

  • guillotine shears – they are designed for cutting an artistic cut at the end;
  • receiving device – the resulting material is stacked.

The production of corrugated board is carried out in strict accordance with international standards. In addition, well-known companies use high-precision equipment to ensure geometric dimensions..

This is important to know: the sales volumes of c8 corrugated board significantly exceed the sales volumes of other brands. The reason is that the dimensions of the profiled sheet for the roof are the most convenient.

The list of advantages of modern roofing material

Current manufacturers offer customers countless roof cladding options. For this reason, each person can choose the right material, focusing on external aesthetics, cost, performance properties. As for corrugated board, it has good characteristics and can compete with ondulin, metal tile. So that you understand their essence, we will highlight the main advantages of corrugated board:

  • durability – optimal stiffness, strength, resistance to negative external factors. Thanks to these properties, corrugated board is used for a long period and finds diverse application in construction. It must be emphasized that corrugated board can be galvanized and polymer. The latter option is more wear-resistant, since the polymer coating acts not only as an excellent decorative component, but also serves as additional protection;

It is worth paying attention: both polymer and galvanized sheets withstand strong ultraviolet radiation, sharp temperature changes, pressure of snow masses.

  • ease of transportation, installation – a convenient corrugated shape, low weight of corrugated board are important indicators due to which it is not necessary to attract a large number of workers for installation. As for transportation, the sheets are laid on a solid, even base, and the product is protected from movement and mechanical stress. In the process of unloading, the sheets are transported in an upright position, but always without strong bends;
Roofing sheet sizes

Low wave height – a significant material advantage

  • practicality – several nuances are important here: firstly, the dimensions of the corrugated roofing are convenient, secondly, high-quality steel is used in the production, thirdly, the material does not need to be painted;
  • low cost – decking compares favorably with other materials at an affordable price. The cost varies depending on the specific type of material, on the height of the profile, but on average about 200 rubles will have to be paid per square meter of corrugated board;
Corrugated color

Decking c8 – versatile material with an extensive catalog of colors

  • aesthetic appearance – corrugated board does not pretend to the role of highly artistic materials, but nevertheless it can make a worthy competition to more expensive materials. Plus, the colors of corrugated board on the market today are the most diverse: green, red, brown.

It is important to know: the colors of corrugated roofing can be selected in accordance with personal wishes. The palette of polymer coatings is multifaceted, for example, ultramarine, oxide red, ruby ​​red, chrome green.

Special attention should be paid to technical parameters. We characterize corrugated board: weight m2 – 4.5 kg, sheet width – 1200 mm, profile height – 8 mm, length – up to 12 m, thickness – 0.7 mm.

Secrets of installation, recommendations of specialists

According to the SNIP of roofing from c8 corrugated board, the installation of this material is possible only on buildings that are not subject to strong snow and wind loads. But it is laid only on a continuous crate.

It is important to know: profiled roofing dimensions are the most economical in terms of using the usable area of ​​the material.

A few words need to be said about the arrangement of the crate, because this is an important stage. So, when conducting such work, you should adhere to several rules:

  • the crate frame is mounted on the rafters;
  • bars should have dimensions 50×50 mm;
  • near chimneys, ventilated pipes an additional crate is arranged;
  • strips on the crate, which are placed along the ledge, should be thicker than the main.
Decking c8

Under the base must be an antiseptic crate

When installing corrugated board, you need to know the intricacies of this process. In particular, we mean such moments:

  • the sheets go up one at a time – for example, raising the sheets with a lag installed from the edge of the roof to the ground is considered a good option;
  • the profile is attached to the base in places of tight fit, that is, between the waves;
  • along the edges of the roof, the screws are screwed into each gap. Compliance with this rule is very important, since the reliability of coating fixation depends on this;
  • so that adjacent sheets fit as tightly as possible to each other, in the joined waves, the fixing points are displaced by 5 mm;
  • combined rivets are used to connect the extreme shelves;
  • profile sheets should be fastened with special self-tapping screws having a sealing washer;
  • it is best to use corrugated board on roofs with an angle of inclination equal to twenty degrees;
  • the step of the crate depends directly on the slope of the roof;
  • when cutting a profile, reciprocating saws, perforating scissors, carbide-tipped discs are used. To cut the sheet along, you can use scissors for metal;
  • during installation, you need to remember safety precautions;

This is important to know: high-speed abrasive tools should never be used, because strong cutting occurs during the cutting process. It leads to the destruction of the polymer layer, to damage the zinc coating.

  • installation work should be carried out in soft shoes;
  • after installation, the roof is cleaned of debris, chips, and small scratches on the surface of the sheets must be tinted.

It is important to know: corrugated roofing has different sizes, but a sheet with 9-10 waves has the most ergonomic indicators.

Special attention should be paid to the arrangement of the roofing pie under the corrugated board. Such a design includes a base coating, a heat-insulating layer, insulation membranes. Correctly assembled roofing cake eliminates heat loss, condensation, frost, and also improves soundproofing properties.

Compliance with the above rules allows you to build a strong, reliable roof, which will serve for a long time. Decking is a good roofing material, so it is deservedly popular.!


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