Pump for sewage and its pumping, principle of pressure system organization

Pump for sewage and its pumping

When buying a plot for building a house or a finished building with unsuccessful communications, it is worth considering some of the nuances of its location. Most likely, everyone will agree that a comfortable life for a modern person is impossible without the benefits of civilization such as electricity, water and sewage. Even if your house is located at some distance from the nearest settlement, it will not be difficult to bring electricity to it, it is more difficult with water supply and sewage. The issue of water supply can be solved with the help of a well and a well pump. It will cost much less than pulling kilometers of water pipes. Of course, you can equip a cesspool on the site and do without a central sewage system. But such a decision will entail the need for a regular call of the cesspool machine, and this is unnecessary inconvenience and expense. An alternative to a cesspool can be a sewage pump.


  • Pressure sewer and its device
  • Initial stages of the organization
  • Prefab Well Construction
  • Pump selection for pumping
  • Sewer and pumping stations (SPS)
    • What is CNS
    • Specifics of the KNS installation
    • Pressure sewer and its device

      If your house is located at an acceptable distance from the nearest sewer network, but it is impossible to observe the correct slope of the pipe, or the terrain does not allow large-scale excavation work, the way out will be pressure sewer.

      Scheme for laying a pressure sewer pipe

      The laying of the pressure sewer pipe is performed if it is impossible to comply with the slope required for the gravity system

      If your neighbors are not properly pumped out, invite them to build a pressure sewer together. In this case, you can share the costs..

      Initial stages of the organization

      • It is necessary to study the terrain profile and choose a well to connect to the highway.
      • Choose the optimal route for laying the pipeline. It is necessary to involve specialists in the local water utility, such as PTO engineers and the site foreman, in the development. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to obtain permission to connect to the central sewer system..
      • To calculate the slopes, type and power of the pump, the depth and diameter of the pipes, as well as the necessary materials and accessories. It is advisable to make the most of the presence of natural biases. If only a small section of the pipeline requires forced pumping of the sewage system, and then gravity can be used, then a well is necessarily constructed at the transition point.

      Prefab Well Construction

      First of all, it is necessary to build a receiving well near the house, where all drains will gravitate. For walls and the bottom of the well, it is necessary to provide good waterproofing, otherwise waste water can penetrate into the ground. Facing, as a rule, is carried out by fired brick, rubble stone or concrete, 25-30 cm thick.

      The outer side of the walls is covered with bitumen insulation or greasy clay, and the inner is plastered. You can also lay out a well of concrete rings, and cement its bottom.

      Prefab well and septic tank

      Connection diagram with septic tank and collection well

      For more gentle operation of the pump, it is recommended to build a two-section receiving well or two wells with overflow from the pipe. Water will flow from the house to the first well, and a pump must be installed to the second. Thus, large solid fractions will not be able to get into the pump and damage it..

      Important! If you are unable to build a two-section well, it is recommended to use fecal pump with chopper.

      Pump selection for pumping

      Fecal Submersible Pump

      The fecal submersible pump is installed in accordance with the technological requirements.

      One of the most important parts of such a system is a sewage pump. The quality of the entire system depends on his right choice. So-called submersible sewage pumps are most often used for pumping wastewater..

      Pump power should be indicated in your design documentation. If you intend to install the pump yourself, use the following recommendations:

      • The pump installation site must be protected against freezing..
      • Before installing the pump, the installation site must be cleaned of construction waste and dirt..
      • Next, fix the support knee with a special quick-disconnect flange at the bottom of the well.
      • Attach the pressure line and guide pipes to the elbow.
      • Attach the other side of the pipes to the bracket mounted on the top of the well.

      Important! The pressure pipe must be mounted without deformation and stress and have a slightly larger diameter than the pump nozzle.

      • Equip the pressure pipe with a check valve and a gate valve. This is necessary to protect the pump from fluid backflow..
      • The pump should be lowered and raised along the guide using the chain attached to it. When the pump reaches the support bend, an automatic connection will occur. If everything is done correctly, the connection will be tight.

      Important! After installing the pump, do not forget to fix the upper end of the chain, otherwise the next time you will have to dive into the well.

      Sewer and pumping stations (SPS)

      For those who do not want to bother with the construction of a receiving well, manufacturers offer ready-made sewers pumping stations. The popularity of such a solution to problems with wastewater is growing every year. This is due to the fact that it is enough to bring and bury the finished station, everything else has already been done by the manufacturer.

      What is CNS

      Sewage pumping station

      KNS internal device

      The finished pump station on the outside looks like a cylinder with a flat bottom and flange protrusions. The size of the container can be any – it directly depends on the needs of the customer. The body is made of low-pressure polyethylene reinforced with stiffeners or steel. Submersible pumps and all necessary equipment are already located in the tank. There are modifications of KNS in which two fecal pumps are installed. In some cases, the second pump acts as an emergency pump, and sometimes it is used when the level of discharged liquid rises sharply, and one pump cannot cope with the load. The container is closed by a sealed lid, which will protect you from unpleasant odor.

      Specifics of the KNS installation

      To install a sewage pumping station, it is necessary to dig a hole corresponding to the depth of the tank height and concrete its bottom. It remains only to connect the inlet and outlet pipes and the system is ready for operation.

      Important! The pump station must be installed vertically.

      Backfill is carried out while filling the tank with water. This is necessary in order to balance the external and internal load on the housing.

      Whatever method of pressure sewer you choose, you no longer need a sewage pumping machine.


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