Fecal pump – types and technical features

Fecal pump

Most people believe that the fecal pump is used exclusively in sewage systems (it is not for nothing that it has such a name). However, this is not quite true. Such equipment is used almost everywhere, for example, in agriculture and industry, this unit is used for pumping wastewater and industrial water and liquids from drainage systems..

In general, the main purpose of fecal pumps is to pump viscous and dense liquids containing large solid fractions of different sizes (even if the particle size is too large, this will not be a problem, you can purchase a fecal pump with a grinder that can grind any solid inclusions).

Typically, such equipment is equipped with floats, which, when the fluid level changes, turn on and off automatically. In this case, the fecal pump can operate independently without any human intervention..


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  • Submersible Fecal Pump
  • Semi-submersible type of equipment
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  • Location classification

    Fecal pumps are of three types:

    • submersible fecal pump;
    • semi-submersible fecal pump;
    • external fecal pump.

    Submersible Fecal Pump

    This type of pump is used to pump water from basements, various bodies of water. With it, you can pump rain, ground or ordinary drinking water, and also use it to drain wastewater from washing machines and other washing equipment. It is indispensable for irrigation and water supply from a well or other source of moisture..

    But the main purpose of the submersible fecal pump is to pump out heavily contaminated water, fecal matter and sewage with large or long-fiber impurities. Such an aggregate cannot become clogged, since the flow channels that it contains are quite wide.

    Fecal pump in action

    Fecal pump in operation

    The submersible pump housing is usually made of stainless steel or cast iron. Due to this, it can issue a jet with a capacity of up to 400 cubic meters. meters per hour with a head up to 20 meters. Such equipment is equipped with a small electric motor with a power of 4.4 to 40 kW.

    The set of a submersible fecal pump includes a ten-meter cable that allows you to work at a fairly serious depth, and a float switch that responds to changes in wastewater levels.

    This unit can easily cope even with heavily polluted sewage waters, however, if they have solid inclusions larger than 35 mm, such a pump must be equipped with a grinder, otherwise it is likely to break.

    Submersible fecal pump (layout)

    Submersible fecal pump (layout)

    Semi-submersible type of equipment

    Fecal pumps for summer cottages or semi-submersible houses are designed for pumping clean liquids and sewage containing solid fractions up to 15 mm in size. They are used in everyday life, and in industry, and in agriculture.

    Semi-submersible pumps (in principle, you can easily guess from the name) are only half immersed in the liquid – the pump part is lowered into the water and the motor is fixed to the float.

    Thanks to such aggregates, one can easily cope with liquid sludge accumulated at the bottom of a reservoir, fecal masses, peat, fuel oil, oil.

    As a drive in semi-submersible pumps, an electric motor and an integrated pump are used, and a robust steel casing and a mechanical end seal reliably protect the pump from destruction and destructive action of moisture.

    This type of pump is not complemented by shredders, but it has a much more powerful motor, a high reserve capacity of large solid fractions, an improved cooling system and hardened structural elements.

    Semi-Submersible Fecal Pump

    Semi-Submersible Fecal Pump

    Outdoor Fecal Pumps

    External fecal pumps, the technical characteristics of which are slightly lower than those of submersible and semi-submersible pumps, do not sink into the well, but are mounted directly above it. The sewage pumping process takes place thanks to hoses about 5 meters long, which are immersed in a liquid.

    The maximum size of solid inclusions that such a pump can pass through itself is not more than 5 mm. Operating mode – automatic or manual (depending on configuration).

    Outdoor fecal pump

    Outdoor fecal pump

    Site drainage pumps

    A fecal drainage pump is, so to speak, a subspecies of fecal pumps, which is mainly intended for pumping ground and rain water, or slightly contaminated liquids. It can also be used to drain liquids from gutters and pools, to supply water from wells and irrigate crops.

    The main difference between the drainage pump and the fecal pump is the presence of a metal mesh that protects the engine from accidental contact with stones and solid objects..

    When buying a drainage pump, pay attention to the marking:

    • no letters in the marking (only numbers) – such a pump is only suitable for pumping slightly contaminated liquids with a maximum size of solid inclusions up to 5 mm.
    • letter H – stainless steel pump
    • letter F – drainage fecal pump capable of pumping heavily contaminated wastewater with a maximum size of solid fractions up to 35 mm.

    How to choose a fecal pump

    As already noted above, fecal pumps (we’ll talk about how to choose a bit later) are designed for pumping sewage drains and fecal matter, which means that the presence of such equipment in the house will make it possible to arrange a bathroom, toilet or kitchen in the room where you want (even on the second floor). The pump can operate in different positions: vertical and horizontal. It is only worth considering that with a vertical arrangement of the fecal pump, the pumping depth is reduced from the maximum possible 100 meters to 7.

    To determine the model of the fecal pump, you need to know the following parameters:

    • duration of work
    • immersion depth
    • distance from the pump to the drain
    • chopper availability
    • desired performance
    • diameter of the pipe through which sewage will pass
    • estimated diameter of solids
    • maximum and minimum wastewater temperature.
    Sectional fecal pump

    Sectional fecal pump

    If you need a pump only for pumping water from a well, bath, pool or any other tank, then the best option would be a fecal pump without a grinder. The main thing is not to use it in polluted waters and in containers with large waste and garbage. It can also be used for hot drains..

    But fecal pumps with a cutting mechanism can be installed in the bathroom, in the toilet, and in the kitchen, and in any room in general, since they can easily cope with large fractions. Thanks to sharpened knives, the pumps crush objects that accidentally fall into the waste fluid into small crumbs, thereby preventing sewage clogging.

    About the prospects of use

    Undoubtedly, the household fecal pump is an indispensable assistant in any household. It greatly expands the prospects for the construction of apartments, cottages, cottages due to the ability to place it almost anywhere. Of course, you can use the services of a sewage machine, which on a quarterly, or even more often, will come to pump sewage, but in this case you will have to regularly “unfasten a pretty penny”.

    By installing a fecal pump, you spend only once, but then you can use it constantly for many years.

    The fecal pump (reviews, by the way, can be read about them on the Internet in large quantities) – this is your own comfort, coziness and calm.


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